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Bounce Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Help You Get a High Score

When talking about casual games, few make them better, and more prolific than app developer Ketchapp. The company’s latest arcade game is called Bounce, which is available for Android and iOS. In the game your goal is to control a blue ball, make it avoid obstacles, and get your share of power-ups in the process. It’s not as simple as the likes of Flappy Bird and all the Flappy Bird clones out there, but if you’re looking for casual, addictive gaming, Bounce should be something for you to check out. So now that we’ve given you a brief primer on the game, let’s talk Bounce cheats, tips and tricks, and those which we feel can help you towards beating those high scores.

1. Focus On Power-Ups

Power-ups in Bounce come in three main types, and sometimes you’ll simply have no choice but to bounce your ball and grab them, as they’d occasionally come in fixed locations. Regardless of how you get your power-ups, you’ll need to know what each of them do. First, the Spring power-up increases the height of your jump, which can be useful when avoiding obstacles. The Speed power-ups include a Speed Up and Speed Down variant – they are what they are, pretty much. Using either one of these Speed power-ups, depending on the situation, could help you with your jumps. Lastly, the Shield power-up, which comes in the form of a lightning bolt, makes your blue ball pink and invulnerable to hazards. It can also help you break the pink boxes with circles, giving it an extra benefit apart from temporary indestructability.

2. Watch Out For Colored Platforms, They Are Dangerous

Black platforms are safe to travel through, but you’ll have to be aware of yellow and blue platforms. The yellow ones drop whenever you crash into them from any direction, while the blue ones tend to go right or left. Yes, these are still platforms even if they do move, so it is possible to bounce off of one of them if needed.

3. Take Your Time

Bounce is a game that doesn’t have any time limits, which means you can take your time, unless you encounter moving platforms or other types of potential hazards. Rushing things and miscalculating jumps or bounces often lead to a quick and untimely Game Over, so don’t rush it.

4. Pass Through The Turquoise Gates

For each turquoise gate you pass through, you’ll get an additional point, so always try to pass through them. They can come in horizontal or vertical form, so always stay alert, as you may not realize that you’ve already missed one.

5. The Banner Ad Quirk

That’s what we refer to it as it really is an interesting quirk of Bounce – Ketchapp covered the bottom portion of the screen with banner ads, but even if that part is covered, it doesn’t cover up the play area either. As such, you can actually bounce off an “invisible” platform that’s actually obscured by the advertisements. But since this can also be a two-edged sword, you have to be aware of where the platforms are located, especially when your ball is moving up.