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My Derp Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks for Ensuring Your Pet’s Long and Fruitful Life

When it comes to quirky titles, Tapps is pretty good at that, as it’s the company behind the series of “evolution” titles featuring cows, goats, and even platypuses and giraffes. It’s also the company behind My Derp, an iOS and Android game, that allows you to take care of a different kind of virtual pet. According to the developer, Derp will burp, poop, get really dirty, and get himself into freaky accidents you can’t even imagine. It’s your job to make sure he’s well fed, healthy, and clean as you nurture him through adulthood and unlock stuff along the way. Basically, you can think of this game as a much more difficult version of another Tapps title, My Boo. But don’t let that daunt you – our collection of My Derp cheats, tips and hints will help you keep your Derp alive and healthy.

1. Don’t Feed Derp The Spotted Eggs

Your Derp can be fed five different kinds of food, but the one food type you should avoid would be the spotted eggs. These eggs will make your Derp extremely sick, and you should only feed him a spotted egg if that’s the only food you have left, and are trying to take him through that final level before he kicks the bucket.

2. Let Him Have Cake

If the spotted eggs are the food to avoid, the food not to avoid is the cake. While a piece of cake is going to cost you a rather premium 40 coins, that will allow you to restore your Derp’s heart and energy meters just like that.

3. Spend Your Coins Wisely

As is the case in any other mobile game that involves currency, you’ll want to make good use of your coins. This will allow you to keep your Derp healthy and buy him what he needs. And as far as that’s concerned, you’ll want to buy him stuff right away once you sense that he needs something. For example, putting off your bug spray purchase will make Derp even sicker. And not buying a bucket of water when he’s on fire will only have him burning to death faster.

4. You Can Bring Your Derp Back To Life

Eventually, your Derp is going to die, and when that happens, you can spend 20 diamonds to bring him back to life. Diamonds are the game’s premium currency and are usually purchased through real money. However, you can also watch ad videos in order to get more diamonds without having to pay – there doesn’t appear to be a limit to the number of ad videos you can watch.

5. Fill Up The Bar Each Time Your Derp Passes On

Every time your Derp dies, there is a bar that fills up with each death. Fill that bar up all the way, and you’ll unlock a larger bank, thus allowing you to begin a new game with more coins.

6. Level Up To Evolve Your Derp

Every few levels or so, you’ll unlock new forms for your Derp. And the only way to do that, to evolve your Derp from a baby through the different stages of life, is to gain more experience.


Monday 24th of June 2019

can you die of old age


Tuesday 15th of March 2016

When I got my derp to level 20, he turned into an ultimate derp, then proceeded to set himself on fire. I couldn't get a bucket because I wasn't in the section with buckets and my game wasn't letting me go there. Is that supposed to happen? It says that he's the last form and he "embraces death as part of his life cycle".


Thursday 13th of July 2017

That's not supposed to happen. It was probably just a glitch or something because I got to at least to level 31 as an ultimate derp and it was fine. Although after he changed into an ultimate derp he didn't change into anything else, so it was probably the last stage.