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Castle Revenge Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Reclaim Your Land

Castle Revenge is a unique strategy game from Incuvo, which is available for Android and iOS devices. In this game, Lord Grayson has attacked your castle, and has taken over your land. After fending off the initial attack, it is now your turn to go on the offensive and reclaim what is rightfully yours! Build up your castle and prepare to take over the land once more. Reinforce your defenses with various weaponry and traps that will punish anyone with the audacity to attack you. Knowing how to build up your castle correctly can be a challenge. It’s a good thing you can rely on our list of Castle Revenge tips, tricks and hints!

1. Storage Is Important

While you may be excited to pump up the offense right away, make sure you don’t neglect your storage. Your castle’s storage capacity is pretty small early on and any resource in excess of that capacity will be wasted. You must build the extra storage structures first so you will be able to hold all the resources you will be earning from raiding other players. Once you have built the storages, don’t forget to upgrade them in order to increase the maximum capacity even more.

2. Hire Another Builder

Builders are extremely important in this game because they are the ones who will determine the pace of your progress in the game. Even if you have a lot of resources, you will not be able to build your castle quickly if you are short on builders. Make sure you don’t squander your free Rubies on anything other than an extra Builder. An extra pair of hands will make a world of difference in how quickly you will be able to progress in the game.

3. Prepare For Battle

Before you head out and attack another player’s castle, make sure you read up first on the types of ammo to bring. Different structures have different vulnerabilities. You have to make sure you bring the right kind of ammo for each structure or you will have a tough time raiding.

Some of the structures you will encounter are called Fortifications. These are structures you put on your castle to absorb damage, and are divided into two categories. Weak Fortifications are roofs, rooftops, small towers, and rooms. Strong Fortifications are bridges, coping, and big towers. Make sure you read the ammo descriptions carefully as they will specify if they are strong against Weak or Strong Fortifications. Examples of ammo that are useful against Fortifications are Light Stone, Heavy Stone, Rock Cluster, and Rocket.

The other structures you will encounter are the Defenses. These are the ones who strike back during an attack, like Crossbows and Homing Missiles. Prioritize these during your raids as they are capable of taking out your catapult.

4. Know Your Enemy

When preparing for battle, you can choose to bring every type of ammo you have, or you can choose to be sneakier by Scouting your opponent before attacking. Doing this will allow you to prepare exactly what is needed for your raid. If you find that your target may be a little too strong for you, the Search function will allow you to look for a different opponent. Use the Search feature sparingly as it costs 10 Rubies each time.

Reclaiming your land and dominating your enemies will be easy if you follow our Castle Revenge strategy guide! As a fellow player, if you know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know below in the comments!