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Hexavoid Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Hexavoid is a new iOS game from Nanovation where your goal is to fly as fast as possible and avoid the numerous obstacles that’ll get in your spaceship’s way. As you’ve been “chosen” for this endless mission, you’ll have to fly behind enemy lines and avoid the “hexagonal reinforcements,” the moving walls, and the enemy’s firepower. There are dozens of spaceships for you to unlock, “procedurally generated” levels (more than 200 of them), a variety of weapons, power-ups, and turbo boosts that could allow you to score as many points as possible. You can even compete against your friends or other players from around the world by gunning for the highest score possible on the Game Center.

Now, that we’ve given you a basic run-through of the game, it’s time to talk about what you’re probably here for. You want to score as much as possible, and you want to go as far as well. So how do you do this? Here are some Hexavoid tips and tricks that you can follow if you want to improve on your Game Center ranking and (at least) beat your friends’ high scores.

1. How To Earn Points In The Game

In Hexavoid, there are two types of gates for you to break. The red gates, once broken, allow you to earn one point per gate. Yellow gates can earn you far more points – you’ll get five points per yellow gate broken. You will usually have one path to follow in the levels, but even when you’ll have to potential paths to follow, you’ll still have just one gate to unlock at the end of it.

2. Tap And Hold Down On The Bottom Of Your Screen

If you want to have more control of your ships, it would be best to tap and hold, and hold on for as long as appropriate. There’s no specific place for you to tap-and-hold, but it would be best for you to do so at the bottom of your screen, or close to that. That gives you a better line of sight, and makes it easier for you to avoid obstacles.

3. All The Ships Play The Same Way

One point is equivalent to one credit. And once you’ve got a certain number of credits – it can be 500, 1,000, or 5,000 credits, depending on the type of the ship – you can unlock a new one. But while that may sound like a huge discrepancy that points to different classes of ships based on performance, everything is purely cosmetic. All ships play in the exact same way, and collecting ships is just that – it’s all about collection, and no matter how much you spend, there won’t be any difference in terms of performance.

4. The Ads Don’t Hurt

You may be thinking about playing the game without ads by turning off your phone’s Wi-Fi or 3G, but to be completely honest, the ads aren’t as cloying or as intrusive as they often are in other games. You can choose to play with the ads, or you can play a small fee to play ad-free permanently.

And this wraps up our collection of tips and tricks for Hexavoid. In case you know more hints for the game, be sure to let us know by commenting below!