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Mini DAYZ Guide: 8 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Survive Longer

Mini DAYZ is a glorious 16-bit rendition of the popular zombie survival game DAYZ. This version was made for players with Android and iOS devices to enjoy. Experience the terror of having to survive the zombie apocalypse with minimal supplies. You will have to scavenge for food, endure harsh weather conditions, and, most importantly, avoid getting eaten by zombies. Build up your own base or keep exploring the pixelized world. Watch out for AI survivors which may be friendly or hostile. Do you have what it takes to survive in an undead wasteland? Don’t worry. You can always rely on our Mini DAYZ tips and tricks to help you live to fight another day!

1. Use The Map

The world in this game is randomly generated so you will have to take a few seconds to check the map before you start exploring. You will usually spawn by the coast. Make sure you look for the nearest town because you will need to gather supplies as soon as you can. A single house icon indicates a small neighborhood, while two house icons mean there is a city. You will also see a factory icon which indicates the location of a facility. Check out each of these places as you will find a variety of loot in them.

Try to look for the road that will lead to your destination. Roads will help you stay on track and keep you from getting lost. Just be careful when you are on the road because the chances of encountering zombies will also increase. You will hear zombies growl louder if they have spotted you. Stay on your toes and be prepared to run for it when that happens!

2. Pile On The Clothing

As if zombies trying to eat your brains were not enough, you also have to worry about freezing to death in this game. That is why you will need to look for more clothes as soon as you can. Try to find thick pieces of clothing like jackets. Not only are they useful for keeping you warm, they will also usually have extra item slots. The more items you can carry, the longer you can survive in the game.

Once you have better clothes, you can rip up your old shirts and other light clothing to create bandages. These are important survival items so being able to make more of them is a good thing. Try to keep your bandage supply high by recycling old clothes. Even if you don’t normally get injured, it’s only wise to stay prepared for emergencies.

3. Learn To Run Away

Unless you have a ranged weapon on you, there is no reason good enough for you to choose to fight a zombie. Fighting a zombie using a melee weapon is dangerous no matter how good your equipment is. If you get injured in any way, you risk bleeding or getting infected. Both status ailments are deadly and can cost you a lot. If you encounter a zombie, try to run away at all cost! Fight them only when you have no other choice. A good way to shake off zombie chasers is to get them stuck behind obstacles. Just run off behind some structures and keep running in the same direction. The zombies will continue to chase you without changing paths so they will end up getting stuck behind the obstacles.

4. Stand Still To Aim Better

When you have a ranged weapon, you will be able to take a shot at zombies from a safe distance. If you want to take out a zombie or two, make sure you stay calm. Avoid moving when you are taking aim as it will increase the chances of you missing. Just don’t panic and stay still while you are aiming at the zombie. Of course, do this only if there is enough distance between you and the zombie for you to be able to aim without getting attacked.

5. When Hunger Strikes, Eat Rice

Rice is staple food for many cultures. This is especially true in the post zombie apocalypse world where food is scarce, and you are always in danger of starving to death. Eating rice in the game will fill up your hunger gauge by a whopping 80%! Try to find as much rice as you can as it is a great way to stay satiated. It comes in a red and white can so make sure you keep an eye out for it while exploring.

6. Choose Perks Strategically

Earning points takes a long time in this game. That is why it is important to know which perks to prioritize once you have enough points. If you just pick one randomly, the game will be much harder for you in the long run. The first perk you should get is the Sprinter. It gives you a permanent 10% boost in movement speed. This is an important trait to have because when all else fails, you need to at least be able to run for your life! Choose your subsequent perks according to your playstyle. Keep in mind that points will be few and far apart. Take into consideration which perks will help you progress in your current state, not some future ambition that you might not even reach.

7. Establish A Base

Having a base in this game helps keep you safe for a little longer. You can make a base by building a campfire then surrounding it with a fence. In order to do this, you will need to chop down some trees using a hatchet or a fireaxe. The items you get from fallen trees can also be used to craft items. If you find a rucksack and some rope, you will be able to craft a makeshift rucksack. Be resourceful and build what you can in order to survive.

8. How To Regenerate Blood

So, you were a little careless and got yourself injured? Unfortunately, the only item that restores blood is a blood pack, and those are hard to come by. If you want to survive, you will need to rely on your own regenerative ability. Your blood will slowly recover on its own but only if your hunger and thirst levels are good. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and full in order to help your wounds heal.

The game may be a pocket version of the original but that in no way diminishes the challenge. Make sure you follow our Mini DAYZ tips and tricks in order to survive the zombie apocalypse! In case you need even more hints for the game, be sure to read our Mini DAYZ ultimate guide!