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Man Vs. Missiles Cheats, Tips & Hints for Dodging All Missiles

It appears that Spiel Studios has come up with another hit arcade game called Man Vs. Missiles! The game is available on both Android and iOS devices, so you will definitely be able to enjoy it wherever you go. The goal of Man Vs. Missiles is to survive an endless onslaught of missiles while piloting a tiny red plane. You will have to be strategic in your approach as flying around aimlessly will most likely get you killed. The good news is that you can pick up star coins, speed boosts, shields, and flares along the way. These will help you a lot on your quest for survival. As you progress in the game, you will be able to unlock better planes that are faster and easier to maneuver. If you find yourself struggling to survive, however, you can always rely on our Man Vs. Missiles tips and tricks to help you make it out alive!

1. Run Circles Around The Missiles

When you start out, you are stuck with a terrible plane that is slower than molasses. That means your flying speed and turning speed are both frustratingly slow. You will have to be strategic if you want to dodge the missiles. One good strategy to use is to make the missiles chase you in a circle. This will make their movement predictable and easy to dodge. When they are closing in on you, quickly turn in the other direction to knock them off your trail. This strategy is useful even after you unlock better planes, so make sure you master it.

2. How To Kill Missiles

Since you can’t really shoot down the missiles yourself, they will eventually pile up unless you do something about it. You can actually get rid of some missiles by making them run into each other. When they collide, they will explode, giving you a little more room to breathe. To kill the missiles, just follow the previous advice and make the missiles chase you in a circle. There is a good chance that the missiles will collide once you turn quickly. Blowing up missiles will give you star coins. The amount of star coins increases with the number of missiles you blow up at the same time.

3. Watch Ads For More Coins

There is more than one way to earn coins in Man Vs. Missiles. Aside from earning coins from blowing up missiles, a safer alternative is to simply watch video advertisements. The ad offers will appear at the end of each run. Accepting this offer will give you 20% of your score in coins. You can also access ad offers from the plane store, but it will only give you a fixed number of coins.

4. Unlock Better Planes

After putting up with your default plane, you will be glad to have enough coins to unlock new ones. Hurry to the in-game store as soon as you can afford a new plane. Keep in mind, however, that coins aren’t the only things you need to unlock a new plane. Better planes have level requirements. Unfortunately, gaining levels isn’t as easy as just playing a lot of games. You will need to complete a set of objectives in a single round in order to reach the next level. Keep leveling up in order to gain access to faster and better planes.

It’s time to fly for your life in Man Vs. Missiles! Just follow the tips and tricks listed above if you want to survive! Also, if you have come across any other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!