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Mowy Lawn Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Make Any Beginner a Grass Cutting Machine

That’s right, thanks to Mobile Heroes we can now take the relaxation of grass cutting anywhere we go! Mobile Heroes are a new development company from Germany with a typical focus on multiplayer games but lucky for us they took some time away from that world and came up with the ultimate one-tap game – Mowy Lawn.

The goal of the game is exactly what you’d expect, mow as much grass as possible before returning back to your starting gate, unfortunately for us the team at Mobile Heroes didn’t want it to be quite that easy and have thrown in an array of obstacles ranging from tree stumps to charging sheep and to make it just that little bit harder you’re little lawnmower is only able to make right turns making for a truly unique player experience!

So if you want to learn how to become the ultimate green thumbed gardener in Mowy Lawn, check out our top 10 tips, cheats and tricks below to get you on the path to garden glory.

1. Fences Are Friends

The most helpful tip for all beginners, you’ll learn to love a fence! If you’re finding a level particularly difficult or just can’t figure out how to best approach the enemy then take a break, take a clear shot straight to the fence and your mower will become seemingly motionless giving you the time to take a step back and get a good look at the level around you and assess your next move.

2. Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Don’t be afraid to take your time, in order to succeed in Mowy Lawn you need to mow as much grass as possible to gain more stars, 1 star is enough to complete the level but make it to 3 stars for bragging rights! Remember you’re not on a time limit so make as many moves as you like, if you can only get a single line of grass at a time then great, if you’re aiming for 100% then better to take it slow so you don’t use your fuel replaying levels.

3. Tap Fast – Tap Slow (Turning)

There will be times when you’ll need to turn quickly and there’ll be times when its better to ride out a certain path before making a turn. Quick turning is great if you need to get close to an obstacle or enemy to grab that last line of grass or if you’re heading back to collect a coin that popped up behind you but a slow turn can come in handy too, especially on platforms, when you gracefully mow your way onto a platform give yourself more time and don’t panic by making slow turners and edging your way to each corner before turning in again.

4. Avoid The Gate

This seems like a ridiculous tip but honestly without it I guarantee that the gate will get you! Some of Mowy Lawns’ level designs can cut quite tight to the starting gate and will either not have any edges or an enemy in close proximity to the gate, if you’re nearby when closing time comes around it will knock you outwards causing your mower to either take a leap of faith off the edge of the map or go crashing into the nearby enemy so just make sure you get far enough away from the gate at the beginning of these smaller levels.

5. Mow Little Mow More

You don’t need to mow the entire level in 10 seconds! If you try and mow as quickly as possible then its just a matter of time until you die at the hands of a spitting dog or expanding frog. The safest way to navigate more difficult levels and make sure you get to the 100% completion is to cut away in small logical blocks and work your way systematically across the level.

6. Enemies Love To Waste Your Time

I’m sure at one point whilst playing any game you have died at the very end of a level, Mowy Lawn is no safer, you could mow 99% of a level and then get caught out by a turning sprinkler or more often than not, an expanding frog! In order to not waste time, mow the grass closest to these enemies first as that way you’ll know you can take your time with the rest of the level with a significantly lower level of danger.

7. Coin Collection

More often than not you will notice that a coin pops up in a convenient location that makes it an easy steal, however sometimes they can appear at the worst of times, for example, as you’ve just crossed a platform or managed to get passed an enemy. Play it sensibly, coins don’t add to your completion so you don’t have to collect them all in order to get to the next level, just think to yourself “Is that coin worth it” if you think there’s a pretty good chance you’ll die whilst trying to collect it then you’re probably right, take what you have and move on. The game offers the chance to get a 300% increase in coins collected for just watching a 30 second ad, I recommend doing this at the early stages Mowy Lawn in order to buy the next mower (499 coins) and test out the different speeds so you can find what you’re more comfortable with.

8. Enemy Types

You’ll encounter the vast majority of enemy types within the first 20 levels of the game, level 21+ you’ll notice they start appearing in numerous variations whether it be an increase in number of enemy or the speed or size of the enemy but its important to learn the little tricks to each one early on as they’ll help you tackle the harder ones towards end game. Below is a list of a few enemy types that you’ll encounter during the game.

Tappers – some of the first obstacles you’ll come across are birds who fly up and down with logs, if you’re underneath when they go down you die, lucky for you these are easy to avoid, this enemy type will fly up or down every time you tap the screen so the trick to avoiding these is to simply not tap whilst underneath and your mowing days will continue.

Spitting Dogs – these are a ranged enemy type who shoot a small green projectile on a set path, this comes down to timing, drive behind the shot, collect what you can and move on, don’t stick around as another shot will follow shortly, after this its simply rinse and repeat until you hit the 100% completion.

Tree Stumps – the most basic of enemies and exactly as it reads, the way to beat this is turning, simply drive up to the edge of the stump and make a sharp turn before impact.

Rotating Sprinkler – the water from this is harmless, it’s the sprinkler itself you need to avoid as it’ll rotate on a centre point, luckily for us the guys at mobile heroes were nice enough to make it flash red before it rotates (a few enemies have this feature) so make sure you keep an eye on the sprinkler and as the flash appears begin to move to the next section of grass.

Expanding Frog – this is the most difficult enemy you’ll encounter early game and he does appear in different starter sizes. The frog will start off small surrounded by grass that you need to collect however, he expands (after flashing) into the surrounding area covering the grass and killing all in his path, the frog is stationary so you don’t need to worry about it hopping around the map, just be patient, let him expand and contract so you can get a clear view of what areas are safe to mow.

Accordion – this is a box which expands from either 2 or 4 sides killing all it touches, with this enemy you just have to wait for the arms to retract before passing but don’t get too close during the retraction as there is a slight bounce on the arms when they first reach their box.

9. Clockwise Collection

You can only turn right so make life easier for yourself and mow the grass in a clockwise direction, this sounds silly but honestly if you’ve passed a coin or patch of grass at the edge of a level you’ll find it a lot easier to circle the around rather make a quick U-turn and risk collision with any nearby obstacles.

10. Learn From Your Mistakes

You’re going to make mistakes, some infuriatingly small and some massive blunders, the important thing is that you learn from them. Enemies repeat themselves so the key is to learning the patterns, once you’ve mastered this you’ll be well on your way to becoming the best lawn mower out there!

We wish you all the best and hope our tips and tricks fair you well! Happy lawn mowing!