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Merged! Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a Super High Score

GramGames, the maker of earlier mobile hit 1010!, has a new casual puzzler for Android and iOS devices, which is called Merged! Yes, there really is an exclamation mark at the end of the game’s title, and it offers block-merging puzzle fun prepared just for you. Basically, you’ll have to merge blocks to get higher blocks, matching three blocks with the same number and color in order for them to merge them in different directions. And while this might seem easy in concept, there are challenges along the way, such as limited space to operate in, “tricky” merges, and “totally random” blocks appearing.

The game will throw many an out-of-the-box situation your way, and your mettle will truly be tested at various points in the game. How do you deal with these surprises, or better yet, how do you get started if you’ve just downloaded the game on your device? Read our collection of Merged! tips and tricks for assistance – these are mainly for beginner players looking for a way to get the hang of things early on.

1. The Most Basic Of The Basic – How Does Merging Work?

It’s actually quite simple. You can place either one or two blocks down per turn, depending on the tiles you currently have. When you put three blocks together, the last one you had placed down will become the next block up. That’s going to be the case from 1 to 6, and once you’ve reached 6, these will all turn into the M block.

2. Play Three ‘M’ Tiles Whenever You Can

When you merge, or play three M blocks, they can take out a 3 x 3 portion of the game board, removing all the tiles in that square area. That gives you more screen “real estate,” so to say, and if you can keep merging multiple M tiles, you can keep the game going on and on and scoring higher and higher as you free up more of the board and have a freer space to merge around in.

3. Spend Your Coins On Trash Cans

This sounds like a rather weird tip, but one key feature of the game is the ability to buy power-ups with your coins. You’ll earn coins as you go along in the game, and you should definitely spend them on the trash can power-up. Tapping on a trash can, which will cost you 250 coins per pop, lets you swap your current block with a new ne.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Double Your Coins

Once you complete a level of Merged!, you will be prompted and asked if you want to double your coins – this only applies if you’re playing online. Say yes and you’ll get to watch an ad video, doubling your coins the moment the video is completed.

5. A Simple Way To Game The System

Want to score even more than you did last time? Meaning much more? Try playing several games without coins, allowing you to collect coins and save them up. Choose a game for you to use all your power-ups; this would normally be the one where you’ve done the best without using any coins. Play that game and use your power-ups, and you may find yourself going much farther than you ever did before.

That’s all for now, as far as our Merged! tips and tricks are concerned. We will updated this guide as soon as we collect more hints for the game, so be sure to check back!


Thursday 3rd of June 2021

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