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Meek Mill Presents Bike Life Tips, Cheats & Guide to Get a High Score

Meek Mill Presents Bike Life is the fruit of a collaboration between IM3 Gaming Studios and hip-hop artist Meek Mill, and it’s one of the newer entries in the “endless” genre. This is an endless biking game that takes things to the extreme. As you perform tricks, you can gather more coins, but then again you’ll also have to keep your guard up for policemen who will try to catch you whenever they can.

As the main goal here is usually to top your own high score, we’ve come up with some Meek Mill Presents Bike Life tips, cheats and tricks that could help you trump what used to be your best-ever score.

1. Keep On Swiping Down For Wheelies

One of the simplest bike tricks you can pull off in real life (though it’s not like all bike riders can do it) is the wheelie – swipe down on your display to do this in the game. You’ve got a wheelie meter at the top left part of your display, and it will fill up as you avoid obstacles and keep swiping down quickly. Completing wheelies till the meter runs out will net you 100 coins, so practice your wheelie and do this trick often in order to get more in-game money for yourself.

2. Complete Your Three Missions

For each run, you’ll get three active missions – most of the time, they’d be very simple. You may be asked to jump over so many obstacles, gather so many coins, or reach other milestones. Completing a set of three missions will get you a score multiplier that’s good till the end of the game, and when you’ve got a multiplier, you know what to expect next – more coins!

3. Take Advantage Of The Power-Ups

Meek Mill’s Bike Life has its share of power-ups, and these include the all-useful golden bike. This would give you a serious speed boost, draw a lot of coins toward it, and more importantly, make you invisible. The golden headphones help you with obstacles by stopping cars that get in its way. As for the golden shoes, this gives you a slight speed boost, but no big-time speed or coin increases, and no invincibility.

4. Upgrade Your Power-Ups

You wouldn’t want to waste your money on new bikes or new characters – instead, you should use your coins on power-up upgrades, and that’s a far more reasonable deal than if you would go ahead and buy a new bike or character just because it’s better than what you have right now.

5. One More Trick – The Double Jump

We started out with a tip that can help you with your bike tricks, and we’re ending with something on a similar vein. Try as much as possible to execute a double jump during your runs; your initial jump would be so quick, so try your best to aim for a double jump in case the first one is not impressive.