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Millionaire Pop Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Collect Money Easily

Millionaire Pop is a new puzzle game from DeNA Seoul, and currently it is only available for the iPhone and iPad – there’s no Android version at the moment. Now, it’s rare for puzzle games from large mobile game companies to be available on only one platform, but if you’re an iOS device user, this game allows you to “drag your way to riches” by linking coins of the same color. The game claims to require more brains than luck, which sets it apart from simple Match 3 puzzle games. And there’s even a brief rundown of the game’s mechanics in DeNA’s game description for Millionaire Pop.

We won’t get to that part now, but instead give you a more detailed way to enjoy some success in the game even if you’ve just downloaded it and are playing it for the first time. Read these Millionaire Pop tips and tricks and you won’t be left behind when it comes to this brain teaser of a puzzle game.

1. Bigger Combos Means More Bonus Tiles

It’s a very basic thing about the game, but definitely worth knowing if you’ve just started playing. With larger combos comes more bonus tiles to earn. You can then transform coins into bills, which would clear out one whole line, or super coins, which clear out one specific color of your choice. So with that in mind, you want to focus on the combo creation aspect of the game. Make those combos as big as possible so you can have more special tiles, and more ammunition, so to say, for the harder levels.

2. Watch Advertisements For Free Hearts

Hearts are the game’s unit of energy, and each time you lose a level, you’ll lose one heart. Now these hearts replenish automatically, but since it could take a couple of hours before that happens, you can watch ad videos up to thrice a day for free hearts. It’s also possible to ask your Facebook friends for hearts, if your game’s connected to Facebook and you’ve got other friends who play the game. But since this piece of advice doesn’t work for everyone, we think that watching ads would be a better way to go.

3. If You Really Need To Cheat Use The Time Lapse

So far, we haven’t heard of DeNa getting rid of the time lapse cheat on Millionaire Pop like many other game makers have on their titles in recent months. So if you fancy doing a little funny business on your iPhone or iPad, you can set the time ahead by about two to two and a half hours, or by 30 minutes per heart you need to restore. Return to the game with a full set of hearts, and keep on playing.

4. Take Part In Weekly Event Levels For To Get Free Diamonds

The weekly event levels will typically give you the most significant bonuses in the game, though the catch here, of course, is that these levels are much harder than ordinary ones. You’ll get to win diamonds, which is the game’s premium currency and otherwise available by paying real money. And once you’ve got some diamonds, you can use them to buy power-ups, which should then be used only on the hardest of the hard levels; diamonds aren’t easy to come by, after all!

For now, this would be our set of tips and tricks for Millionaire Pop. Once we come up with more hints for the game, we will share it here, so don’t forget to check back! Also, if you love mobile games from DeNA, then click here to check out our collection of tips for other DeNA games, that we’ve shared here on Level Winner in the past.