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Metal Shooter Tips, Cheats & Guide to Defeat Your Enemies

Nothing quenches a gamer’s thirst for action like a classic arcade side-scrolling shooter game. Available on iOS, Metal Shooter lets you experience fast-paced, old school 2D mayhem the way it’s meant to be. Just pick your character and your weapon, and you are all set to conquer level after level. Eliminate your enemies and spend hours of fun when you use our list of Metal Shooter tips, tricks and cheats.

1. Make It Rain Bullets

With an unlimited supply of ammo and the game’s auto-fire feature, no one can doubt your ability to make it rain. Take advantage of auto-fire so you can continuously blast your enemies to kingdom come while still focusing on your jumping and dodging. All is fair in war so use everything you can to get the upper hand!

2. Only Fools Rush In

The secret to a long life is not dying. The stage won’t get completed any faster if you rush ahead of the screen. It can, however, end sooner with you dying. Always stay behind the screen so you can clearly see all incoming attacks. Take your time and keep your eyes peeled for enemy projectiles. Maintaining a good pace gives you enough time to react which will save your life more than once in this game.

3. Know Your Enemy

Different bosses have different behaviors so watch them closely in order to survive their attacks. You can choose to play it safe by hitting them a bit then running back to a safe spot. Or you can choose the more daring approach which is to take the boss head on and dodging attacks in real time. The second approach can help you complete the stage quicker but it can also get you killed just as quickly. Gauge your skill level and pick your strategy accordingly.

4. Use Better Weapons

You start out with your basic weapon but you can pick up different weapons throughout the stages. Keep an eye out for these as they can drop any time. Once you have one that you like, you can just ignore the other drops. Weapon characteristics vary. Some have stronger firepower while others have spread shots. Choose a weapon that works with your strategy and stick to it. Don’t bother picking something if you are already happy with what you are using. Chasing after drops can sometimes get you killed if you aren’t paying attention.

5. Switching Between Characters

The game allows you to unlock additional characters later on. Different characters have different characteristics and weapons. This adds a bit of variability to the gameplay and it is up to you to choose which character fits your playstyle the best. You can only use one character at a time but you are free to switch between characters before a stage. Aim to unlock all the characters then try them all out to see which one you like best. You can also challenge yourself and try to complete each stage with each character.

Spend countless hours wiping out your enemies, all in the name of fun! Use our Metal Shooter unbeatable strategy guide to ensure your victory!