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MU Origin’s Big Summer Update Is Here, Bringing With It The Long Awaited All-Server Guild League

If you’ve not yet jumped in to Webzen’s marquee real-time Action MMORPG, MU Origin’s latest summer update is giving you plenty of reasons to do so. Chief amongst them being the addition of the all-server Guild League which pits only the very best joint factions against one another. The update also brings with it expect new pet opportunities, a bolstered domain system, and more.

The new headline feature the new MU Origin update introduces, as mentioned earlier, is what’s known as Guild League. Exclusively accessible to guilds that are level 6 and higher, this all-server tournament challenges the best joint factions to capture as many flags on the battlefield of Olympus as possible. Does your guild have what it takes?

There’s also a completely overhauled domain system that MU Origin veterans can look forward to. Whereas previously you may have been at a loss for things to do, the addition of three new building types to erect (Ruins, Fortress, and Duelfield) allows for a wealth of development activities. Simply collect as many energy cores as you can to start building.

Lastly, Webzen listened to how popular MU Origin’s pets have been, now making them more useful by letting players take them into The Fortress to help you defeat bosses and complete quests. Suddenly those little critters could prove crucial in battle. And the fun doesn’t stop there, with the update also ushering in other performance tweaks and enhancements.

Experience your own action fantasy epic the way it was meant to be, MU Origin and it update is free to download on mobile platforms now.