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Mario Kart Tour’s Valentine’s Tour Kicks Off with Baby Peach in the Role of Cupid

With Valentine’s Day knocking at the door, Mario Kart Tour welcomes the most romantic time of the year with Baby Peach as a sweet and tender Cherub. February is the month of the year in which fun, romantic extras always make their way into games. And Mario Kart Tour is no exception. With the latest update for the game, players head back to Paris, the city of love by excellence.

mario kart tour valentine's tour

Though Baby Peach was already part of the Mario Kart Tour adventure, she is now wearing a special Cherub Baby Peach outfit, a bow, a heart-shaped arrow, and wings. With this new addition, there are five Peach variations in Mario Kart Tour: Peach, Baby Peach, Wintertime Peach, Cherub Baby Peach, Pink Gold Peach, Kimono Peach, and Vacation Peach.

There are more characters that join Peach’s amorous adventures: a Pink Shy Guy, Vacation Peach, and a Pastry Chef Shy Guy. With this update, the racing tracks include a tour through Koopa Troopa Beach, Choco Island 2, the Toad Circuit, and – obviously – the Paris Promenade.

You can check out Mario Kart Tour’s Valentine’s Tour official trailer above. The Valentine’s Tour will be running until February 12th. Players who log in from now until February 5th will be rewarded with 5 rubies.

Players with a Gold Pass will be able to unlock a Birthday Girl kart, a Piranha Plant Parafoil, and finally Baby Peach. Additionally, Gold Pass owners will get an extra kart, racer, and glide: a Macharon kart, Wendy, and a Strawberry Crepe glider.

Are you ready to race through Paris this romantic holiday and discover the new characters? Be sure to download Mario Kart Tour on iOS or Android and take part in the Valentine’s Tour!