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Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Levels

Sugar, spice and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. This intro must ring some bells and even generate screams of excitement from your kids who watch this ageless cartoon along with you. Yes! We are talking about the classic Powerpuff Girls which was one of the most popular cartoons in the history of cartoon network and this watched by millions cartoon now has a game for you and your kids to enjoy at your fingertips. Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls has been developed and released by the official app development house of Cartoon Network itself. The game is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store. The game is a product from the official Cartoon Network so you will not have to worry about any bugs or gameplay issues since it has a dedicated and professional development team constantly working at the back end. The game name itself (Glitch Fixers) should be enough to placate any concerns that might be forming in your mind. This game packs very eye catching graphics and highly developed character animations bundled with an up tempo music into a handy package size of only 273 MB.

Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls is based upon an episode of the Powerpuff Girls which aired on Cartoon Network and showed a major glitch that had manifested itself into the town administration system. This error in the system was causing all sorts of problems for Townsville and everything from traffic signals to banks were going completely haywire. The Powerpuff Girls get to know about this and upon investigating the matter they find out that the glitches are actually being caused by inter dimensional monsters which had teamed up in order to create chaos in Townsville and destroy the system of the city from within.

Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls expands upon the original storyline of this episode and introduces new familiar monsters from other Powerpuff Girls episodes as well as a mix of new super weapons not shown in the original cartoon series. This allows the game to capture the interest of old viewers who have already watched the episode and the special effects on each level guarantee that once you start playing this game you will not be able to put your smartphone down for hours on end. Another great benefit for introducing this game to your kids is the programming aspect used in the gameplay. Each level requires a certain number of steps which you cannot exceed and thus you have to plan your entire route step by step like programmers do when writing a computer program. Therefore it is an excellent game to diagnose whether your kids are interested in programming and to plan ahead of time for their future if you find they have an aptitude for coding.

This game has a very defined and smooth learning curve but be aware that the levels get progressively harder as you move to the higher levels. You will find monsters which you can defeat with a single punch at the earlier levels up to level 5 but after that you will have to chain your fighting steps into two or three steps depending upon the size and health of the monster in order to defeat it. Therefore planning and strategy is a core skill that you need to master in order to be successful in Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls. This is the part where this guide can help you master these skills and overcome the apparent hurdles to your strategies on different levels. Every level has its own requirements and you will need to plan out differently for every scenario so read on to find out the best general tips which will help you no matter what the situation and you can finally save the day!

1. Planning Out Your Steps

Planning and strategy at the start of a level is the most critical factor which will determine whether you are able to succeed on the level or not. Each level in Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls has a different steps requirement that you must follow and stay within that limit in order to earn a successfully completed stage. This step number is indicated at the top right corner of your screen in bright pink color it is very easy to keep track of if given due importance. When you begin the level you will have zero steps taken and the total number of steps you are limited to will be displayed as (0/34) for example. The stage in Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls is divided into easily visible boxes and each movement on a box constitutes one step taken by your character.

Therefore if you have to defeat a monster which is standing at a distance of 4 boxes away from you, you will have to take 4 steps in its direction. In addition, you will have to indicate the step for fighting the monster shown as a punch button after you have finalized your movement steps for the move. When you press the large play button shown in red, your movement sequence will start with one step being counted towards initiating the movement sequence and the other 3 steps that your character will take to reach on the box just before the monster. When your character has reached the box just before the one where the monster is standing, the fighting sequence will be initiated and your character will use punches and kicks to kill the monster. This will complete the entire step sequence if there is only one monster to be defeated on the level.

A multiple movement and fighting sequence chain must be created if there are numerous monsters on a level that you must defeat. You need to be aware of the fact that this process will need you to plan out your steps very efficiently otherwise you run the risk of exceeding the indicated limited of steps for the level. Remember that initiating a movement sequence will cost you a step as well so let’s say you decide to split your sequences into two chains for a step limit of 28 which is quite common during the levels after level 7. Each of your sequences contains 14 steps so that would equal a total of 28 steps for the entire level but initiating a sequence also costs 1 step therefore you would be exceeding the indicated limit of steps by 2 steps. Thus for this level you will need to plan out one long sequence chain only which will enable you to defeat all the monsters on the level as well as ensure that you stay within the prescribed step limit for the level. This particular feature of the game introduces young kids to the wonderful and complex world of programming and they get to experience a small taste of the difficulties that programmers have to overcome in order to create a functional program which we so easily take for granted.

In a reverse case scenario if you have more steps available than would be needed to successfully progress through a level, you can break down your combos into two or three separate sequences and initiate them individually to save yourself the hassle of complex planning. However do keep in mind that the overall number of steps that you took is a major factor in counting the overall score that you earn after successfully completing a level so if you are conscious about your end score you should still go for a longer sequence.

2. Finding The Sweet Spot

Just like with any other strategy planning game, Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls also gives out maximum rewards to players when an optimum pattern of movements is followed during a level. The sweet spot of any level can be achieved by balancing your planning and execution of the sequences in such a way that you do not take too much time to plan out before you act and once you initiate the sequence, you are able to complete it using the least possible number of steps. The game confuses you by displaying no dedicated timer for you to make a move but you can see your character (blossom, buttercup or bubbles) being irritated as you take more and more time to think. If you take too long, they will get angry at you for not doing anything since it is an emergency situation for the citizens of Townsville and your entire planned sequence will be reset to the beginning. You do not lose any score at the end if this happens but you will have to enter all the steps you had already planned out again from the beginning. This will not only lead to frustration on your part but also be a source of annoyance especially if your kids are playing the game.

In order to avoid being trapped into a continuous cycle of planning steps and taking too much time to confirm leading to a reset, you should always divide your planning into stages. Think of it like mini stages within a level. For example if you have 5 monsters to defeat on a stage and they are divided into two and three per floor, you should plan out your moves for the first set of monsters, enter these moves into the program sequence at the bottom of the screen and then move on to the next set of monsters on the level. This will not only enable you to keep track of all the moves that you are making and whether they are the most optimum set of moves, it will also ensure that your character does not stay inactive for too long which could lead to a move reset occurring. This sweet spot of planning and execution is by no means easy to achieve but the rewards are very high if you are willing to invest a small amount of your time into practicing for the best movement sequences that would take the least time to execute.

In stages with monsters scattered on multiple floors you will be required to make use of an elevator to travel to higher or lower places. This introduces another element that you must take care of while planning your sequences for the particular level. This is because the elevators are usually made up of two to three box units and this means that your steps on these units will be counted as well as the steps that you will have to take in the direction you have to go after the elevator has gone up or down. The best way to go about this is not just randomly assign the programming sequence whenever you see an elevator but to carefully evaluate all the possible options that are available to you.

You must select the option that allows you to kill all monsters on the level while undertaking the smallest number of steps. One way to do this is to make sure that you get off from the elevator just for the number of box units that complete the destruction of the monster and then climb onto the absolute edge of the elevator instead of in the center to save you the maximum possible number of steps. This strategy can only be applied if you have a clear idea of how many moves it will take for you to destroy a monster and then come back to the edge of the elevator in order to resume your journey upward or downward. On the levels where a single elevator is provided this tip becomes all the more important as you will not be able to progress further once the maximum limit of steps for that level is reached. So avoid being stranded in midair and plan out ahead to save yourself time and trouble of repeating your steps.

3. Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls enables you to play as blossom, buttercup or bubbles and just like in the cartoon series, each of the girls has their own special abilities and weapons that are made available to you as you advance to the higher levels of the game. In addition, you can equip super powerful weapons that can help you destroy huge monsters with just one hit but remember that even the most destructive weapons that you obtain can pale in comparison to the difficulty of monsters at the final four levels. Each weapon provided to you at the start of the level comes with its own limitations and the number of times that you can use it to kill monsters. You have to keep track of this limiting number and save the weapons for the really tough monsters on the level rather than wasting them on the easy ones and ending up getting hurt by the big ones.

The super Whacker is the first weapon of mass destruction made available to you in the game and you can use six of these to whack your enemies into oblivion. Since the level only has three monsters, you do not have to worry about saving any since none of the weapons from any level carry to the next and you will start afresh with new weapons and monsters. Having said that, it is a good idea to start learning to save whenever you can and at earlier levels rather than being overwhelmed at the later stages when there are many monsters and you do not have any prior experience of which monsters you can deal with without using the weapons.

It might be foolish to let all your super weapons go unused on a level but experimenting with the easy monsters will allow you to determine how many weapons you can sacrifice using at the higher levels. The wisdom of this tip truly begins to manifest itself when you reach the higher boss levels and it becomes almost impossible for you to overcome the sheer number of monsters without using up all your super weapons. Therefore practice earlier and you shall reap huge rewards when the time comes to make difficult decisions.

In addition to super weapons and their own unique super powers, the Powerpuff Girls are also provided special perks like dinosaurs and dragons to ride upon during the higher levels of the game. This feature has been implemented into the game to especially appeal to kids and make life a bit easier for them. While riding on a dinosaur you will be able to fly to monsters on different floors rather than using the elevators and this will greatly reduce the number of steps it would normally take you to defeat all the monsters on a level. When controlling a dragon you can also defeat monsters on the go using the fire breathing ability which saves you from using the super weapons early on before the boss comes. So hop on your dinosaur and rid Townsville of the menace in Glitch Fixers – The Powerpuff Girls!