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Marvel Contest of Champions Tier List 2021: Our Picks for the Best Heroes and Villains in the Game

The increasing popularity of the Marvel Superheroes franchise shows no signs of slowing down and while there are plenty of games on mobile platforms alone that are based on the Marvel Universe and its heroes and villains, few have reached milestones that Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions has achieved.

Since its launch almost 7 years ago, Marvel Contest of Champions continuously maintained largely positive reviews from its users across both Android and iOS platforms. Securing well over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, the game’s phenomenal success can be attributable to a variety of its attributes. Considering everything, though, the nearly 200 characters to collect and upgrade relative to the near-infinite possible team combinations to use makes Marvel Contest of Champions a solid treat, not just for fans of the franchise, but for avid fighting game and RPG enthusiasts as well.

If you have just started your adventure within the world of Marvel Contest of Champions we highly recommend that you read through our Marvel Contest of Champions beginner’s guide. The 12 hints provided in our earlier guide is not exclusively suitable for beginners as the tips and strategies mentioned may prove useful to experienced players as well.

marvel contest of champions best heroes 2021

Now, in this new guide we will be exclusively focusing on the heroes and villains whom we feel are at the top of the charts. Naturally our tier list, just like all other tier lists we have published is highly subjective. We understand and respect differing opinions as to which heroes and villains ought to be in which tier but, just the same, you can expect that no 2 tier lists are build the same.

A huge fun factor of every game showcasing characters from a popular franchise can come from being able to play as your favorite heroes or villains. While the same holds true for Marvel Contest of Champions, you will naturally be selective of which characters you spend your resources on as far as upgrades and enhancements are concerned. As such, the need for tier lists exist to guide summoners and help them decide as to which characters to prioritize or even consider investing hard-earned resources on.

Given the massive number of characters in Marvel Contest of Champions, we will only be considering whom we feel are the best among them. Compared to most tier lists we have created, this one have more characters per tier, given that the fighting game element of Marvel Contest of Champions is based on the summoner’s skills more than the individual attributes of each character. Again, heroes and villains under each tier are arranged alphabetically and not from strongest to weakest.

Marvel Contest Of Champions S Tier Champions

As top tier champions, the heroes and villains under this list ought to be your top priority as far as resource investments are concerned. Plenty of excellent teams can be built around them so try as much as possible to focus on the ones you like the most and form teams around them.

Aegon [Skill]

aegon marvel contest of champions

An original character created exclusively for Marvel Contest of Champions, Aegon’s unique trait comes from having 0 critical rating. This, however, comes with a huge trade off as his critical rating increases the higher his combos get. At some point, every hit he makes becomes a critical hit and there are bonus passive buffs on him as well dependent on combo milestones. These passive boosts have a wide range of utilities and are not exclusively centered on his offensive prowess.

Aegon’s signature ability, Relentless Assault lets him carry his combo meter through fights. His ISO Discharge, lets him release energy and hits the enemy multiple times, perfect to start up his combo meter. Spear of the Forsaken guarantees bleed DMG over 6 seconds and has overall damage dependent on his combo hits, with a maximum of 60. Beyond Limits is a guaranteed stun for 1 second and the duration further increase by 0.10 seconds for each combo hit on the meter, up to a maximum of 7 seconds.

Apocalypse [Mutant]

apocalypse marvel contest of champions

En Sabah Nur, whose age is well over 5,000 years old, stands as one of the X-Men’s most powerful foes. In Marvel Contest of Champions, Apocalypse’s battle prowess centers around genetic codes that he can generate and apply on himself or his mutant allies to give them an edge on the next battle. Genetic codes stack to a maximum of 4. At stack 3, Apocalypse gains immunity from stuns when striking and at stack 4, he can stun a blocking opponent for 0.8 seconds with a light attack.

Apocalypse develops immunity from various negative status effects, gains 10% chance to bypass evade each time his opponent evades, and blocks the enemies’ ability to purify. He can also regenerate between fights. His first special attack can inflict weakness or poison on the target depending if light or medium attack is used prior.

Both debuffs apply when genetic code stacks at 4. Special 2 works the same and can inflict debuffs that reduce the target’s accuracy and degeneration over 25 seconds. Skill 3 triggers negative status effects on the enemy again and adds 2 random debuffs if the target does not have any debuffs on them.

Archangel [Mutant]

archangel marvel contest of champions

A founding member of the X-Men given new form by Apocalypse, Archangel’s incarnation in Marvel Contest of Champions can inflict stun, bleed, and poison on an enemy. The latter 2 can result in a neurotoxin effect as well and Archangel’s ability accuracy cannot be reduced in any way.

His signature ability centers on the neurotoxin created when enemies are both bleeding and poisoned. His Bladed Pinions has a 20% chance to inflict Bleed while Razor Winged Strike has a 50% chance to inflict bleed. His special 3, Hypersonic Scream, can inflict both poison and bleed as well as stun the opponent for 4 seconds.

Black Widow (Claire Voyant) [Mystic]

black widow claire voyant marvel contest of champions

A totally different and unrelated Black Widow to the Avengers’ Natasha Romanoff, Claire Voyant was a spirit medium turned vigilante with demonic powers. She can be a little tricky to command in Marvel Contest of Champions but her utilities definitely puts her on the top tier.

Black Widow has a very powerful signature ability that grants her a second life with death immunity and health regeneration worth 18.83% of her max HP for 4 seconds. She basically works around cycling through different curses under her kit, shifting focus around regeneration, damage, and power control. Depending on her active curse, Claire can inflict bleed, poison, or incinerate on her opponent with her special 1. Her second special attack works the same way and can regenerate 35% of the damage dealt, steal 5% of the opponent’s power, or deal burst damage. Her third skill removes her clairvoyance charges and boosts her attack rating as well as give her death touch for 1.2 seconds per charge, boosting her curses’ efficacy.

Captain America (Infinity War) [Science]

captain america infinity war marvel contest of champions

This MCU version, more specifically the Infinity War version, of Steve Rogers is among our top picks as his innate ability to become stronger as the battle rages on is undeniably helpful in any given scenario. This Captain America banks on the strength of amassing kinetic potential, earned when he is struck, when he blocks, or even when he is stunned.

Being kinetically charged boosts Steve’s attack and resistances as well as reduces damage taken from attacks. His signature ability, Leadership, further boosts his capacity dependent on his teammates. His first special move can cause bleed DMG as well as lower the enemy’s defensive ability accuracy. Special 2 is a guaranteed stun and each kinetic potential charge on him increase its damage as well as the stun’s duration. Special 3 can boost Cap’s attack based on the different classes of allies he has and also earns him a semi-permanent kinetic potential charge that lasts 30 seconds.

Captain Marvel [Cosmic]

captain marvel marvel contest of champions

MCU’s Carol Danvers also sports a powerful incarnation in Marvel Contest of Champions. She grows stronger with each battle, has poison immunity, can break armors, can stun, and can even start off battles with more power. She does require extensive timing and precision to use but is certainly a powerhouse to watch out for.

Her signature ability, Binary Ignition grants her temporary invulnerability as well as boosts some of her passive skill’s effects. Her Photon Blast can generate 3 energy charges and becomes unblockable while she is in Binary Ignition mode. Skrull Slayer causes guaranteed stun for at least 2 seconds, deals true damage, and can be unblockable as well. Space-faring Binary Star generates 10 energy charges and boosts power gain by 40% of her max power for 10 seconds.

Colossus [Mutant]

colossus marvel contest of champions

The X-men’s resident strongman, Piotr “Peter” Rasputin makes it to top tier by combining superb defense and an offense that scales up to it. His armor grants immunity from a wide array of negative status effects as well, making his play style a lot simpler and more straightforward than most champions.

Each one of Colossus’ special attacks deal damage based on his armor ratings. His signature ability provides him with more opportunities to gain armor up buffs.

Corvus Glaive [Cosmic]

corvus glaive marvel contest of champions

Subservient only to Thanos and the leader of the Black Order, Corvus Glaive’s manifestation in Marvel Contest of Champions is as dreadful as his comic and big screen versions. His basic abilities revolving around the completion of missions earns him a persistent charge and a cruelty rating, giving him an edge at the earlier part of the battle and making him more suitable for offensive plays.

His signature ability, Glaive of Immortality, prevents him from dying so long as he has Glaive charges and his immunity is active. Atomic Fissure deals more damage when the opponent is suffering from armor break. Piercing Slash becomes unblockable when his immunity is active and can instantly drain 20% of the enemy’s power if they have max power. Both this skill and Glaive Toss deals double damage if Corvus’ health is below 10%.

Cosmic Ghost Rider [Cosmic]

cosmic ghost rider marvel contest of champions

Frank Castle, more popularly known as the Punisher, made a deal with Mephisto to become the latest Ghost Rider, who eventually also became a herald of Galactus. Cosmic Ghost Rider’s gameplay is almost as complex as this origin background goes, as different actions unlock different buffs and each buff generates judgements, making buffs last longer and ultimately leading to a power lock on the opponent and inflicting armor breaks.

Cosmic Ghost Rider’s Hellfire will trigger a 1-second unblockable buff if Judgement of Unblockable is not active and has 100% chance of inflicting incinerate on hit as well as reducing the target’s block proficiency by 50%, removing all perfect block chance. Power Cosmic will boost critical rating for 10 seconds if Judgement of Precision is not active and applies armor break for 15 seconds on hit. Cosmic Judgement boosts attack with a Fury Buff for 15 seconds if Judgement of Fury is not active.

Doctor Doom [Mystic]

doctor doom marvel contest of champions

The arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four and dubbed as one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe. Victor Von Doom combines self-empowering buffs as well as enemy debuffs to turn the tide of battle in his favor. With a superb defense, decent damage, and control abilities, Doom is a solid pick even for beginners.

His signature ability, Indomitable Will, gives him a chance to inflict shock on his opponent when nullifying one of their buffs, allowing him to initiate a power gain buff on himself. Invocation of Sorcery lets Doom steal a portion of his target’s power and if he is not suffering from slow or petrify, this skill becomes unblockable. Cosmic Energy Absorption deals energy DMG as well as inflict an incinerate debuff on the target. Hassenstadt Tour stuns the enemy for 2 seconds and grants Doom a fury buff that boosts his attack rating.

Domino [Mutant]

domino marvel contest of champions

While Neena Thurman’s luck or probability-altering mutant powers were often overshadowed by her weapon masteries and fighting skills in the comics, her personification in Marvel Contest of Champions banks on her luck powers a lot more than in any of her incarnations. Gaining critical rating as opponents lose them and having more deadly bleed capabilities in contrast with almost being immune to it are just some of ways how luck becomes Domino’s allies in battle.

Her signature ability, Critical Failure, can have opponents deal damage to themselves whenever their abilities have a chance to trigger but do not. Stroke of Luck does multiple hits with each one having a 25% chance to inflict bleed, capable of refreshing stun and bleed effects on the opponent as well as increase gain higher attack rating for the skill.

Auspicious Onslaught is another attack that does multiple hits that can inflict bleed as well as carry varying amounts of DMG with probabilities of decreasing the enemy’s attack. Soldier of Fortune has a much higher chance to inflict bleed and can also inflict armor break on the enemy.

Ghost [Tech]

ghost marvel contest of champions

The MCU version of Ghost, Ava Starr, may be far off from the strongest characters in that universe but her phasing abilities, as exhibited in Marvel Contest of Champions, practically makes her a dangerous foe to contend with in battle. With a simple dash back that initiates phasing for 2 seconds which can dodge all attacks and converts DoT debuffs to attack rating, as well as a precision passive that guarantees a critical hit with a subsequent attack, Ghost can perform extraordinarily in both offense and defense.

Ghost’s Spectral Strike does damage as well as earns her 3 precision passives for 6 seconds. Unleashing this upon phasing leads to a guaranteed critical hit. Exploit Weakness earns her a cruelty buss that increases critical rating for 20 seconds and likewise inflicts guaranteed critical hits when activated upon phasing. Relentless Onslaught converts all the cruelty buffs generated by Ghost into cruelty passive.

Guillotine 2099 [Tech]

guillotine 2099 marvel contest of champions

Like Aegon, Guillotine 2099 is also a champion original to the Marvel Contest of Champions universe. Similar to Aegon as well, Guillotine 2099 grows in power as her combos increase, boosting her attack rating up to 100 hits and empowering her sword once combos go beyond 100 hits. With a cooldown period of 10 seconds, light and medium attacks against her also have a 15% chance to activate her digi-cloak for 2.5 seconds, causing all subsequent unblocked attacks to miss.

Guillotine 2099’s Soul Slash can drain 20% of the target’s power for every digi-soul she has on top of the DMG. LFM 99 Soulsplitter does multiple DMG and inflicts a spectre debuff, reducing the enemy’s regeneration rate by 120% for 12 seconds. Soul Digitizer can instantly knock out a target if their HP is below 5% of its max amount and deals damage that cannot be prevented or reduced. Successfully knocking them out starts her combo meter at 100 on the next bout.

Human Torch [Science]

human torch marvel contest of champions

The Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm lands a seat in our top tier as his offensive prowess centered around inflicting beefed up incinerates on targets proves to be a simple yet effective means of cutting everyone’s HP down to size. Even if enemies have immunity against incinerate, Johnny’s nova flames can still work around them. He becomes more powerful as his temperature rises and is immune to incinerate, coldsnap, and frostbite.

Hot Head ups his temperature by 5 and can grant him a smoulder passive as well if the last hit is blocked. Hot Shot inflicts a guaranteed stun for 3 seconds and its last 2 hits have a 100% chance to inflict incinerate as well. Blocking both results in granting Johnny a smoulder passive as well. Super Nova inflicts a nova flame as well as keep Johnny in nova form for 7 seconds, placing 2 smoulder passives on himself.

Hyperion [Cosmic]

hyperion marvel contest of champions

Originally based on DC’s Superman, Squadron Supreme’s leader, Mark Milton, stands as the most powerful character in this tier based on comic book standards. Though it leaves a huge room for arguments to determine which of the S tier champions is the best one in Marvel Contest of Champions, there is hardly any doubt that Hyperion is among them. Hyperion gains cosmic charges gradually and this grants him increased ATK and physical resistance. Cosmic charges can be converted into power gain buffs as well. Hyperion can also heal himself and is immune to poison.

Atomic Vision does superb energy DMG and has a chance to inflict incinerate, removing perfect block chance and reducing the target’s block proficiency by 50% as well. Solar Wind is a guaranteed armor break, reduces armor, and can even stun the target. Orbital Kinetic Strike grants him 3 cosmic charges and can grant him a cosmic overcharge buff if he has 3 cosmic charges when he activates the skill, boosting his power further and does not convert cosmic charges into power gain buffs when below full power.

Magneto [Mutant]

magneto marvel contest of champions

Arch-nemesis of the X-men and self-proclaimed master of magnetism, Max Eisenhardt never fails to impress in any of his incarnations in video games. Magneto will certainly bore through metal enemies in Marvel Contest of Champions as their ability accuracy and regeneration rate are reduced by 70% and 105% when facing him. Bleed and shock debuffs on him lose 90% potency. The magnet bonuses he can have include an additional 50% perfect block chance, increased attack rating, as well as prevent his attacks from being auto blocked or missing. He also ignore class disadvantage.

Shrapnel has a 100% chance of inflicting bleed, more so if he has a magnet boost and if the target suffers from armor break. Fracture is guaranteed to inflict armor break, which does not stack but is reapplied when Magneto gains a prowess effect. Cold-blooded Fusion grants him fury against heroes and will inflict 1 bleed debuff for every prowess buff on himself.

Nick Fury [Skill]

nick fury marvel contest of champions

Fabled master strategist and espionage expert, the MCU version of Nick Fury makes it to our list with his tactical charges that can tremendously high amounts of damage. Having at least 5 tactical charges makes his attacks immune from missing or being evaded and having 15 tactical charges makes every attack unblockable.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Air Strike gains him 4 tactical charges, reducing the block proficiency of his targets by 50% and their defensive ability accuracy by 70% for 8 seconds. Tactical Takedown inflicts 4 stacks of bleed with at least a 50% chance to stun the enemy for 3 seconds and increases by 10% for each tactical charge on Nick Fury. Destroyer Gun does massive damage, further boosted if his fury is active and/or the target has internal bleeding.

Omega Red [Mutant]

omega red marvel contest of champions

Both a mutant and a product of a soviet super soldier program, Arkady Gregorivich Rossovich’s powers can involve spreading weakness or even death around his immediate vicinity. In Marvel Contest of Champions, his mechanics work around the same concept as his death spores reduces the armor rating of his enemies and reduce their chances of purifying negative status effects.

Draining Experience takes off death spores on the enemy and steals health based on the number of death spores removed. Death Field unleashes death spores for 10 seconds. Tentacled Terror works a lot like Draining Experience but steals power and health from the target instead.

Professor X [Mutant]

professor x marvel contest of champions

Founder, leader, and mentor of the X-Men, Charles Xavier is not just one of the most powerful telepaths in the Marvel Universe but also a genius across multiple doctorates. In Marvel Contest of Champions, his telepathic powers provide a vast array of possible strategies on how to utilize him and currently stands as the only champion who can lock others out of using their special skills.

Psychic Grasp earns Professor X 25 channeling charges. Psi-blades deal multiple energy DMG, which scales up with special attack DMG. Duel of the Mind earns him a prowess buff for each Cerebro Charge, increasing attack damage by 60% and lasting for 4 seconds.

Quake [Science]

quake marvel contest of champions

Daisy Johnson being an inhuman as well as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most powerful agents may not mean much in both the small-screen and comic book universes but in Marvel Contest of Champions, Quake’s heavy attack charging and what comes after it certainly reserves her a spot on the top tier. Heavy attack charging does not just deal DoT, it can inflict concussion as well that can reduce the enemy’s ability accuracy. The aftershock scale that goes with it can cause damage and inflict stun as well on the target.

Comprehensive Wave adds more points to the aftershock scale. Propulsion Pulse also adds points to the aftershock scale and can inflict concussion. Epicenter also adds more aftershock scale points.

Stryfe [Mutant]

stryfe marvel contest of champions

Cable’s clone and dubbed as the Chaos-bringer, Stryfe is one of the most powerful psionics in the Marvel Universe. In Marvel Contest of Champions, Stryfe’s skill kit opens up plenty of opportunities to excel both in offense and in defense.

Telepathic Camouflage grants him invisibility for 3 seconds after the attack and the attack itself inflicts shock on the target. Exceptional Psionics deals 80% potency more if the target is inflicted with shock. His third special attack gives him 5 persistent telepathic charges, which lasts till the end of the quest and grants an attack rating boost. Using the skill on a shocked opponent inflicts concussion, reducing their ability accuracy by 30%.

Sunspot [Mutant]

sunspot marvel contest of champions

Just like the Human Torch, Roberto Da Costa hus fire-based powers. Beyond projecting them, however, he can absorb and store solar energy, which not just gives him firepower but raw physical strength as well. In Marvel Contest of Champions, solar charges, incinerate, and flare state are part of his kit.

Kick Off grants him a stack of flare state and strengthens the incinerate effect this attack to last 9 seconds longer. Ultra-violet Radiation can expend up to 15 soalr charges and its damage can be boosted for each flare stack he has. SPF 10,000 can max out his solar charges and inflicts 1 incinerate debuff on the target for every 20 solar charges recovered.

Warlock [Tech]

warlock marvel contest of champions

Techno-organic alien, Warlock, whose comic-relief appearance can be very deceiving, is actually a powerful creature given his shapeshifting and lifeglow-leeching abilities. In Marvel Contest of Champions, Warlock can use these abilities without hesitation, earning him a spot in our S Tier.

Mega Buster deals a powerful energy damage and inflicts shock on the target as well. This can passively drain 25% of the target’s max power as well. His second special skill inflicts 2 armor break debuffs on the target and reduces armor rating by 2,000 for 10 seconds. Dine & Smash inflicts burn on the target and drains 100% of their current power, dealing damage equal to the power drained. This also heals Warlock for each infection on the opponent.

Marvel Contest Of Champions A Tier Champions

Given the massive roster of heroes in Marvel Contest of Champions, the A tier, in contrast with most other tier lists we made, are still top tier champions by regular standards. Although there is an entire group of heroes in the above tier, these ones are still excellent and worth investing on.

Abomination (Immortal) [Science]

abomination immortal marvel contest of champions

Reginal Fortean may not be the original Abomination but he should certainly makes the source of his powers proud. Abomination is an undisputed king of poisons in Marvel Contest of Champions. He not just inflicts poison and acid damage on targets and is immune from it, he can actually stack poisons on himself to increase his offensive strength and defensive prowess.

Angela [Cosmic]

angela marvel contest of champions

Formerly belonging to a reality outside of the Marvel Universe, daughter to Odin and Freyja as well as sister to Thor, Angela is certainly a force to be reckoned with in Marvel Contest of Champions. Taking damage earns her a resilience counter, leading to a regeneration buff over 10 seconds. She gains a buff based on her power level and duplicates the buff whenever she lands a critical hit.

Blade [Skill]

blade marvel contest of champions

Eric Brooks’ abilities go well beyond having the benefits of being a vampire without suffering any of its consequences as his fighting skills are certainly top-rank as well. He can recover power for every stack of bleed he inflicts on the target and can get rid of debuffs on himself 9% faster based on his current power. He can also recover lost health at the cost of power.

Cull Obsidian [Cosmic]

cull obsidian marvel contest of champions

Known as Black Dwarf in the comics and brother to Corvus Glaive, Cull Obsidian is also a member of the Black Order and possesses superhuman strength and durability. In Marvel Contest of Champions, he grows stronger with each battle and requires aggressive play style. He is further empowered by accomplishing Missions from Thanos, granting him higher attack and criticial rating as well as providing him true accuracy and an increase in his Rout Buff duration.

Falcon [Skill]

falcon marvel contest of champions

Sam Wilson maybe several notches below the most powerful characters in his other incarnations but in Marvel Contest of Champions, he certainly deserves a place among the top tiers of champions. Each synergy can provide him with an extra 9% physical resistance penetration and critical damage. His recon scan can reduce the target’s defensive ability accuracy by 100% for 10 seconds. Falcon can inflict bleed and incinerate as well as completely ignore his enemy’s physical resistance.

Guardian [Tech]

guardian marvel contest of champions

Leader of Canada-based superhero team Alpha Flight, James Hudson formerly owned his superhuman abilities to the armor he invented, eventually becoming a part of him when he became a cyborg. Like in his other incarnations, Guardian’s top traits in Marvel Contest of Champions relate to his superb defensive capabilities.

Though he cannot inflict critical damage, he deals shock damage to targets scaled to his critical rating. He starts off with an armor buff, which regenerates when removed after 14 seconds. Well-timed blocks can result in a perfect block and earns him 10% of a bar of power.

Havok [Mutant]

havok marvel contest of champions

Former X-Factor and Starjammers leader as well as brother to both Cyclops and Vulcan, Alexander Summers has the mutant ability to absorb energy and unleash it as destructive plasma bursts. In Marvel Contest of Champions, Havok is immune to all forms of incinerate, has +2,000 energy resistance, and passively generates 2.5% of a power bar every second. He generates plasma charges passively as well as from other sources, further boosting his capabilities.

Hit-Monkey [Skill]

hit-monkey marvel contest of champions

A then normal monkey who became an expert marksman and martial artist after watching a real assassin training, Hit-Monkey’s incarnation in Marvel Contest of Champions is a versatile and offensive champion.

He has guaranteed critical hits and can switch between 2 modes to deal better with the challenge at hand. Assassin’s Cunning lets him deal better against evasive opponents and improve his bleed damage. Primal Rage ignores the target’s armor and resistances as well as allows him to inflict disorient.

Hulkbuster [Tech]

hulkbuster marvel contest of champions

Iron Man’s aptly-named armor upgrade specifically to handle Hulks in the event of the latter’s rampages works just about the same in Marvel Contest of Champions. Hulkbuster can armor up and boost his defense further and launches it automatically when the enemy triggers fury. He can also reduce the enemy’s armor as well as inflict stun on them.

Kingpin [Skill]

kingpin marvel contest of champions

As the Kingpin of crime, Wilson Fisk should not be much of threat for characters in the Marvel Universe who are above street level. In Marvel Contest of Champions, however, his natural ability to benefit from debuffs earns him a seat in the A Tier.

Each debuff on Kingpin has a 50% chance to be converted into permanent rage and lose its effect and each debuff and rage on him increases his attack and power gain. Overpower received from 8 debuffs and rage make him even stronger and can make his special attacks unblockable.

Longshot [Mystic]

longshot marvel contest of champions

A genetically engineered hero from the Mojoverse and ally to the X-Men, Longshot’s abilities include natural agility, advanced healing, toughness, and probability control. His versatility is creatively exhibited in Marvel Contest of Champions as his play styles can vary between playing offense and defense, either earning good karma to unlock new abilities for himself, or inflict bad karma on his opponent to deal massive damage.

Magik [Mystic]

magik marvel contest of champions

Colossus’ sister Illyana has the mutant power to teleport across interstellar distances as well as through time, leading to her becoming the Sorceress Supreme of her very own Limbo dimension. The vastness of her powers and abilities are perfectly depicted in Marvel Contest of Champions.

She can enter a state of Limbo where damage taken is rewound once the effect expires. Opponents do not generate power from her special attacks. She can also nullify buffs on a target and impose power lock and power steal on her enemy.

Medusa [Cosmic]

medusa marvel contest of champions

Queen of the Inhumans and endowed with tough and prehensile hair, Medusa’s incarnation in Marvel Contest of Champions specializes in inflicting armor breaks and armor shattered on the opponent. She has poison immunity and can inflict bleed damage to enemies as well.

Mole Man [Skill]

mole man marvel contest of champions

Harvey Rupert Elder may not project much of a threatening stance even as the ruler of Subterranea but having Giganto Jr. by his side in Marvel Contest of Champions gives him a superb mix of offense and defense. Almost like Kingpin, Mole Man instantly purifies debuffs on him and converts them to Monster Mass, boosting his physical resistance. Mole Man is immune to shock and will inflict bleed damage for every critical hit he makes.

Namor [Mutant]

namor marvel contest of champions

A half-mutant half-Atlantean hybrid and also the king of Atlantis, Namor the Sub-mariner has superhuman enhanced traits along with various other abilities. His abilities in Marvel Contest of Champions seem to focus more on his temperamental nature and makes him fit for agressive play styles. He passively gains outrage as well as earn it from various sources. Through it, he gains more attack strength as well as power generation to use his special skills more often.

Sabretooth [Mutant]

sabretooth marvel contest of champions

The villain counterpart and arch-nemesis of Wolverine, Victor Creed has often distinguished himself from the former by embracing and enjoying his savage qualities. Sabretooth builds power up from each fight in Marvel Contest of Champions through amassing fury. He has immunity from coldsnap and frostbite and his offensive prowess is further boosted by his ability to inflict armor break and bleed damage.

Sentinel [Tech]

sentinel marvel contest of champions

Although specifically designed to hunt and eliminate mutants, the advanced technology with Sentinels make them a formidable for just about anyone. In Marvel Contest of Champions, the Sentinel’s core mechanics center on analysis charges that they earn from enemies that perform consecutive actions. Analysis Charges earned reduce the cost of special attacks as well as enhance attack rating, armor rating, and critical resistance. Maxing analysis charges out unlocks even more abilities.

She Hulk [Science]

she hulk marvel contest of champions

A lawyer and cousin of Bruce Banner, Jennifer Walters’ wits and superhuman abilities are depicted in Marvel Contest of Champions with her attack boosts, stun capabilities, and ability reductions on her opponents. She has full immunity to poisons and each of her special skills can inflict stun on her target. Stunned enemies likewise take more damage from her attacks.

Sorcerer Supreme [Mystic]

sorcerer supreme marvel contest of champions

While numerous characters have taken the mantle of Sorcerer or Sorceress Supreme in the Marvel Universe, the one present in Marvel Contest of Champions does not seem to resemble any of them save for the depiction of abilities. Sorcerer Supreme gains 25% of her power every 9 seconds although she earns 70% less from its usual sources.

She is a little complex to use, but nonetheless powerful with her Blessing of the Realm passive cycling through different blessings every 8 seconds. Runes also prvide her with a wide array of abilities to play against opponents.

Spider-Ham [Science]

spider-ham marvel contest of champions

Spider-Man’s counterpart in an alternate cartoony universe, Peter Porker breaks conventions in Marvel Contest of Champions as much as he does in the comics. Through his Porker Poppers, Spider-Ham can punish enemies with extra damage whenever they use their special skills. He builds up Spider-Nonsense over time, tremendously boosting his defensive capabilities.

Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced) [Tech]

spider-man stark enhanced marvel contest of champions

The MCU version of Spider-Man is depicted in Marvel Contest of Champions by perfectly blending the benefits of both his spider powers and Stark tech. He has a passive 3% chance to evade an attack and an extra 60% evade chance against special attacks. Using either his dexterity mastery or evasion successfully boosts his attack rating and uninterrupted attacks from him can reduce the target’s attack by 40%.

Spider-Man (Stealth Suit) [Skill]

spider-man stealth suit marvel contest of champions

Much like all other Spider-Man incarnations in Marvel Contest of Champions, This version excels in evading attacks. The main difference that Stealth Suit Spider-Man has lies in the pre-fight ability to load up different types of web shooters. These can either let him prevent enemies from gaining power, inflict slow and reduce the ability accuracy of unstoppable and evade effects on them, or inflict a vulnerability debuff that reduces their block proficiency and increase Spider-Man’s critical damage rating.

Symbiote Supreme [Mystic]

symbiote supreme marvel contest of champions

Yet another character exclusive to Marvel Contest of Champions, Symbiote Supreme mixes traits from Venom and Doctor Strange in a unique yet effective way. Symbiote Supreme gains power passively and also earns genetic potential whenever a buff or stagger effect on his opponent ends. Genetic Potential unlocks genetic blessings that cycle through 3 different effects with each activation granting Symbiote Supreme a full bar of power.

Thing [Mystic]

thing marvel contest of champions

The resident strong guy of the Fantastic Four, Benjamin Grimm combines massive raw power and sturdy defense in Marvel Contest of Champions. He has immunity from bleed, stagger, shock, armor break, armor shattered, nullify, and fate seal status effects. He also generates rock stack when getting hit and blocking and these stacks will be removed along with a bleed effect on him. Rock stacks boost his physical and energy resistance and its removal increases his attack.

Venom [Cosmic]

venom marvel contest of champions

Former villain turned anti-hero, Eddie Brock armed with his symbiote companion exhibits a lot of abilities similar to the latter’s former host, Spider-Man. In Marvel Contest of Champions, Venom showcases numerous abilities that open up various strategic plays. His Klyntar Mutation passive grants him a different buff that refreshes once every 9 seconds, boosting either his defensive capabilities or his offensive strength.

This buff likewise comes with extra perks depending on his opponent’s type. He can remove armor up and inflict armor break on his opponent and his critical hits have an 80% chance of inflicting bleed. Venom will have unblocakble special attacks against opponents whose HP goes below 15% of its max.

Venom the Duck [Cosmic]

venom the duck marvel contest of champions

Another original character in Marvel Contest of Champions, Venom the Duck is Howard the Duck becoming a symbiote host, providing numerous random buffs that aid him in combat. Venom the Duck can be a little tricky to play given the randomness of the buffs that he receives over time. Although the stacked buffs suffer 10% potency, the fact that they do stack makes him a dangerous foe to contend with.

Wolverine [Mutant]

wolverine marvel contest of champions

Marvel Contest of Champions perfectly represents the X-Men’s most popular mutant with his simple yet effective set of abilities. Receiving critical hits have a chance of activating James Howlett’s mutant healing factor, having him recover lost health over time. All his attacks replenish his health and he specializes in dealing bleed damage as well.

Wolverine (Weapon X) [Mutant]

wolverine weapon x marvel contest of champions

Initially set as an unplayable boss champion in Marvel Contest of Champions, this version of Wolverine banks more on his savage side, building up his berserk rage, which grants him an unstoppable state for 4 seconds, boosted attack, health regeneration, and unblockable attacks.

Marvel Contest Of Champions B Tier Champions

Although we will no longer be able to delve as much in this next tier, we are still considering this next group of champions as worth investing on. All heroes and villains listed under this tier are still well above the midpoint as far as character choices are concerned. Again, given that battles in Marvel Contest of Champions rely on skill and not on powers exclusively, strategically employing these champions can still work wonders for your team.

Black Widow [Skill]

black widow marvel contest of champions

Carnage [Cosmic]

carnage marvel contest of champions

Doctor Octopus [Tech]

doctor octopus marvel contest of champions

Doctor Voodoo [Mystic]

doctor voodoo marvel contest of champions

Dragon Man [Mystic]

dragon man marvel contest of champions

Elsa Bloodstone [Skill]

elsa bloodstone marvel contest of champions

Emma Frost [Mutant]

emma frost marvel contest of champions

Gambit [Mutant]

gambit marvel contest of champions

Gwenpool [Skill]

gwenpool marvel contest of champions

Hulk (Ragnarok) [Science]

hulk ragnarok marvel contest of champions

Iceman [Mutant]

iceman marvel contest of champions

Iron Man (Infinity War) [Tech]

iron man infinity war marvel contest of champions

Killmonger [Skill]

killmonger marvel contest of champions

Luke Cage [Science]

luke cage marvel contest of champions

Masacre [Skill]

masacre marvel contest of champions

Mojo [Mystic]

mojo marvel contest of champions

Morningstar [Mystic]

morningstar marvel contest of champions

Red Guardian [Science]

red guardian marvel contest of champions

Sasquatch [Mystic]

sasquatch marvel contest of champions

Scarlet Witch (Classic) [Mystic]

scarlet witch classic marvel contest of champions

Silver Surfer [Cosmic]

silver surfer marvel contest of champions

Spider-Gwen [Science]

spider-gwen marvel contest of champions

Star-Lord [Tech]

star-lord marvel contest of champions

Terrax [Cosmic]

terrax marvel contest of champions

Tigra [Mystic]

tigra marvel contest of champions

Vision (Aarkus) [Cosmic]

vision aarkus marvel contest of champions

Though there are still plenty of heroes and villains worth peeking into, this is where we will end our Marvel Contest of Champions 2021 tier list. We certainly hope that you enjoyed reading through our guide and have deemed our tier list to be largely, if not entirely, agreeable.

There are still no signs that Marvel Contest of Champions will be slowing down or stopping from introducing new champions to its own universe. As such the way tier lists such as this one will change over time is inevitable. Likewise, adjustments to each champion’s numerous passive abilities and active skills can always happen, making some characters increase in efficiency while leaving others to sink down a bit from their ranks in the their list. Just the same, the purpose of the tier list is simply to guide you and not to dictate the champions and teams you should be using in the game.

There is always an inclination for us confirm that our top picks are the same as that of our readers but at the same time, we are eager to know and hear about differing views and opinions. If your picks for the top tiers in Marvel Contest of Champions is even remotely different from ours, we welcome you to share your thoughts and opinions about it in the comment area!