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Masters of the Masks Cheats & Tricks: 5 Awesome Tips to Defeat the Mysterious Evil

Masters of the Masks by Square Enix is a new turn-based strategy game for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) that puts you in the fantasy world of Ivren, where the gods help the peoples of the land with sacred Masks. And it’s this group of masked warriors whose task it is to rid Ivren of a mysterious evil rising in the east. In this game, you’ll also get to fuse masks together to enhance your abilities, and find recipes to create new masks imbued with powerful skills. As we’ve given you a brief primer on the game, now we suggest you check out our Masters of the Masks cheats, tips and tricks before you head off to battle.

1. Master The Elemental System

Like many other mobile RPGs, Masters of the Masks has an elemental system you should keep in mind at all times. Fire beats Life, Life beats Stone, Stone beats Water, and Water beats Fire – it’s all that easy to remember. And if you’ve got your elemental hierarchy figured out, that should help you easily do more damage against the enemy. Just remember to look at the elemental icon on each level so you’ll know what type of enemies you’ll be facing.

2. Keep An Eye On The Enemy’s Red Bar

You’ll notice each unit on your display has a red bar next to them – this represents their action points. Once the bar is all filled up, that means it’s their turn to move. So with that in mind, you should look for the enemy whose action points bar is about to fill up. And if you’ve got a good skill advantage over those units, you may even end up completing a battle completely unscathed.

3. Focus On Creating Those Masks

Remember that the name of the game is Masters of the Masks. Yes, we understand – weapons and armor do matter, but at the end of the day, masks will be what you really need to focus on. Each mask you create gets an offensive or support skill – the former helps you do damage in battle, the latter rewards your team with buffs. Check the skills that you could possibly get before creating a mask (you can always re-roll), and feel free to fuse two masks to create a more powerful one if need be.

4. Strengthen Yourself By Grinding

Through the course of the game, the enemies you’ll be facing will have a greater skills advantage over you. That’s due to the fact that your characters are primarily strengthened by the equipment they use. And to craft new equipment, you need to have the right materials, which would make it necessary for you to grind it out, or replay previous levels. It’s all legal in this game, so replay levels as often as you need to.

5. Check Details During Battle

It’s easy to forget what each EX skill does, but if you’re stuck in battle with no way to check that information, you don’t need to fear. Tap and hold your finger on the character of your choice and you can get a brief explanation of what their respective EX skills mean.