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Medieval Fantasy Strategy Game ‘Empire: Age of Knights’ Now Available Worldwide

Fans of Goodgame Studios know the company for Empire: Four Kingdoms, a revolutionary strategy game that has garnered millions of downloads worldwide. Empire: Age of Knights is the latest entry to the Empire series and is now live on iOS and Android platforms. The game puts players in the shoes of a knight who has been tasked to defend the kingdom from invaders.

empire age of knights

Empire: Age of Knights is all about building up the defenses of the kingdom. Players must maintain, upgrade, and expand the kingdom’s territory. Raiding other players is a major part of the gameplay as it is a way to earn Valour. Of course, that does not mean there is no room for diplomacy. Players must still learn the value of forging alliances or they may end up surrounding themselves with enemies.

Those who do not want to play aggressively still have options in Empire: Age of Knights. Players can choose to become tradesmen and make themselves indispensable by taking control of resources in the market. Players may also spend plenty of time exploring the giant interactive world map and discover new locations. Hidden treasures may be acquired from these new locations, so the game also rewards adventurous players.

Empire: Age of Knights is now available worldwide and can be download from the App Store or Google Play. Those who wish to learn more about the game may follow Goodgame Studios’ Twitter page.