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Monster Merge Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Monster Collection

Monster Merge is a cute idle game from Mudloop that features blocky monsters that you need to combine. Merging these adorable creatures will result in rarer forms, allowing you to earn more money as you progress in the game. The goal is to keep merging, and continue earning, until you have the rarest team of monsters on your hands. It may sound easy at first, but just because this is an idle game does not mean you will be successful without doing anything. Things will get more hectic as you get more monsters. You will need to continuously earn more money in order to sustain your progress. Soon, you will find yourself struggling to move forward with your income. You need a good strategy if you want to keep progressing in the game. It’s a good thing you have our Monster Merge tips and tricks to help you out!

1. Merge Faster To Earn More

Since merging is the name of the game, it only makes sense that you would want to do this as quickly as possible. The good news is that the game actually provides a button for making things go faster. You just need to consistently tap on it. Doing this will increase the rate for earning money whenever you place a monster in a tree, a well, or any other upgraded structure. Tap the fast-forward button as quickly as you can. Use two fingers if you can.

2. Watch Ad Videos For Rewards

As you play Monster Merge, you will regularly see eggs fall down when you have empty space on the map. When you tap on them, you will be able to unlock rarer monsters. Before you place these new monsters on the map, however, make sure you watch out for the ad offer. You will be offered the chance to level up the new monster in exchange for watching a video advertisement. Make sure you take advantage of this since it will give your new monster a head start.

Another use for ads in this game is in double the amount of money you earn. There are two ways to go about this. You can watch an ad when you log into the game in order to double the offline earnings you will receive. Aside from that, you can also double your active earnings by tapping on the 2x button on the upper right corner of the screen. This will play another ad but will reward you with bonus income for a limited time.

Finally, you can get free monsters by watching even more ads. You can do this by going into the store and spending all your coins on rare monsters. Once you are out of coins, the game will bring up the ad offers that will give you a free monster for every video you watch. If you have a lot of free time, watch as many as you can in order to fill up your roster. This will give you plenty of merging material and will allow you to get to the next level more quickly.

3. Travel Through Time

Well, not really. Just change the time settings on your device. Since you earn offline income depending on how much time has passed, you just need to set the time ahead by a few hours. When you log back into the game, you will have a mountain of cash waiting for you. As an added bonus, you will also be able to upgrade your work area more quickly since the bar will fill up faster. Don’t forget to correct the time settings on your device once you are done playing. Don’t worry because it won’t affect your game even if you log back in later on with the correct time.

4. Mines Over Monster

The monsters on their own do not really generate resources. They need to be placed in pieces of land where they can gather resources from. These pieces of land are the mines. When it comes to maximizing your income, what matters the most is the level of the mine. You need to focus on placing your monsters in the highest tier of mines in order to earn the most resources. You don’t need to spread out your monsters across the different mines. Just pick the ones that make the most money.

5. Leave No Idle Spaces

The game will continuously drop monsters as long as there are empty spaces on the map. This is true even when you are offline. The problem is, these monsters are usually low-level ones. You don’t want to fill up your map with rarer monsters before you leave the game. This way, your map won’t be filled with fodder monsters when you return.

6. Log In Often, Here’s Why

Even though you can earn passively while you are offline, you cannot earn an infinite amount of money regardless of how far ahead you set the time on the phone. You will need to regularly upgrade your mines in order to improve your earning potential. Because of this, you should check back often so you can spend your money on upgrades before logging back out. You don’t have to log in every hour. At least twice a day should be enough for you to maintain your progress. Of course, the same is true if you are going to do the time lapse cheat. Just set the time ahead for seven to ten hours then log back into the game.

7. When To Buy Boosts

Monster Merge offers various in-app purchases that mostly involve permanent upgrades. Considering these will give you long-term benefits, it might not be such a bad idea to get a couple of them. For $0.99 you can get spawn level 2 monsters. If you want to speed everything up, you can do so by paying $1.99. You can also permanently double your chances of getting eggs and gifts by paying $2.99. Finally, you can remove all ads while and still get rewards if you pay $5.99. The best one to buy would be the increased chance of getting eggs and gifts since you can speed up time on your device and you can just put up with the ads.

You are now ready to make tons of money in Monster Merge! Remember everything you learned from our list of tips and tricks above to ensure your success!