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MU Origin 2 Adds Holy Shield and Additional Features in Its Latest Update

MMO fans can look forward to yet another huge content update for the critically acclaimed MU Origin 2, including a new map, dungeon, and multiple new features to keep your questing feeling fresh and exciting.

Among the most notable additions is the Holy Shield feature which provides damage resistance buffs for your character in PVP battle. The Holy Shield is unlocked once a player surpasses level 320 and completes the Swamp of Death quest. The effects of the Holy Shield will wear off of course once its energy gauge is exhausted, but will recharge after a period of time.

mu origin 2 holy shield update

As well as earning the Holy Shield upon achieving lv. 320 and conquering Swamp of Death, players can also look forward to the Divine Tower dungeon which will provide an abundance of sought after loot like Holy Essence and Holy Bead upon clearing its floors.

The Jewel system has also been tinkered with the addition of Jewel Craft. Players that reach level 300 will unlock this special new feature which allows you to boost the power of grade 6 Jewels and above. These Jewels can be enhanced even further thanks to Jewel Carve and Jewel Refine which allow you to combine them with Refining Gems and Carving Knives.

Charm points are also set to be increased with the inclusion of Flower Gifts. This special item is unlocked upon finishing the Scream quest and reaching level 210. A new Relation feature also makes its way into the game with Relation points received by sharing Flower Gifts and treasure with your fellow MU companions.

Players will also be pleased to hear that an increased Max Level Expansion and a brand new map filled with elite level monsters called Devantaar have also been added making this the best time yet to jump in and resume your questing.

If you’re yet to give MU Origin 2 a try yourself, you can find it to download for free from the App Store and Google Play.