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Mutation Mash Cheats: 7 Tips to Save the Forest from Mutant Animals

Mutation Mash, which was developed by Upopa Games, is definitely one of the most interesting games these days in the puzzle genre. Things get really weird in the game as you deal with the fallout from a “terrible accident” at the Radioactive Mutations Rehabilitation factory. That’s unleashed a slew of mutated animals and your job is to save the forest and prevent it from being overrun by all those mutants running wild. It’s going to be a very interesting job for you, but if you want to do that job right, you may want to check out our list of Mutation Mash cheats and tips that’ll help you save the forest or at least complete more levels.

1. Learn The Basics Of The Game

One of the most fundamental things to remember in Mutation Mash is that there is a total of 19 different mutants, mutants can be combined by color. When you combine three of the same mutant in a row, column or L-shape, that’s going to give you a bigger, nastier mutant. Since we consider this basic as well, you can also use more than a single finger to snare more than one mutant simultaneously.

2. Make Sure You Have More Than Enough Goo

Goo is one of this game’s most important resources, so you have to make frequent trips to the farm to upgrade machines and earn more goo. But if you do run out, there’s always an option to replay levels you’ve already completed.

3. Upgrade Your Machines Frequently

When you’re down on the farm, look to upgrade your machines as often as possible. Your best bet is to level up to a machine that can, at the time, hold the most number of mutants.

4. Take Your Time When Playing Rock Puzzles

What’s good about Rock Puzzle levels, which come in every multiple-of-five level, is that they don’t have any time limit at all. That allows you to take it nice and easy and consider the consequences of your actions. However, you won’t be able to collect more mutants if you replay one of these levels.

5. Be Prepared For Quick Actions

Rock Puzzles may give you all the time in the world, but in some situations, your quick and timely thinking and actions will be rewarded. For example, some mutants will come close to blocking a lane, thus spelling your imminent defeat, but if you can think your way out of a jam, that shouldn’t be a problem. Remember that practice makes perfect in these situations.

6. Snare Mutants By Placing Your Finger On The Exit Point

This is a great way to escape defeat, especially if you notice one lane is close to being filled up. If this happens, place your finger on the exit point. This will allow you to snare any and all mutant animals that emerge.

7. Pay Attention To The Mutant Order

There may be some levels where the first bunch of mutants will enter the scene in a certain order. Pay close attention to the order, as that might help you in tougher levels in the game.