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MLB 9 Innings 17 Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints You Should Know

Any baseball fan has dreamed of managing his own team at one point or another. In MLB 9 Innings 17, fans can live this dream by drafting and managing players from a roster of fully licensed MLB teams and players. Available on iOS and Android, this game also features a unique in-depth pitching and batting system for a more realistic gameplay. Do you have what it takes to win against some of the best players in Major League Baseball? Step up to the mound and see for yourself! But before you do that, check out our MLB 9 Innings 17 tips and tricks to help you get started on the right path.

1. Autoplay With Caution

It is understandable that you might not always have time to play through all of the innings of each game. In this game’s exhibition mode, you will only need to play through the first inning before you gain access to the Fast Progression feature. The league mode allows fast progression from the start of each game. This feature will allow you to automatically play the rest of the innings or up until the inning that you choose to fast forward to. The danger in this is that you will no longer have any control over the outcome of the game.

The results will depend solely on your team’s stats. If you have mediocre players, they may end up losing without your skill in manual pitching and batting. It would be best if you play all innings manually if you only have bronze players on your roster. Once you have a team that is composed mostly of good players, then you can easily breeze through the innings with autoplay.

2. Keep The Batter Guessing

The same principles apply in this game as they do in real life. If you are pitching, you don’t want the batter to be able to predict your next move. You will have five options when pitching and each option will be rated on how good you will be in executing it. The rating is based on the stats of your player. You want to make sure you use pitches that your player is good at. Trying to surprise your opponent with a bad pitch might not work out for you in the end.

Avoid repetition when pitching. This applies to both style and quadrant. As much as possible, do not use the same pitch option consecutively. Alternate it with other pitches that have an acceptable rating so that your opponent will not be able to guess your next pitch. You should also try to aim for different quadrants in hopes of catching your opponent off guard.

3. To Swing Or Not To Swing

One of the most important decisions that you will need to make when batter is whether or not you should swing. Do not bother swinging for foul balls but failing to swing for valid pitches will earn you a strike. How do you know if a foul ball is coming, then? You will be able to predict this by carefully watching the pitcher. Before the ball is thrown, a transparent arm and ball will be visible on the screen. An arm that looks like it is at an awkward angle and goes outside the boxes will most likely be a foul ball.

Keep your eyes focused on the pitcher and you will eventually master predicting the pitches. This skill will be key in winning most of your games so practice it as much as you can. Remember to only swing if the indicators line up perfectly in the center of the box. Hitting that pitch will result in a perfect hit.

4. Playing With Friends

The game gives you the option to add friend and play against them. You can manually add any of your friends then invite them to play. If you want to add even more, you can just choose random people in game. Just go into the menu and the game will automatically suggest other players that you can add. You can also add players who you have played against in ranked matches. Play with friends as often as you want. It is a good way to practice while getting additional bonuses as well.

5. Training Your Players

There are two options for training players in the game. The first, and cheaper, option is the normal training. Normal training only requires points. It is recommended that you use this option to level up your players to level 5. After level 5, however, things can get a bit more complicated and time consuming. The chances of failing training keep getting higher as the level increases so the normal method of training can get tedious after a while.

The second option for training is the star training. Stars are required for star training. These stars are hard to come by so you will only have a limited amount of them to spend. Spend them wisely and don’t waste them on lower levels. Star training has a hundred percent chance of success so it will definitely be useful when you train higher level players. Invest your stars in rare players to make the most out of them.

Ready to build your dream team? Just follow the MLB 9 Innings 17 tips and tricks we gave you and you’ll be winning leagues in no time!