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Miitomo Tips, Hints & Tricks to Earn More Coins

Depending on whom you ask, Miitomo may or may not be a game, but rather a social app. Still, if you come to think of it, Nintendo’s first-ever mobile app, which made its debut on iOS late last month, is both. This game, app, or whatever you prefer to call it allows you to “bring out a side of you your friends have never seen before,” and that would be by making a Mii representing yourself and serving as your “personal go-between.” Your Mii would then ask you questions about yourself, and will also visit your friends’ Mii to tell you about your likes, dislikes, and your thoughts, while also asking them about their own details.

Miitomo may be more of an app than a game – a social app, to be exact. But it also allows you to collect clothes that you can use to personalize your Mii, and in order to collect these attires, you will need coins. Read on, as this list of Miitomo tips and tricks will show you just how to get more coins, and therefore have more in-game currency to customize your character in the best way possible.

1. Answer Questions

Miitomo wants to know more about you, and then some. That’s why it always has lots of questions to ask, and for each question you answer, you earn more coins. Keeping that in mind, always be ready to answer some questions, because the answers you enter won’t just make you more in-game money, but also allow your friends to learn more about you.

2. Add More Friends To The Game

By friends, we are referring to your real-life friends, who may be as curious about this whole Miitomo business as you are. We’re not telling you to be pushy and to shove the game/app down everyone’s throat, but you’ll have more coins if you have more friends in the game. If you want, you can also add people you don’t know in real life or even online, though it would be better if you’re adding your actual friends to the game. You’ll also earn some coins when your friends’ Miis would ask them questions, so that should be more of an incentive to you to add as many as possible.

3. Play The Mini-Game

For the meantime, the Nintendo Drop mini-game does not reward anyone with any coins, but since our topic is about earning coins to buy outfits, this mini-game allows you to win free clothing items as a reward. Think about it as earning coins for free, because the outfits in the game will cost you some of them.

4. Login To The Game / App Every Day

This one’s very simple, but just like many other game makers, Nintendo wants to make it worthwhile for you to open Miitomo at least once per day. If you login to the game/app every day, you’ll earn free Miitomo coins, and just to go back to our original point, those are coins you can readily use to buy all the outfits you want.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest set of Miitomo tips and tricks. If you know additional hints to get more coins in the game, be sure to let us know! Also, if you need a guide for the personality types in Miitomo, head over to our dedicated article!