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Kingdom Rush Origins Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Kingdom Rush Origins is the third game in Ironhide Game Studio’s ongoing Kingdom Rush series, and we don’t need to tell you that this series is one of the better-known franchises in mobile gaming. As you may have guessed, this is a prequel of sorts, as you go back to the “beginning,” before the evil Vez’nan had started cooking up his reign of terror. You will be tasked to command your elven army and defend mystical lands from sea serpents, evil sorcerers, and wave after wave of gholl tribesman, with new heroes, spells, and towers to make use of. Having said that, let’s bring you some Kingdom Rush Origins cheats, tips and strategies to help you figure out this exciting prequel.

1. Take Down Hordes Before Things Get Really Hairy

There will be times when enemy troops will charge at you in large hordes. This could get really out of control if you aren’t careful, so you have to act quickly and take out these hordes early before trouble really starts a-brewing. This can be done by using your special abilities and your reinforcement troops’ skills to quickly cut the hordes down to size. As a bonus tip, spawn additional troops on the map while waiting for new packs to emerge.

2. Place More Archer Towers When You’re Starting Out

When you’re just starting out in Kingdom Rush Origins, it’s a good move to place more archer towers than barrack towers. Of course, it also makes sense to have an equal amount of each, but if you’ve got more archer towers, you’ve got a better defense against the bad guys.

3. Create Stone Druid Towers And Mage Towers Later On

Keep on with what we told you above – have a good number of archer towers, but complement them with stone druid towers and mage towers. At this point, you should be perfectly fine with only one or two barracks towers, but it’s the archer, mage, and stone druid towers you want to have enough of during the later goings.

4. Use Choke Points Wisely

Some gaming blogs have mentioned choke points as the best places for you to work against your enemies. These are points on the map where the enemy is most likely to move towards you. Once you’ve figured out where the choke points are, place two melee or archer towers in those places. As for positioning, place the towers together for best results.

5. Place Your Best Towers And Heroes Near The End Of The Map

Your most-upgraded towers must be stationed toward the end of the level map, but why? Consider that your enemies will likely be weaker, and could easily be finished off by strong towers. This also works for positioning your best heroes, though arguably not as well as the upgraded tower strategy.

6. Save Special Abilities For Dealing With Big Groups Of Enemies

This goes back to the first tip we told you about, but special abilities are best used when you’ve got large packs of foes to deal with.