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Monster Raid Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints You Need to Know

Orca’s new Android and iOS game Monster Raid is an anime-themed monster collection RPG, where you can “try your luck at becoming the world’s greatest monster hunter.” There are more than 350 types of monsters which you can collect, a “seamless” storyline organized into quests, and a lot of different game modes, including dungeons, raids, battle arena, and the Tower of Trials. Talking about the quests, there are more than 200 of them, and there are also seven islands to explore, each of them having a unique environment. There are over 200 dungeons, and if you want to get into multiplayer mode, Monster Raid also has a MOBA element where you can take on players from all over the world.

This isn’t the only Pokemon-esque game out in the mobile space, though like the others, you may need to go through your share of learning curves for the game’s different features. So before you go ahead and raid those monsters, we suggest reading our Monster Raid strategy guide. Like we often do, we’ve designed most of the tips for beginners, but there may be a few things experienced players might be able to pick up, or somehow remember once again.

1. Follow The Elemental System

All monsters have their share of elemental strengths and weaknesses – it’s all about rock-paper-scissors for the three main elements. That means fire beats physical, physical beats water, and water beats fire. The other two elements are light and dark, which beat each other out. Each of those elements also has a corresponding color – red for fire, green for physical, blue for water, yellow for light, and purple for dark.

2. Remember The Color Coding For Attacks

While we’re still on the topic of color coding, remember this simple guide for the types of attacks when attacking enemies; these are the colors of the targets surrounding the enemies. Yellow targets mean normal damage, green targets mean increased damage, and red targets mean less damage.

3. Quests Are Optional, But You Should Finish Them

Quests may be optional, but we still recommend that you finish as many of them. These special missions change on a daily basis, which means you’ve got only a day or so to finish them before they refresh. Check the quest information for the objectives, as well as the list of rewards you can get if you complete them. But what kind of rewards can you look forward to? In many cases, you’ll get some free diamonds, which are the game’s premium form of currency.

4. When In Doubt, Check Your Monster Book

The Monster Book comes with in-depth stats on each monster. Go to the menu button on the bottom left of your screen, then tap on the blue book to open up an in-depth encyclopedia on Monster Raid’s different monsters. You’ll be able to view their stats, their evolution forms, and where you can find those monsters. Regularly checking the Monster Book should allow you to quickly grow your collection.

5. Combine Your Monsters To Make Them More Powerful

Got some extra monsters on hand? Try combining them! This is similar to the fusing process in other RPGs, where you combine one monster with another to level up the base, or target monster. Also keep in mind that it’s better to use two monsters of the same type when combining – that’s going to give them some generous bonuses in terms of experience, so check the elemental types of your extra monsters before proceeding any further.

6. Enchant Your Monsters

Another way to make your monsters better is to enchant them. This can be best described as leveling up your monsters beyond what they’re normally capable of; you’ll know if a monster is enchanted if they have a “+1” (or +2, +3, etc.) on their avatar. Maximum enchant levels always match the regular level of a monster, so if you’re trying to enchant a Level 3 monster, the maximum enchant level will be +3. Compared to combining monsters, enchanting can give your monsters bigger stat boosts, but the catch here is that you’ll need more coins, as well as special materials.

7. Tap On Monsters To See What Materials Are Needed

If you need more help on how to enchant your monsters, simply select a monster to see the type of materials you need to acquire. Tapping on that material will then show you where you can find the material; think of it as the game spoonfeeding you and making it as easy as possible for you to make your monsters more powerful.

And this completes our detailed strategy guide for Monster Raid. Stay tuned, as we will update this guide whenever we discover more hints.