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Mudd Masher Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Survive the World of the Mudds

Mudd Masher is a new iOS-only arcade game from Atooi. In this game you’ll be playing the role of Max, who’s been sent into a “vexing voxel adventure,” a new muddy challenge in a soiled new world. There are eight colorful worlds to explore, tons of Gems for you to collect, and simple game controls – all you have to do is swipe to hop and tap to mash. Your objective is to save the world from total muddiness, because those enemies are out there to turn the world to mudd – that’s how they spell “mud” in the Mutant Mudds universe.

In order to cleanse those enemies to their former glory, you’ll have to hop from platform to platform, and you can do this while listening to some “velvety sublime” chiptunes, straight from the Mutant Mudds series. This is an old-school arcade platformer that may get you hooked, but hopefully not too frustrated. That is, if you read our Mudd Masher tips and tricks below – we’ve got all the hints you need to take care of more enemies and get farther into this game by exploring more worlds!

1. Be Careful When Moving Around

It’s quite a quirk, but it’s how the game works – your character Max is only allowed to move diagonally in Mudd Masher. As we mentioned above, you will have to swipe toward a certain direction to make him move that way. But you also have to be very careful, as swiping too recklessly will cause you to fall off, or to move to a direction where there aren’t any tiles, effectively painting you into a corner. Examples of this include swiping to a hole and swiping to the bottom. And if you swipe to the top of the screen, that’s instant death for Max and the end of your run.

2. Also Be Careful Of The Enemies And Obstacles

Mudd Masher won’t be Mudd Masher if there aren’t any challenges, and these come in the form of enemies and obstacles. Hitting those bad guys in the game won’t kill them – they will kill you, and worse than that, they’ll revert the tile to their original form when they make their way on it. What you’ll need to do instead is to wait until then enemies fall off, or by simply standing on the tile where you believe they will land, in hopes that they actually land there.

When talking about the obstacles, they shouldn’t be too hard to miss at first – these would usually be spikes, and the good thing about these obstacles is that they do not change the tile color. But we did mention the words “at first” one sentence ago – during later levels, the spikes will sometimes be of the same color as the tiles, so you’ll have to focus intently to avoid getting fooled by those same-colored obstacles!

3. Watch Ads To Revive Your Character

You will have two options if you’re playing the game with your Wi-Fi or cellular data on and your run is over. You can either pay gems to revive your character, or you can watch an ad video. The former option is definitely not recommended, as that’s going to cost you 40 gems per revive. Unless you’re totally loaded, this is not something you want to do. Watching ads, however, is all well and good, though the game can only serve up so many ads – it’s best to revive your character only if you’ve gone substantially far in the game.

4. Don’t Rush Things

As the saying goes, haste makes waste. That is true in Mudd Masher, as it’s so easy to get killed by enemies or killed by obstacles if you’re rushing in this game. There is no time limit technically, so you’ve often got all the time you need to plot out your next moves and make sure you don’t get killed by those enemies and obstacles. However, there are times when you’ll have to start acting quickly – enemies will start dropping down at some point, which means you may need to get evasive so your run doesn’t end much earlier than you’re expecting.

5. One Area At A Time

Once you reach the later stages of the game, you will have to deal with larger, wider areas. We would suggest clearing out one area at a time, so that way you don’t need to worry about going back once you’re already at the next level. As we mentioned above, the enemies will start dropping down, and that would mean the tiles will also be changing. If you’re in such a situation, all you have to do is return to the opposite side to see if there are tiles that have been changed, then change the tiles accordingly.

And this end our list of Mudd Masher tips, cheats and tricks. We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and learned something new. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, leave us a message in the comment area!