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Massive Warfare: Aftermath Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Destroy Your Enemies

In the sea of multiplayer vehicle shooters available for smartphones Massive Warfare: Aftermath tries to differentiate itself by offering players one of the tree vehicle classes, each with its own set of positives and negatives. Instead of limiting yourself to just tanks, or choppers, you can pick between tanks, helicopters, and interestingly enough, hovercrafts. We didn’t really saw hovercrafts used in many other shooters and have to say that we really like the inclusion of this amphibious vehicle.

So yes, in Massive Warfare: Aftermath you can only embark on multiplayer matches without the option to play a single player campaign that will give you necessary knowledge about controlling different vehicles, or resources needed to upgrade your war machine before delving into battle against other people. Some may see this as the game’s shortcoming but we like the fact that Massive Warfare: Aftermath offers just simple, explosive multiplayer battles because that means the game is focused on a single goal of making these online battles as good as they possibly can be.

And that is seen as soon as you start your first online match. You’ll soon notice that all three vehicle types are competitive and that each of them can be used to dominate other players. Each vehicle has its set of unique negative sides but the thing is that if you use advantages to the max, those negative sides won’t be as significant as they can be. For instance, tanks can be troublesome because their humble speed but if you use them in a way that you try keeping the vehicle between mazes of buildings, always trying to elude other players, while locking a single opponent and firing at them from afar, your tank can be a proper killing machine, albeit a pretty slow one.

massive warfare aftermath guide

As we already mentioned the game comes just with multiplayer game mode and until you join an alliance you will be limited to deathmatch (free for all) mode and special game modes that appear from time to time. These are interesting because each one comes with a special goal that is more than just killing other people. For instance, the one active at the moment, Piñata, asks from players to collect gold that’s scattered across the map while at the same time trying to kill other players and avoid being destroyed themselves. These special events give the game a breath of variety needed for this kind of bare-bones multiplayer titles.

Now, Massive Warfare: Aftermath comes with about half a dozen maps and while most of them look alike, there are a couple of completely different battlefields that favor different tactics than most maps. While during most matches you try to stay between many buildings (most maps are designed as urban labyrinths with many buildings, tunnels, and tight passages) and avoid getting shot, there are a couple of maps that are almost completely devoid of buildings and that favor open environment warfare where players are having a pretty hard time hiding from others.

When it comes to visuals, Massive Warfare: Aftermath won’t receive any best-looking game award but the game looks pretty enough to not skip it because of unattractive visuals, and it also works quite well on our test device equipped with Snapdragon 835. We experienced zero stuttering and poor framerate meaning that the game has one of the most important features when it comes to multiplayer games – it provides excellent framerate and it doesn’t freezes or stutters, everything works maximally fluid.

Now that we showed you the game, explained its main features and talked a bit about visuals, let’s share tips and tricks we discovered by playing Massive Warfare: Aftermath for about a week. It’s worth noting that the game is a classic free-to-play title meaning that microtransactions stalk you at every corner but from our experience you don’t have to buy gold in order to stay competitive, at least in leagues we were part of (bronze, silver, and during the last couple of days, gold). Stay with us and find out how to excel in Massive Warfare: Aftermath and how to dominate its adrenaline-pumping multiplayer battles. With that said, you can read our detailed Massive Warfare: Aftermath tips, cheats and tricks in a complete strategy guide below.

1. Movement Is The Key

massive warfare aftermath tips

When we say this we don’t mean you must move around the map like your vehicle is equipped with a twin-turbo engine with a brick placed against the gas pedal. We mean that you shouldn’t just sit there and wait for other players to destroy your vehicle. But sometimes, sitting there is the best thing you can do. Let’s elaborate.

In closed maps (those filled with lots of buildings) the best thing is to locate your target, try destroying it and then go hide in some tight corridor for a few seconds – except if you locate healing powerup, then go for that – and then try finding another target. But if someone targets you then running away is the best tactic, especially running away by escaping inside the labyrinth of buildings when your opponent will have a hard time hitting you.

On open maps, you should move all of the time. On these maps slowing down will transform you in a sitting duck in a matter of seconds because everyone and their dog will notice you and move their cannons at your position. Here, the best tactic is shooting at enemies while moving and trying to not reveal your rear to anyone because getting a couple of critical hits (more about these later) will quickly leave a wreckage in the place where your vehicle was.

Now, when escaping from direct fire is pretty hard in Massive Warfare: Aftermath because aiming is pretty much automatic no matter which aim scheme you end up picking. But, there are a couple of things you can do in order to run away from enemies. Firstly, try cutting corners. This means try escaping by making sharp turns when near a building and trying to break the line of sight with your enemy. Next, you should just take the nearest cover and again try breaking line of sight.

And the third strategy is a bit illogical but we found it can be quite effective. Instead of running away from your enemy, just push the gas pedal and start advancing towards them and then just pass them and move away from them so they have to make a 180-degree turn in order to chase and shoot you. We noticed that most players simply give away from chasing us when we do this because making a quick 180 degree turn and then aiming at the escaping enemy is a pretty complex maneuver to pull off because controls are imprecise when trying to turn around quickly.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself To One Type Of Vehicle

massive warfare aftermath vehicles

Massive Warfare: Aftermath revolves around multiplayer battles between three vehicle types – tanks, helicopters, and hovercrafts. Tanks are powerhouses and they feature a slightly stronger attack, noticeable higher armor, and noticeable lower speed than other two vehicle types. They are great for players who don’t want to think about strategies and defense and just want to go head-on at their enemies without focusing on how to avoid damage.

Next, we have helicopters, that have one big advantage and that’s the fact they can well, fly. This gives them the best mobility, but that’s not the best thing about choppers. The best thing about them is the fact they can position themselves right above their opponents and since this game is based around different versions of auto-aim systems (even the manual aim control scheme is locking opponents) moving your gun right above you is impossible. This means that when you fly a chopper you can simply position your bird right above someone who’s shooting at you and prevent them from hitting you. This also means that you are also unable to shoot them but at least you have the upper hand and since helicopters are the fastest vehicles of them all, you can prevent opponents from moving away from you and succeeding in hitting you.

Aside from featuring an extremely strong defensive feature, helicopters are the fastest vehicle class and they come with the weakest armor. When it comes to attacking power, they are placed below tanks and are at the same level as hovercrafts.

And finally, we have hovercrafts. These amphibious vehicles are noticeably faster than tanks but lack in max speed compared to choppers. Their armor is weaker than tanks’ but a bit higher than what choppers have equipped. And finally, they are placed in the middle of the pack when it comes to attack power. Their unique ability is that they can cross water with full speed, which gives them an advantage compared to tanks. They are also the best vehicle when it comes to the quality of full package because they pack considerable max speed, feature powerful attack and don’t lack when it comes to armor.

You must choose one vehicle type at the start of the game but do not limit yourself just to that one vehicle type. You see, you will find two map types in Massive Warfare: Aftermath. The first type are labyrinthine maps that feature lots of buildings and not many clear spaces. Tanks are best for these maps because speed is of secondary importance there and what really matters is attack power. Also since they have the highest armor they are able to survive enemy pounding before they are able to break line of sight.

Now, the second map type is made of maps with huge clearances, where helicopters and hovercrafts prove to be better choices than tanks. Tanks are indeed powerful and they can take a beating but when placed in these open maps they are simply sitting ducks because they are unable to escape enemies because of their humble speed. So, get your main vehicle for free but also get the second vehicle (you should get a tank and either a helicopter and hovercraft) in order to have the most effective choice for both map types, at least during the early game. You see, starting vehicles are just 15 gold each so you will have enough resources to get two vehicle types.

And you should also pick two (or hell, even all tree) starting vehicles because you should try them all out before reaching the second rank when you get access to advanced vehicles that cost more. You should try them all because while starting vehicles are relatively cheap, second-tier vehicles are noticeably more expensive and you won’t be able to get two of those (in case you don’t want to buy gold for real money) so make sure you have your favorite class before getting second tier vehicle.

3. Save Up Money And Try Not Spending Too Much On Upgrading Your Starting Vehicle

massive warfare aftermath upgrades

Look, even with spending just a couple of thousands of bucks on a couple of upgrades, you can still dominate the game’s starting league (bronze) and earn a ticket to the next league populated with higher skilled players. Just upgrade your cannon and armor a couple of times and that should be enough to guarantee ending matches in one of the first three places, thus fairly quickly qualifying for the silver league. The money you save will be spent on upgrading tier two vehicle of your choice because once you earn money for it you will be stuck with it for a while because better machines are quite expensive and you will need to farm gold for about a week before collecting enough to get those.

So, save up money and then upgrade your new and shiny tier two war machine as soon as you buy it. As with the starting vehicle, armor and attack upgrades are the most important ones and they should have a clear advantage over the speed and combined upgrades (those aren’t that good because while they provides upgrades two stats at once, these upgrades are weaker than if you upgrade each stat individually).

4. Armored Skill Is Much Better Than Flanker

massive warfare aftermath armored skill

Once you start the game you will be able to research skills that come with their own set of boons and downsides. The first couple of upgrades are simply prerequisites for the two final ones, which come with one advantage but will cost you by lowering some other stat. And between the first two Armored is much better.

This one gives you better armor and slightly more powerful attack power for a cost of your max speed being a bit lower. That’s the price worth paying because speed bump isn’t high while armor upgrade is noticeable. The second starting skill is called Flanker and it gives you higher critical hit value for the cost of your regular hits being weaker. That would be a good deal if critical hits were easy to pull, but they aren’t really.

You see, in order to score a critical hit you have to speak to the enemy’s rear and then hit it. But that’s pretty tricky to pull off constantly because the critical hit are is of extremely limited size. Also, it is virtually impossible to score two critical hits in a row against helicopters because they move and turn around fast, making the possibility of hitting their backside (which is a small tail space that’s very hard to hit) quite low. So, it is better to have your regular hit power untouched; just skip getting Flanker skill.

5. Try Out Both Control Schemes

massive warfare aftermath controls

Massive Warfare: Aftermath features two control schemes, and they both have their shortcomings. The first one is the automatic aim and it gives you greater freedom of movement but it makes it hard to lock on a single enemy in a group of two or more opponents. Since this control scheme used auto aim mechanic, you will jump between enemies as you move and won’t be able to pick one from the group and fire just at them while moving. In order to do so you have to stop, and then aim at them and then press the lock button and that makes you vulnerable to fire.

The second employs manual aim. You aim at opponents by moving your finger across the screen but that has a weaker freedom of movement as a result. This means you will have a hard time chasing runners and won’t be very effective at firing at helicopters because they usually move all over the place. On the other hand, this scheme gives you greater freedom at picking opponents and firing at them.

You should try playing about a dozen matches with each control scheme because they both need some time to get used to and you will need some time to decide which is the one for you.

6. A Few Bits Of Advice For Being Efficient During Matches

massive warfare aftermath battle tips

Once you start a multiplayer match, there are a plethora of tactics that can help you get that first place at the end of the match, here are some of the winning ones.

You should always try to flank enemies. This gives you an advantage because it makes pulling off critical hits easier (but not easy enough to opt for Flanker skill) and it also means opponents will lose a couple of seconds (or more, depending on the particular enemy) before they locate you. Just try flanking enemies whenever you can but remember that if you get a clear shot go for it; you shouldn’t try flanking other by all means.

Also, remember that in Massive Warfare: Aftermath distance doesn’t present the slightest disadvantage. If you get a clear shot the damage will be the same no matter if the opponent is right next to you or on a far end of the map. Shooting distant enemies can be a good tactic in open maps because they will have a hard time locating you.

Next, try hitting someone who’s already taking damage. This way they will have to think about who to fire at and chances are they won’t pick you in half the cases. Next, this will give you a free kill, just make sure you’re the one landing the final blow. Just let your cannon finish reloading and then wait for the enemy’s HP bar to go low enough to allow you one shot kill. And then fire the same moment their HP bar lowers because if you aren’t fast enough someone else will get the kill.

This leads us to another advice that, while not being sportsmanlike, will give you additional kills. Try stealing kills from other people. This ain’t the right thing to do but it can prove to be an effective strategy that will give you many first places at the end of a match. Just stalk an opponent who’s attacked by other players but do not fire at them. As with the aforementioned advice, wait for their HP bar to get as low as possible and then one-shot kill them. This won’t earn you any sympathy from other players but will give you higher chances to end on the first place at the end of a match.

You should skip picking up remains that are left after an opponent is destroyed except if the bonus in question is money or match points. Money is represented by green dollar bills and you should always pick it up even if that makes you an easy target because those upgrades cost and, if you are a bit lucky, you can earn a couple of thousands of dollars just by picking money that’s left after downed enemies. Next, match points are represented with a silver start and by picking those you’ll be rewarded by receiving additional match points, practically doubling the points prize for destroying an opponent, which isn’t that bad.

And finally, you should skip picking powerup except if they are attack power increase or healing powerup. The first one gives you about 25 percent higher attack power, which can be devastating and can completely change the course of a match so you should definitely try picking those even though going for powerups makes you vulnerable to enemies’ fire. And going for healing powerup is pretty self-explanatory. Now, in case you have full HP bar but you still locate healing powerup, you should simply place your vehicle next to it and then start shooting at others. And then, once your HP reaches 50 percent simply drive over the healing powerup. That’s a handy tactic that should give you a second wind and a couple of extra kills.

There you have it! We hope this strategy guide will help you becoming a dominant force in Massive Warfare: Aftermath and you will reach higher competitive leagues. You should always aim for higher leagues because prizes get better and better as you advance through higher ranks. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

Kurt 'As it Is' Goodman Esq.

Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Why do dickheeds charge 95£ for 30 days of fuel, some of us have jobs/ kids, a belly to fill, not spend 24/7 using unlimited fuel, it's happened, a eastern guy died after doin about 8 days without stopping, well he didn't stop....... just his heart, I'd pay £1.99 for 3 hours worth, especially in a war, but £95 .........and nothing to join your alliance doing OTHER THINGS, ooops oh yeah, I got in a Piñata, ONCE, grabbed 5 and hid, i'd read a guide lmao, it could explain it, you DEVelopissers are gonna kill this game, how many 30 day unlimited fuels do you sell? Although, theirs lots of idle daddies boys spending their 5k a day allowance, lol..".... once you reach tier 7, 6 days for a lev 6-7, game gets so fakin boring then, solution, buy about about 8k Gold. lmao


Thursday 16th of November 2023

what are global skill points and arbiter skill points. why convert them?


Tuesday 28th of February 2023

What is the object of the domination game with the circles that glow?


Monday 12th of June 2023

@Ellis, it is domination u have to control the circles and your points add up kills mean nothing in these matches

Night kill

Thursday 26th of January 2023

How come you're loading the game up with more more robots if I get a high power rate then the robots get even higher fire rate the game used to be fun I spent $250 American money on here trying to get Rapid Fire Plus and I ain't got it yet I don't know man I don't know if I'm going to stay on the game or not I'm going to go to one of my sniper games or something just a thought tell me to bother you


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Can u tell me the maxed lvl number upgrade on the Tk-6. Awesome content by the way 🤙

IGN: leatherglove

Tuesday 18th of July 2023

@Jason, max level upgrade for TK-6 is 40.