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Marvel Mighty Heroes Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks for Heroes and Villains Alike

DeNA Corp.’s new Marvel Mighty Heroes title allows you to create a team featuring some of the most popular Marvel superheroes and supervillains, including the likes of Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk on the heroes’ side, and Green Goblin, Loki, Venom, and Kingpin on the villains’ side. The game, which is available for iOS and Android devices alike, allows you to assemble actual superhero stables such as The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy, or simply lets you create your own group. All in all, it’s a great take on the action RPG genre, this time featuring the heroes and villains you know from those Marvel comic books and movies. And we’re here with some exciting Marvel Mighty Heroes cheats, tips and tricks for you to check out.

1. Know Your Heroes

All characters in Marvel Mighty Heroes are classified into four groups, and you’ll need to choose heroes from the right group depending on the mission you’re undertaking. Blasters, for starters, are noted by a purple icon, and are the ones you want if you need a good long-range attack. Bruisers, strangely enough, aren’t that good in dealing damage, but they come with lots of health and defensive points – they’re the ones with a green shield. Generalists are your all-rounders, your jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Lastly, Scrappers are your melee fighters with high offensive ratings, and come with a red fist icon.

2. Use Evasive Maneuvers

When it comes to large area attacks, your best bet is to keep dodging those attacks – swipe in the direction you want to dodge in order to do this. This will allow you to quickly evade enemy attacks, and you can dodge as often as you want (or need), as there’s no cool down period for this move.

3. Do More Damage By Switching Characters

This will require some thinking on the fly and it may take some practice for newer players, but one great way to get a leg up on the enemy is by quickly swapping your characters. For example, you can counter a scrapper enemy by swapping your existing character with a Blaster.

4. Gain More Points By Attacking Fast And Furious

When you’re on a mission, your score will be compared with those of other human players. Earning additional event points could give you the edge you need, and these event points (EPs) are based on the damage you deal out to your foes. The character among your four heroes who does the most damage gets a perfect 125 EPs for finishing first.

5. Act Quickly And Collect Your Rewards

Following the event period, you’ll have a chance to collect rewards, with the type of reward depending on the EPs you collected during the event period. ISO-8 is currently the best reward when it comes to upgrading the skills of your characters, though of course, this would also require you to place highly on the leaderboards. Quests can also serve as a way to help you collect rewards, which include cash (premium currency).