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Monster Bike Motocross Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Monster Bike Motocross is another game coming from the very busy Tiny Lab Productions. This time developers put us in a post-apocalyptic world brimming with dangers, with tracks featuring mad jumps, lots of fire rings, and an occasional fellow biker who will try to beat the player to the finish line.

Monster Bike Motocross offers two dozen of levels spanning over two game worlds. The first one is free, but the second one asks for some sort of payment before it unlocks (don’t worry, we’ll explain to you how to unlock it without spending a dime). The game is very exhilarating and can give you a couple of days of game time. The best way to play it is in short bursts while waiting for a bus or standing in a mile-long line at the grocery store.

Now, Monster Bike Motocross is actually quite easy during the first couple of levels but later on, the game can surprise with some interestingly designed levels that are easy to beat, but hard to master. And by mastering, we mean discovering hidden areas and collecting all the coins on each level.

We played the game for hours and hours and managed to collect a rich list of tips and tricks able to make a Monster Bike Motocross master out of every player. No matter if you never played the game before, after reading our guide you’ll find the game very easy to beat. Yes, there will be levels featuring huge gaps that will (in most cases) be too great and wide to jump over, but if you read and follow our guide even the deepest abyss will become just another obstacle that’s easy to surpass. So, without further ado let’s show you all the goodies we collected during our adventures in the post-apocalyptic lands of Monster Bike Motocross.

1. Three-Star Rating Is Guaranteed

As with most other Tiny Lab Productions games, Monster Bike Motocross practically gives the player three-star rating after each and every level. No matter how cautious (or in other words slow) you are, no matter how long you need to reach the finish line if your bike survives the trials and reach the finish be sure you’ll end up with three stars.

So, don’t try to be the quickest, it’s better to focus on collecting all coins because they are much harder to collect than to be rewarded with a three-star rating. Of course, it’s best to beat a level as quickly as you can during your first playthrough, then to end up stuck because you can’t reach a particular hidden area. So, when playing a level for the first time try beating it as quickly as you can while at the same time looking for hidden areas. Once you beat a level, play it again but this time take your time and collect all those coins.

2. Water And Oil Can Slow You Down

While not deadly, water and oil will slow your bike down. While some areas filled with water or oil can be jumped over or avoided, you’ll have to run your bike over water in most cases. Don’t worry, though, they can’t do any damage to your bike so fell free to drive over them.

Also, on some levels, you’ll have to dive into the water in order to advance. All you have to do is to reach the end and destroy the obstacle blocking you from advancing (there are just a couple of underwater parts in the game, and they are all pretty easy to drive through).

3. Save Up Coins For Unlocking The Second World

While the first world (containing a dozen levels) is free to play, you’ll have to unlock the second playing world. You can either shell out some cash, but we recommend to save up coins and unlock the second world with them.

Since 5,000 coins are needed to unlock the second world, don’t spend them on buying new bikes since the bikes are all the same; they offer the same top speed and acceleration, and they only differ in design. Since you start the game with four different motorbikes, and since a couple of extra ones will be unlocked as a prize for completing levels, it’s much better to save up coins for unlocking the second world.

By the way, the second playing world can be unlocked for a short time by watching an ad. The game will allow you to play a couple of levels before asking you to watch another ad, so if you don’t have the patience to collect thousands of coins, watching ads can be a quick way of getting the chance to play the second set of levels.

4. Pick Up Daily Prizes And Watch Ads To Double The Coin Prizes

Monster Bike Motocross offers daily prizes and you should collect those regularly. By just entering the game for five straight days you can earn almost a thousand coins, not bad at all.
Also, watch ads to double coin prizes, when the game offers the option. By doubling the coin prize for each level, you can finish the first set of levels with more than half the coins needed for unlocking the second set of levels. Ads aren’t long (they usually last less than half a minute) and they won’t take much of your time.

5. Look For Hidden Areas

Monster Bike Motocross if filled with hidden areas. Not every level has them, but most do. Hidden areas contain tons of coins so it’s worthwhile to search for them and try reaching them once you discover where they’re at.

We recommend all players to first finish a level (and to search for any hidden areas during that first playthrough) and then, once you learned where a hidden area is, try reaching it the next time you play a certain level. Believe us, it’s worth it since collecting the coins found in hidden areas can double your coin prize received after you successfully finish a level.

We reached the end of our Monster Bike Motocross guide. We hope you found something interesting and we hope that you’ll check out our other guides, they’re quite handy. Thanks for reading and, as always, happy gaming!