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Mega Drift Cheats & Tips: 6 Tricks to Become the King of Drift

Mega Drift is a new racing game from Chillingo that, as of the moment, is only available for the iPhone and iPad. As the title suggests, it is indeed all about drifting; in terms of mechanics, the game has a very strong arcade element to it, and the controls are very simple. All you need to do is tap and hold to begin your drift. You can drift on a wide variety of cars, may they be muscle cars, buggies, trucks, or whatever is available to you. Further, you can also upgrade these vehicles as you go from strength to strength and complete more missions. So now that you know the deal with game, here are some useful Mega Drift cheats, tips and tricks for better drifting and more accomplished missions.

1. Watch Out For The Sparks

From the very moment you begin the game’s tutorial, Mega Drift will tell you that you have to watch for the sparks emerging from your car’s muffler. This is very important, as you have to anticipate when they’ll be about to emerge; you won’t be drifting too well if you tap right at the moment you see the sparks. In other words, you want to tap on your display right before the sparks come out. It’s going to take a bit of practice, but we can’t understate how important this is.

2. Know When To Stop Drifting

It’s one thing to know when the sparks appear, but another thing to follow through on your drift by pulling out at the right time. If you let go of your finger too early, you won’t get a speed boost due to the awkward position of your car, and if you let go too late, you’ll be damaging your car as it comes in contact with the wall. Again, practice makes perfect here as you pull out of the drift right when your car is almost aligned with the road.

3. Tilt Your Device To Get More Coins

At some point in the game, there will be coins located on the side of the road. Simply tilt your device so you can direct your car toward them and grab the coins.

4. Be Careful Of Road Hazards

This isn’t your average real-life drifting competition – there are levels where you’ll have to be wary of random obstacles! Just keep your eye on those hazards, such as holes on the road, and you’ll be fine.

5. Upgrade Your Cars

It’s really tempting to buy new cars, but in most cases, you’ll save more money by upgrading the cars you started the game with. Once upgraded, your old cars will have faster top speeds, improved drift boosts, and be sturdier than the ones you unlock later on in the game.

6. Complete Missions To Earn A Lot Of Coins

Tap the button next to the start button so you can check your missions per level. Completing them will earn you a generous amount of coins, so keep your mission goals in mind at all times.