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Mayhem (iOS) Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Battle Your Way to Victory

Sometimes, the only way to unwind is to go crazy and embrace the chaos. The aptly named Mayhem, which is a battle arena shooter from Chobolabs, can help you do just that. Prepare yourself for the ultimate arena experience as you team up with two other players with the goal of crushing the opposing team. Available on iOS devices, the game is great for unleashing your inner madman. The mechanics are simple. Your team just needs to earn 100 points before the opposing team does. To accomplish that, you will need to choose a merc that compliments your play style. Then, you have to dress him up in the best gear available. You can choose from a variety of upgradable abilities and sentries. Gear will not be enough to ensure your victory, however. Make sure you read our Mayhem tips and tricks for winning more battles!

1. Pick The Right Skill

The character you choose can have up to four skills. Finding the right combination of skills is crucial to securing a victory. There are several skill categories, under which are even more options to choose from. It can be intimidating at first, but you should be able to pick the right skills through research and testing. Carefully read the descriptions of each skill. Don’t be afraid to experiment with them during battle. This is the only way for you to know which skills work well with your chosen merc and your play style.

For example, if you like the merc Rhino, there are several paths for you to take when picking skills for him. A lot of new players pick up Stim Rush for him since it gives him extra speed and health. However, once you test it out, you will discover that his default Explosive Rocket does a better job in keeping him alive in battles. Offense is the best defense, after all.

2. Collect The Daily Rewards

The game follows the mobile gaming trend of giving players an incentive to play on a daily basis. It gives daily rewards to players for each day that they log in. Make sure you take advantage of this by making time to log in every day, even if you don’t have time to play. Just go in and collect your reward. If you are able to log in for seven days in a row, you will be rewarded with two Epic cards. Of course, the random cards, money, and premium currency that you get on other days are great as well.

3. Look For An Active Clan

Joining a clan is another way for you to get the cards you need. You can request for specific cards that you need, allowing you to quickly build up your favorite mercs. Your clanmates will not hesitate to donate the cards you need because it will often happen that players have a lot of extra cards for mercs that they don’t use. This is why it is important to join an active clan with a lot of members. Feel free to hop from one clan to another until you find the perfect one.

Of course, make sure you also take time to donate your extra cards to your clanmates in need. Reciprocity and cooperation make the clan system work. If players just ask for cards without giving back in return, people would stop donating altogether.

4. Check The Cards In The Market

The market offers several cards for purchase. The selection changes on a daily basis, so make sure you always check what is available for the day. Some cards also go on sale from time to time. When they do, don’t just hoard random cards. Check first if the cards on sale can be used in your strategy before making any purchase. Of course, if the Epic cards go on sale, you might still want to grab the opportunity. If anything, you might be able to use it to trade for another Epic card with one of your clanmates. Don’t dismiss the Common cards, either. Some of them can be really useful despite the low rating. You won’t really know how useful a card is until you read the description, so make it a habit to do so.

5. When To Spend Crystals

Crystals are the Mayhem’s premium currency. You can spend it on several things in the game, however, you should only use it on one thing. Save up all the free Crystals you get until you have enough to buy a Giant Crate. The Awesome Crate gives you a guaranteed Epic card, but the Giant Crate gives you a great deal with 128 cards, eight of which are Rare.

Another thing you should consider before spending Crystals is your rank. Try to rank up as much as you can before opening crates. The chances of getting good cards increases as your rank goes up. If you can hold off on spending any Crystals until you are at a high rank, please do so. The chance of getting a lot of good cards is definitely worth the time you spend waiting.

6. Stick With Your Team

As with any team shooter game, going solo is as good as dying. Going off on your own increases the chances of getting ambushed by the enemy team. Once you allow yourself to get picked off, it will be an uphill battle for the rest of your team. Stick with your teammates to minimize the risk of fighting at a disadvantage. It also gives your team the edge if you come across an opponent who has been separated from his teammates.

7. Know Your Role

Each merc in the game has his own characteristics that determines his role. For example, Rhino is a chunky merc that can absorb a lot of damage. Follow the instinct of his namesake animal and charge into battle before your teammates. You should be the front liner of the team, soaking up the damage and keeping your opponents at bay. If your merc is a damage dealer, make sure you keep your distance and kill your opponents before they can take down your team’s tank.

8. Look For Healers

The point of the game is to race to 100 points, so time is of the essence. If you die, you will need to wait to respawn and spend time navigating the map until you get back to where you were before. Save time by keeping an eye out for activated healers. Get to them as soon as you can in order to heal up. Taking time to heal is a lot better than dying and waiting to respawn.

9. Use Your Sentries

At first, sentries might not seem all that useful. If you get into the habit of planting a lot of them in your enemy’s territory, you will realize how awesome they really are. Scatter as many sentries as you can in order to make the enemy team’s life a living hell. Your enemies will be too busy dodging and running to even pay attention to you.

10. Prioritize The Checkpoint

As you play Mayhem, you will notice a bunch of orbs scattered throughout. Picking them up will increase your damage output. However, you should only take time to collect them if there are no enemies nearby. Never leave your checkpoint unguarded just to pick up an orb. The game will be over before you can even put that orb to good use.

That’s all you need to know in order to secure your victory in Mayhem! Just follow the tips and tricks above, and you enemies won’t know what hit them!