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Mushroom Wars 2 Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Mushroom Wars 2 is a new tactical strategy game for iOS, but this time you’re not controlling medieval warriors across multiple races, or anime-inspired characters. Instead, you’re controlling a team of mushrooms, playing a fearless Mushroom Commander and choosing mushroom heroes to lead the way. Although the main selling point of the game is the variety of multiplayer modes, there are also single-player campaigns you can take on, with more than 50 missions for each of the four episodes. The multiplayer modes have an award system and ranked matches, allowing for four-player battles, and you can team up with another player in co-op mode, acting and thinking together against a rival team of mushrooms.

It may be a strange experience controlling a party of mushroom men led by mushroom heroes, but that’s how these ‘shrooms roll in the in-game universe of the Mushroom Wars franchise. And while the mechanics are quite similar to those in other tactical strategy games, this is as unique experience indeed, which is why you may want to check our Mushroom Wars 2 tips and tricks for beginner players playing in single-player mode.

1. Focus On The Offense

A lot of games these days reward defensive strategy over offensive strategy, but you may actually want to go on the attack more often than staying back and playing defense. This game’s mechanics often ensure an easy win for you if you’re aggressive and successful enough in the first few seconds of a battle. Taking a conservative approach may work against you, believe it or not.

So how can you make the most of your offensive firepower in this game? You can start by dispatching your mushroom men and having them attack neutral buildings next to the enemy base. That’s going to prevent your target enemy base from expanding, and effectively prevent them from capturing more territory and having more chances to make more mushroom men.

2. What If The Enemy Tries To Play It Coy?

Sometimes, AI-controlled enemies won’t take any action, and will be the ones waiting for you to make the first move. Should that happen, the AI enemy will only focus on creating more mushroom men in their bases. That should serve as a good opportunity for you to attack, but there has to be some strategy involved here. You can send most, but not all of your troops in one go, should you encounter a situation where you have a couple defensive towers that are well-protected, while the enemy doesn’t have any. That’s because the enemy AI will patiently wait for you to act first.

3. Take Care Of Your Defense

Then again, you shouldn’t ignore the defensive aspect of Mushroom Wars 2 altogether. Using the example we showed you in the second tip, we’ll show you why. If you dispatch all of your units guarding one of your towers to attack an enemy base, that will leave that tower vulnerable, and that will allow the enemy to make a move and attack that wide-open tower of yours. But if you wait too long before attacking, the enemy may take that time to stockpile mushroom men, and get ready to surprise you with its strength in numbers.

4. Have At Least One Tower Present

Speaking of towers, it’s imperative that you have at least one tower present, and make sure it’s properly protected and guarded. As the computer AI tends to be reactive when it comes to responding to your moves, you should be wary of any attempts on its part to take over an unguarded tower. Have a good number of mushroom men around to guard your defensive towers and keep enemy invaders at bay, should they attack. Also, put them in a place that could strategically take out enemies once upgraded.

5. Enemies Can Upgrade As Well

Of course, this should go without saying, but since this is a beginner’s guide, we’ll mention it anyway – yes, the enemies are capable of performing upgrades. They may, for instance, prioritize a less impressive base of theirs, but if that happens, you should strike while early and attack that base while defenses are still unremarkable. You can also attack if the enemy is working on taking over a neutral tower; that usually means they’re running out of units and need to beef up their armies by creating more mushroom men.

It all boils down to what we told you in the first tip – the mechanics of the game are skewed toward offensive strategies, so you have to be alert, but also aggressive whenever possible.