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Muscle King Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Master the Game

As far as endless clickers go, Muscle King probably has the funniest premise. This quirky new mobile game from BraveOrange puts a humorous twist to body building. You will be tapping on your character in order to help him build up his muscles. It’s not just about tapping randomly, either. You will need to train different parts of your body such as your chest and your calves. If you skip leg day, your character will definitely show it. Create the ultimate muscle man by following a strict workout regimen that targets the different areas of your body. You can upgrade your skills in order to make your workout more efficient. Test your character’s strength by playing the different games, including one that makes you punch a tank! Of course, a great body does not come easy. Make sure you read our Muscle King tips and tricks if you want to achieve that dream body!

1. Use Multiple Fingers

Tapping games are all about the number of taps you make per second. The fastest way you can achieve this is by using multiple fingers. Just lay your device down on a flat surface, then use both your hands to tap as though you are typing something very quickly. Doing this will result in a lot of taps in a matter of seconds. Just make sure you don’t tap too hard or you might break your device.

2. Invest In Upgrades Wisely

The game gives you several options for upgrades, and they are divided into two categories. Upgrades help you gain more Energy, which then allows you to buy even more upgrades. The first category is Spirit. It increases the amount of energy you get with each tap. Spirit upgrades are good, but unless you plan on tapping endlessly for several hours a day, they should not be your priority.

The second category for upgrade is Muscles. Upgrades under this category help you generate more energy per minute. This is the passive income of your game. Make sure you invest a lot in Muscle upgrades because these will sustain you throughout your progress. You should also try to spread your upgrades evenly across the different body parts. Not only will this result in a better-looking character, you will also be able to get the most out of your money. Upgrade costs increase exponentially as the level increases. You won’t be able to keep up with the costs if you only spend on certain body parts.

3. Get A Job

There is no point in having such a beefed-up body if you are not going to use it. There are several jobs available in the game. Make sure you always find the best job possible for your current level. Jobs reward you with Dollars. You need Dollars to purchase Property and Vehicles. These, in turn, help you get more energy per minute. It may not seem like much at first, but the added energy will build up over time. Just make a lot of money, and try to invest evenly between Property and Vehicles.

4. How To Spend Your Diamonds

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game. However, you can only spend them on buying temporary boosts. That is partly a good thing since you won’t have to think too much about what to buy with your free Diamonds. There are only two viable options for this. Always go for the boosts that give you 5 hours’ worth of either energy or money.

If you are short on Diamonds, just head over to the Achievements section to see if there are any that you can aim for. You can also play the Mini Games every hour since they reward you with free Diamonds. Just tap on the Mini Games button above the menu. They are easy enough to play, so it is really just a matter of remembering to play them every hour. Once you have enough, hold on to your Diamonds until your next increase in income. It is always best to use a boost after an increase.

5. Find The Fairy

As you play the game, you will sometimes see a muscular fair flying around. Tap on the fairy and it will give you a video advertisement. You probably already know that doing this will give you some sort of reward. The rewards are random, but they usually are some bonus energy and money. If you are lucky, you can also get free Diamonds from the muscle fairy.

That is everything you need to know in order to achieve the ultimate body in Muscle King! Don’t forget any of the tips and tricks listed above, and you will be building up that body with ease!