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Mountain Goat Mountain Cheats & Hints: 4 Amazing Tips To Help You Climb Higher

Mountain Goat Mountain is casual mobile game, developed by Zynga for Android and iOS platforms. The venerable game developer describes it as a “fast arcade game” where you control a mountain goat climbing the titular mountain, the “highest and most treacherous” one out there. It’s a mountain climbing game where you can prove to your friends that “when the goating gets tough, (the tough) get goating,” but yes, it can be pretty tough due to the challenges and obstacles. It’s quite similar in concept to Q*bert, so if you’ve played that game before, you should have a fairly good idea what to do.

We’ve given you the basics of the game, now let’s move on to a couple of useful Mountain Goat Mountain cheats, tips and hints.

1. Move Back A Little, When You Have To

This is a mountain climbing game, as we said earlier, but there isn’t anything wrong with backing up. If you’ve got a tough obstacle ahead of you, say a pit or some loose terrain, it would behoove you to move back rather than get killed by moving forward. The important thing here is that you have enough grass to ensure your energy levels are high – go back as far as needed so you can regroup and continue your path upwards.

2. Hop Upwards At A Quick, Yet Moderate Speed

When you’re making your way up the mountain, it’s important to hop fast. But you shouldn’t go too fast either, as you need to be aware of what’s ahead of you. For example, moving too fast could result in your goat falling into a pit or falling into water. You also may be hopping right in front of a moving boulder. Speed is important, but not as important as seeing what’s in front of you, and not as important as maintaining supreme focus in order to get as high as possible up that Mountain Goat Mountain.

3. Collect As Many Coins As Possible

In the early parts of Mountain Goat Mountain, you’ll have little problem collecting as many coins as possible. But at some point, the freebies we told you about earlier will appear less and less frequently. That makes it important to focus on the stages if you want as many coins as possible. You can also watch advertisement videos to get yourself some free coins; this time, however, ad videos become more and more frequent over time.

4. Spend Your Coins On A New Mountain Goat

Every now and then, you’ll be able to redeem free packages of prizes, which include a good number of coins. You’ll be able to purchase a new mountain goat with the coins you earn. However, don’t expect these goats to come with any special skills, or even new strengths and weaknesses – they merely look different from each other. Still, playing with a new goat will change the gameplay a bit – boulders, for instance, will look different, even taking the form of gemstones if you’re climbing the mountain with a unicorn.