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Mario Kart Tour’s Mario Bros. Tour Now Available

After the launch of the Vancouver Tour, Mario Kart Tour delights old fans and brings around a new addition: a remixed version of the first Mario Kart track. The new addition called Mario Bros. Tour is already available for both iOS and Android platforms and looks like a well-deserved celebration of the two plumbers who gave birth to this adventure and kept it alive for years: Mario and Luigi

Following an already established pattern, the new Mario Bros. Tour will be available until March 11th. As always, during these two weeks, players will be able to win a wide range of rewards.

If you want to check out what the new tour is all about, you can watch the trailer below.

The new tour boasts new versions of Mario and Luigi, even though the new skins are revamped takes on the classical ones when Mario wore red overalls instead of blue.

The new tour also introduces a classic version of Luigi as the second Spotlight Character. What’s more, players can enjoy two new gliders and three brand new karts. As for the track, it is a tweaked version of one of the oldest Mario Kart tracks: the Mario Circuit.

Whether you are an old Mario Kart fan or you simply want to give it a try now, you should know that the title can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.