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Mega Man X Dive (Rockman X Dive) Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Gain More Power and Ace All Levels

Mega Man X Dive or Rockman X Dive in some regions, is Capcom’s latest installment in one of their most popular and longest-running franchises. As a side-scrolling action game that stays as true to the series genre as possible, Mega Man X Dive is a guaranteed treat for fans of the titular hero, as well as the host of characters that, for the first time in the history of the franchise, will become playable characters.

Mega Man X Dive may have only been officially out on Android and iOS for less than a month but has already secured respectable spots in top ten lists of new games. Even for non-hardcore fans of Capcom’s iconic Blue Bomber, Mega Man X Dive is definitely a must-try for every action, platforming, and RPG lovers who are up to test their strategic prowess and reaction time speeds.

Though set outside of the series’ main storyline, Mega Man X Dive takes you back to dive into the digital world of Deep Log to re-establish your role as a Maverick Hunter and restore order to Deep Log by eliminating irregular data and stopping the cause of the enigmatic error. As the game data of Deep Log has malfunctioned, anomalies that impact the characters, weapons, and levels have caused it to become unstable. Every bit of progress you make and every amount of data recovered helps set you up to become stronger for the next challenges. While power dictates the relative difficulty of every challenge ahead of you, strategy and skill can also carry you through more demanding challenges.

mega man x dive strategies

Mega Man X Dive does offer plenty of unique mechanics that are totally new to fans of the series as well as experienced mobile gamers. While the platforming and precision skill requirements are just about the same, including jumping, dashing, shooting, and mixing all these 3 out, there are certain elements like special abilities, weapon switches, and auto targeting that takes some adjusting to. As far as the additional features and content are concerned, the tutorial sessions are very helpful in providing basic information on every new item you unlock or discover.

The game is still easy to pick up and play but the increasing power level requirements of succeeding levels can serve as a hindering mechanic that pushes for some grinding. If you are looking for a more efficient way to raise your power and ace all the levels, then you are in luck, as our detailed Mega Man X Dive beginner’s guide comes with loads of useful tips, cheats and strategies, so you can dominate Deep Log.

1. Go For Rerolling To Get A Top Tier Character

One of Mega Man X Dive most exciting aspects especially for fans of the series comes with its huge roster of playable characters to collect, upgrade, and customize to your taste. As the game employs the gacha method of obtaining new characters and weapons, luck plays an important factor as to which ones you will get and when. While it is manageable to play with any character in the game, there are tiers or grades that determine the characters’ overall strength. As such, banking an S-rank character early on will make it relatively easier for you to progress especially in the early part of your adventure.

how to reroll in mega man x dive

One thing to consider as well when it comes to rerolling is that ignoring it and continuing on with whichever characters you obtain may not yield the best results in the long run. At some stage, you may shift focus on a higher grade character once you secure them and will have to invest some time and resources again. On the other hand, banking a high grade unit at the start of the game gives you a higher sense of comfort and confidence that every bit of resource you invest on that character will not be a wasted investment.

Before we even go the process of rerolling, it is important that you choose to play as guest in the game and avoid linking your game to any social features available. Linking your account locks you in with whichever heroes and gears you obtain from the gacha and the same will be maintained even after clearing the game’s data and cache.

The first opportunity for you to move freely across the game’s features is after finishing the second stage. At that point, you should check your mail for in-game rewards, which should net you enough Element Metals to purchase 10x capsule summons twice. The Capsule icon on the main screen holds several banners for you to use your 2,000 Element Metals and try your lick on securing an S-rank character. There is only a 3% chance of securing an S tier character so do not feel bad if you fail to chance upon one in your gacha rolls.

Black Zero, First Armor X, and Cinnamon are the S-rank characters you can obtain from the original banner. While it takes an otherworldly level of luck to bank 2 S-rank characters in 2 10x draws, it is still possible. Likewise, not getting an S rank hero is always the higher probability so if you do fail to nab even one top-tier hero, you can quit the game at this point, go to your device’s settings, find the Mega Man X Dive app nd delete game data and cache.

Naturally, when you open the game again, you will have to download additional data. You will also need to clear stages 1-1 and a-2 again. Keep in mind, though, that you can skip stage 1-1 to speed things up. Try as many times as you want to get a good set of starting characters and once you are satisfied with your starting gacha pulls, then feel free to link you account to hold on to it.

2. Adjust The Control Settings

While every developer aims to provide the best possible control features and layout for every player, it is undeniable that what is best for one person may not hold the same viability to the next one. In essence, Mega Man X Dive has a neat control functionality given the layout and connecting functions it can execute with a slide of the touch. It does take some time getting used to as the overall skills and functionalities the game has is not like in any action game.

mega man x dive control settings

Just the same, and regardless of how experienced you are with Mega Man games and action games alike, visiting the control settings and tinkering with it to your preferences will serve you well before you dive further into your adventure. Once you are able to freely venture anywhere from the game’s main page, be sure to tap on the gear icon at the upper right corner.

As a side note, you can lower the graphics settings of the game if your device is lagging a bit in some aspects. What we are here for, however, goes two tabs down to the game settings and the control configurations. There are 4 distinct default layouts to choose from and a slider is available on the upper left side of the page that you can adjust to enlarge or shrink each button. Take note that you can manually drag each button to your liking as well. If you are happy with what you have come up with, remember to save, else tap on the default button to revert everything to how it originally was.

3. Prioritize Progress In The Story Mode

As the base game mode in the game, the initial levels of Mega Man X Dive’s story mode serves as your introduction to your new adventure. This serves as the most basic mode where you can master the basic moves and skills of your characters as you prepare for the bigger challenges. As your primary source of experience points and basic resources, it is important to push through with the game’s main story and reach new levels. Levels will be key to unlocking new features and game modes and also serve as the determining factor as to how many upgrades can be done to your weapons and skills.

mega man x dive story mode

The story mode is divided into locations with each one further diced down into 6 stages. The sixth and final stage of each location is a boss battle, made evident by the looming icon atop of it. Take note that while completing the current stage is sufficient enough to let you dive into the next one, there are conditions to meet for you to secure a 3-star rating. Likewise, each stage has a recommended power level that you need to pay attention to as well.

As far as star ratings go, it is practically the same 3 conditions across most story stages. Finishing the stage, doing so within 300 seconds, and having more than 30% HP at the end of it all earn you stars. Clearing a stage with the maximum rating earns you the ability to Skip Dive into it, which is a convenient method of instantly finish a level to earn its rewards outright.

Likewise, each location grants additional rewards based on the number of stars you have earned. You do not need to push for a 3-star rating on your first go. You can always hop back and dive into a previously conquered level to go for a better performance and a higher rating. You can open chests at the lower right side of the location screen for every 6 stars you earn so at some point you will have to earn all 18 stars for the top rewards.

With regard to recommended power ratings, you can still proceed with the level even if the recommended power is higher than what you have. Just know that doing so will mean that even regular opponents will be harder to eliminate, you will take in more damage, or both. On this note, Mega Man and Mega Man X games are known to be beatable without taking hits, so do not be intimidated by mere power level gaps. If despite skill and confidence, you are unable to complete the current level, then it is time to venture through the other game modes or start farming on the previously completed levels.

Progressing through the game’s story mode will not be as straightforward like in most other games. In Mega Man X Dive, you will be shifting from normal mode and hard mode systematically as progress in normal mode will occasionally require prior completion of some hard mode levels and vice versa. If you are an avid fan of the series and have played a lot of Mega Man games before, then you should know that repetition of levels and memorizing to perform even better is a normal part of the fun factor that the game has.

4. Spend Time To Test Each Hero And Weapon

Although we do encourage rerolling to start off your adventure with at least one S-tier character, we do not, in anyway, discount the idea that some lower tier heroes may be more apt to your taste. As you make progress through the game and earn more heroes via the gacha, you will most certainly have several characters in your roster that you can play as in any mode. Likewise, and especially with each hero able to hold 2 weapons at the same time, there are numerous possible combinations to have as you dive deeper into the world of Deep Log.

mega man x dive character

Each hero has 2 distinct skills that can be further enhanced and customized. In addition, some weapon sets are more suitable to some than others to compensate for whatever the hero seems to be lacking. With different strengths, limitations, effects, range, and even ammo count, testing each one out, preferably on the earlier levels should give you a much better idea of what to focus your resources on when the time comes.

While it is true that higher tier characters and weapons have statistically higher power levels than their lower grade counterparts, logic makes it so that even lower tier units and weapons can surpass them. This is because some upgrade options rely on having extra shards of the character or weapon and given that the higher the grade, the lower the chances of obtaining them, you are more likely going to be able to fully upgrade lower tier weapons first.

On top of going through this process of getting to know each character and weapon better to help you narrow down to the ones you will prioritize in terms of enhancing, there is a proficiency feature in the game that relates to earning proficiency points for using the weapon can lead to its upgrade a lot faster. As such, it would help strengthen your preferred weapons first if you will use them more often in battles.

5. Increase Your Total Power Any Way You Can

Going beyond focusing on one character and one of each weapon, one of the continuous objectives you will have in Mega Man X Dive is having to raise your total power to be able to take on the ever-increasing difficulty of the challenges ahead. On the positive side, your account level applies to each character consecutively so there is one levelling up one character at a time just to catch up especially on newly-acquired ones.

When it comes to strengthening heroes, the first enhancement option comes tin the form of skill upgrades. You need skill points and zenny to upgrade skills. Active skills enhancements can also be boosted further with skill cards that become unlocked following a star rank up of the character. Passive skills, on the other hand, are dependent on star grades as well but also require you to gather the necessary materials to unlock each one.

how to increase power in mega man x dive

Ranking up a hero, or raising its star level, has immediate effects to the heroes overall stats and also boosts some of the character’s traits. Beyond that, ranking up also paves the way for more skill enhancements to be activated. As much as ranking up does boost a hero’s efficiency a lot, it is much harder to pull given that the main requisite for doing so is collecting extra shards of the hero. Again, this is where an S-class hero can potentially be overtaken by lower grade ones given the probabilities relative to acquiring shards for each one. As such, do not dismiss considering investment on a lower grade hero especially if you are happy with that hero’s skill sets.

As far as weapons are concerned, there is good reason to choose the best primary and sub weapons to invest your resources on as early as you can as you may not have enough of these resources to fully invest on more weapons. To start off, weapons need to be levelled up and each one’s level cap is based on your account level. You need weapon experience programs and zenny to level weapons up and on the weapon page, you can simply choose the quick level up button and expend the weapon experience programs available to conveniently max out your weapon of choice.

Upgrading weapons is a customization area in a way as it allows you to choose which particular stat you should prioritize the upgrade on. Proficiency increases by usage but there are also proficient cards you can consume to add to a weapon’s proficiency. You may want to budget these between your 2 main weapons and carefully consider which stats to work on before upgrading anything.

Like characters, weapons can also be ranked up provided that you have extra shards of the weapon in question. Each new star grade reached boosts overall power as well as one of the weapon’s base stats.

Each weapon has skills that can be enhanced as well and requires various materials to be inititiated. If you are missing the needed materials, you can always tap on the “+” button and the acquisition method to see the list of stages or areas where you can farm the items from.

Lastly, but one of the most exciting parts, weapons can be equipped with boss chips for an added stat boost as well as a boss enemy’s ability. Like the weapon itself, the chip can also be levelled up, ranked up, and analyzed to increase its power.

You will be toured across all these enhancement menthods within the tutorial but in case you miss some of them, the fastest way to keep track is by clicking on your total power on the right side of your hero in the main screen. This will take you to the Power Guidance screen that rates your overall strength in each of these areas. If you have a low rating on one area, be sure to tap on it to visit the menu where you can do some upgrades to boost your overall power.

6. Expend Daily Attempts In Other Game Modes

The main story in Mega Man X Dive is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. While latter stages within it will provide you with various challenges, the additional game modes introduce unique elements that add more fun and excitement to the game as well as provide means for you to obtain extra resources that are difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else. As such, you should make it a point to expend any and all attempts to partake in each one of them as they become available.

mega man x dive game modes

The Battle Mode serves as the PvP arena in Mega Man X Dive. Fortunately, there is a practice mode that you can spend time on to hone your skills and familiarize yourself with the game mode’s mechanics. Once you are ready for the real deal, you can engage in rank matches for various rewards that you can earn based on your overall rank.

The Challenge Mode takes you to a boss battle mode set up much like main story stages with clearance conditions and recommended power levels. Most bosses are locked behind level requirements as well and the higher your level, the more bosses you can challenge. Various rewards that include weapon shards are up for grabs so be sure to try as much as you can to beat as many of the unlocked bosses you can battle in this game mode.

On top of weapons, you can also equip your character with various armor that can be crafted via the repository. In addition, some of these, as well as the needed materials, can be obtained through the Co-op Mode. In addition to the perks you can earn from each dive into it, it is a lot of fun to take on the enemies with a companion by your side.

7. Accomplish Daily Missions And Achievements

Every battle you engage in as you dive into the digital world of Mega Man X Dive grants you immediate rewards. While accomplishing 3-star grades in some levels earn you extra rewards, more can be earned via the missions feature of the game. These extra rewards can either be earned through accomplishing daily missions or reaching certain achievement milestones.

mega man x dive daily missions and achievements

As the name suggests, daily missions are objectives you need to accomplish within the day. These objectives typically coincide with the usual activities you engage in as you go on your adventure. On top of the outright rewards you can earn for satisfying each objective, more can be earned based on the overall activity points you earn. Make it a habit to keep track of these and let it serve as a guide for you to not miss out on anything. Securing 100 points each day is highly recommended as the top reward comes with Element Metals.

Achievements, on the other hand offer one-time reward per milestone met. Oftentimes, reaching a goal unlocks a higher tier goal for you to aim for as you continue to make progress in the game. Do note that achievements are divided across five separate tabs or groups, so remember to check each one of them and claim your rewards respectively. Achievements are likewise a great source of free Element Metals, so aiming to accomplish new feats, especially those that can easily be completed is highly recommended.

8. Utilize Your Research Lab

One unique feature of Mega Man X Dive comes with your ability to create your own shards and not exclusively rely on the luck of draw from the capsule. Through the Lab, which you can access via its icon on the lower right area of the home screen, you can combine certain materials to initiate research for the shards that you need, amongst other things. Once you are no longer able to progress through a level, you should look into the lab and check for the materials you need for a research that you want to conduct. Feel free to spend some extra energy in farming for the needed materials.

mega man x dive research lab

As research takes time, you can expand your research grid so researches can be done simultaneously if you need them to. Do note that only the first expansion can be purchased with zenny and the next one will require payment if Element Metal.

Relative to this, there are free researches that can earn you free energy at specific times within the day, and a weapon supply box once per day. Be sure to visit the lab at the stated times as anything free is good and helpful towards your progress in the game.

That sums up all the tips and strategies we have for Mega Man X Dive. We hope that you picked up a lot of helpful points in addition to clearing up some details you may have missed within the game’s tutorial session. If you have played the game well enough to discover some tips or tricks in addition to what we have laid out, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us!