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MU Origin Is Rolling Out Its Biggest Summer Update Yet

MU Origin is bringing the summer heat with one of its biggest updates yet, introducing Mounts, all new dungeons, and even cross-server PVP events. If the long lazy days have got you feeling a bit bored, MU Origin might just be able to fix all of that. There’s a lot to enjoy here if you’re looking for a new action MMORPG to pick up, or if you’re aiming to get back into the game.

Mounts have been a long time coming, but they’re finally here. Players will be able to capture and train mounts that they can ride into battle. You can evolve your mounts to increase their stats and create immensely powerful creatures to fight by your side. The new Mount system can be accessed once you complete the New Friend quest with Rebirth 3 Level 60.

The Infernal Canyon, the latest server dungeon, complements the arrival of the Mount System quite nicely. This new campaign sees five players battling a challenging boss that happens to have Mounts of its own. If you and your party prove victorious, you could win exclusive, rare Mounts.

However, if you’re seeking something on a larger scale, the all new Server Assault even could be for you. The new event sees servers battling it out to steal each other’s resources each Sunday for the next 13 weeks. It’s a great opportunity to bring fame to your corner of the MU Origin universe.

MU Origin is certainly having a moment right now, and you’ll want to be in the thick of it. You can dive into the update right now, and the game is available for free on both iOS and Android.