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Mr Bullet Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Complete Stages and Earn Cash Fast

Lion Studios may have just been developing and publishing games for a few years yet they have already a number of successful games under their banner on both Android and iOS platforms. In general, Lion Studios’ games fall within the arcade, simulation, and puzzle game genre and have become very much adept in producing enjoyable and addicting games one after another. Following such popular games like Cash Inc., Happy Glass and Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon, Lion Games’ latest release Mr Bullet has quickly gained popularity with its simple game controls and mechanics coupled with the vast content of stages and game modes it offers.

The best thing about Mr Bullet is that anyone can play and enjoy it and though most stages are generally too easy for even the newest players, some puzzles actually offer surprising challenges. If you are up to a game of shooting bad guys and saving hostages thru the use of guns, grenades, wits, angles, and timing, you should definitely check this game out.

Mr Bullet puts you in the shoes of a special agent on the hunt for spies, zombies, and a wide variety of enemies across various puzzle-filled stages that require precision, quick wits, and timing to accomplish. Each bullet counts and on top of the limited bullets you can fire on each stage, consuming only the gold ones guarantee a full 3-star rating and earns you top rewards. As you collect more stars, you can unlock more game modes and with each stage completion come cash rewards which you can use to purchase various awesome skins. It’s not always about precision in hitting targets as hostages serve as obstacles you need to avoid hitting at all costs. Your gun won’t be the only tool in your arsenal as some objects in the stage serve as essential components to dispose of some enemies. There’s a wide variety of puzzles to find across many of the game’s stages so be sure to always keep your wits about.

There’s hardly any sort of tutorial available in Mr Bullet and you most certainly won’t be needing much of it. A simple tap and slide on your device’s screen can aim your pistol and simple angle and ricochet prediction helps you hit each target. You will soon come to find yourself breezing across multiple stages in a short span of time. If you are having some trouble securing 3-star ratings in some of the surprisingly challenging stages, our Mr Bullet cheats, tips and tricks can help you start your way towards clearing all stages with 3-star ratings and gather much cash to start collecting character skins.

1. Always Take Note Of Your Bullets

The number of bullets you can see on top of your screen is your attempt limit to hit all targets and complete a stage. Additionally, the gold bullets indicate the limit within which you have to complete a stage to acquire a perfect 3-star rating. For the most part, you will find it easy to nab 3-star ratings on several stages early on but as you lose sight of these limits after completing one stage after another, you might be initially surprised that some stages actually has 2 golden bullets as the limit within which to complete it perfectly.

mr bullet cheats

Keep in mind that when 2 golden bullets are visible, it automatically means that it is the minimum number of bullets you will need to get the job done and that the stage cannot be completed with less than that. Additionally, there will be instances where the timing of each shot would matter a lot so using those two shots may occasionally firing your pistol consecutively. There won’t be any instance in the game when the need for successive shots would require tremendously fast levels of clicking so you can be sure that Mr Bullet is an almost relaxing game all throughout.

2. Take As Much Time As You Need

In any puzzle game that has no element of time, it’s always best to take as much time as you need before you initiate any action. Easily enough, you can finish many stages in Mr Bullet with very little preparation and analysis as there may either be large options to aim for or several ways to clear a stage off. Some stages will be a bit more challenging and in such instances, taking your time to look around will be key to acing it and obtain the 3-star completion grade.

As an example, the angle by which bullets will hit a certain area surrounding the stage will considerably dictate where the bullets will bounce off to next. This is an essential point to consider most especially in the later areas of the game. Likewise, even after you finalized your aim and have taken a shot, observe how it ricochets around so that in the event you miss your target, you can make the necessary adjustments on the same stage and even begin to become more accurate on the succeeding ones. Keep in mind that all objects on the screen are there for a reason and each one is directly tied into how you can reach your victory.

3. Some Stages Take Time to Accomplish

mr bullet tricks

Relative to taking your time observing the surroundings and taking note of how many bullets you ought to consume to secure a 3-star rating, some stages in Mr Bullet require you to wait a bit for all targets to be eliminated, most especially if the stage involves moving objects and a series of object interactions that lead to the actual death of a target. As such, it may take a while to actually finish the job after you make a shot so be sure to wait a while in these situations.

4. Aim To Finish Each Stage With 3-Star Ratings

Although you can finish each stage so long as you kill your targets within the limit of the bullets allotted for each stage and move on to the next one, the amount of starts you actually collect is very important relative to your progress. There are a certain number of stars you need to earn for you to unlock additional game modes on top of each rating giving you more cash for each stage. Additionally, its’ not that difficult to try and go for a 3-star rating on each stage and retrying after a couple of fails before moving forward to the succeeding stages. The hostages, grenades, and missions mode as well as the bulletz mini game can all be unlocked after completing a certain number of stars.

mr bullet three star ratings

Once you unlock additional game modes, you can easily shift from one game mode to the next if you begin to experience some difficulty nabbing a 3-star rating from the more challenging stages of the mode you are currently playing at. Like the initial stages of the normal mode, for example, the first few stages of the additional game modes all practically give you easy 3-star finishes in a short span of time. Consequently, therefore, unlocking an additional game mode and playing through its initial stages can hasten the process of securing more stars to open up the rest of the unlockables. Additionally, it will lead to acquiring more cash for you to spend on getting new character skins.

5. General Game Mode Tips

The normal mode in Mr Bullet, as the name suggests is the most basic mode in the game that introduces you to a variety of puzzles but follows the same basic mechanics which is to eliminate all targets by all means necessary. It should be here where you master angles, timing, and even precision in some cases. As this will be your initial source of stars to earn from and unlock subsequent game modes, you will practically be spending most of your time here especially on the first few hours of your game.

Once you have racked up enough stars, you will unlock the hostages mode which complicates the game a bit as hitting all targets without killing hostages will prove to be an even bigger challenge. For the most part, straight shots will less likely be your option here and you have to be more mindful of each shot as even ricochets may prove to be a danger to each hostage. Just the same, take time to observe the stage in its entirety including objects and layouts before initiating to pull the trigger.

mr bullet tips

The grenade mode is much like normal mode but with grenades. So instead of just aiming and clicking, the strength of each throw can be adjusted by pulling away or closer to your character before releasing the grenade. Additionally, trajectories won’t necessarily be a straight line as you can very much curve throwing grenades over obstacles to hit your mark. This is perhaps what makes this mode a lot more challenging as it will take some time for you to master throws that depend on the strength you put into it. There will be a lot of throwing over obstacles so a good sense of how each throw will curve over them must be realized at some point.

Of the 3 min games you can unlock in Mr Bullet, two can only be done following daily login rewards so be sure to play and log in daily not just to unlock both but also to earn free skins on top of other great rewards. Bulletz, which is the only mini game you can unlock by earning a certain number of stars, is a unique game mode for you to earn extra cash from. In this mini game, numbered blocks coming from the top of the screen drop down each turn and each turn ends after you fire a shot. You can earn cash and additional bullets as you make progress and each additional bullet can help you eliminate more boxes, but the numbers on each box which determines the number of times you need to hit them for them to disappear also increases. Once a box goes down to the level of your character’s head, the game ends. You can always try to aim for a series of boxes by figuring out how each shot will bounce off walls and boxes to hit more targets each turn. However, shooting at the walls with an angle barely enough to bounce bullets from one wall to another going upwards is a good general strategy to destroy more boxes. Keep in mind though that bullets won’t ricochet off walls infinitely and will fade over time without hitting any boxes.

Lastly, the Missions Mode which is the last game mode you will be able to unlock can still earn you more stars but will take the most time to accomplish. Each stage in this mode is composed of 5 stages that you may have already accomplished previously and your goal is to accomplish all 5 with a limited number of bullets. It’s a bit more challenging to secure a 3-star completion rating from since you have to finish all 5 sub-stages within each mission perfectly and making a mistake in any stage means starting over.

6. Watch Video Ads To Double Mini Game Rewards

The mini games hold the only game modes where the cash you earn will greatly depend on your performance, so from time to time, be sure to visit these game modes if you want to earn some extra cash. It may take a lot of practice and patience to earn a good score and tons of cash from mini games but then, it’s a great test of your abilities and if you are up to farming cash to unlock more skins quickly, this is the place to do so. Once your game ends in any mini game, you will be prompted to watch an ad to earn 2 times as much cash, so the higher your normal rewards the more you will earn from simply playing a 15 to 30-second video ad.

mr bullet rewards

Based on the description of Mr Bullet available from the App Store, there are updates to come and promises to even include PvP game modes later on. As the game is already full of content now, it may take some time and a lot of effort to complete all available stages and even more grinding to unlock all those character skins. Though Mr Bullet is designed to be a casual game where you can accomplish much by playing just a few minutes each day, your progress naturally depends on how much time you put into it. Following our guide would definitely help you through but it still relies on your dedication.

This is all we have for our Mr Bullet guide and we hope you enjoyed and appreciated everything we shared in the article. If you would like to share your own tips and strategies in connection with or relative to everything we shared so far, feel free to let us know through the comments section below!

Carolina Thompson

Monday 22nd of July 2019

I just purchased the golden gun but have no idea how to use it. It can with no instructions & can’t find anything online.

Arvin Alavi

Friday 3rd of January 2020

Waste of money if u ask me