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Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple Online Tips & Tricks to Survive Together

Fireboy and Watergirl: Online – Forest Temple – Addictive Multiplayer Running and Jumping Platform Game is an iOS-only title from DAPPS. So what makes this game special? According to DAPPS, this is an addicting teamwork and fun game for two players, and your goal is to help the game’s lead characters, Fireboy and Watergirl, find their way out of the Forest Temple. As their names suggest, Fireboy’s weakness is water, while Watergirl doesn’t like fire. Being exposed to those elements will kill them, and so will the green mud, which can kill both. You’ll also be able to collect diamonds for extra points.

There is no way to play this game solo – it’s a cooperative game where your objective is to survive each round with someone else’s help. Both of you have to make it out alive, or none of you make it at all. And that’s where things can get a bit complicated. Not to worry, though, as these Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple Online tips and tricks could help you and your partner survive the Forest Temple in one piece.

1. Just As A Reminder – Nobody Should Walk On The Green Mud

Fireboy, being made out of fire, can walk on the lakes made out of lava and not get burned. Watergirl, on the other hand, can only walk through the water lakes. And neither of you can walk through the green lake, as that contains the green mud that can kill both characters. Remember, if one dies, then both of you die!

2. How To Choose Another Partner Or Stick To The Old One

Let’s face it – sometimes, you may encounter a player who’s just too inept to help you, as you often end up dying due to their mistakes. Simply go to the main menu by hitting the button, and restart the level – the game’s matchmaking system will find someone else.

Then again, you and your partner may have the makings of a formidable duo, and you may want to team up again. Just hit the restart button, and you’ll go through another run, provided the other person hits Restart as well.

3. How To Deal With Switches

One thing you and your partner have to be on the lookout for is switches. These switches can open doors that you’ll need to pass through if you want to escape, and that’s where co-op will work again – you, for instance, may stand on the switch to open the door, while your partner may run through that door. Or vice versa.

4. Your Internet Connection Should Be Solid

Remember that both you and your partner have to be online. This means you need a solid Internet connection or better, and this may require closing the game and reopening it. You don’t want to be the cause of so many failures in this game just because the connection in your area is too dodgy, right?

So these would be our quick tips and tricks for DAPPS’ new game, Fireboy and Watergirl in the Forest Temple Online. Do you have other hints for the game, that we haven’t included in this guide? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know!