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Bomb Boom Bang Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Battle Your Way to Glory

Boom Boom Bang is a unique shooter arena-type game with RPG elements. Available for Android and iOS devices, the game lets you create and customize your own character. You can dress up your character in various outfits as well as equip him with different mounts. Don’t be fooled by the adorable and colorful customization options, though. The game is all about blowing up your competition by throwing bombs back and forth. There are over 300 PVE stages for you to challenge. Each map becomes increasingly more difficult as you progress. You can also test your skills against other players in local and cross-server PVP battles. When you need to take a break from battling, the game also has a social option that even allows you to marry another player! Don’t forget to read our collection of Bomb Boom Bang cheats, tips and tricks in ensure your victory in every battle!

1. Play With Your Bombs

There are several types of bombs available for you to use at different points during battle. Do not be afraid to play around with them during your first few games in order to figure out which ones you like best. Each bomb has a different purpose. There are single-target bombs that deal heavy damage. Use these when you want to quickly eliminate a threat. There are also multi-target bombs that damage several enemies. Lastly, there are bombs that are made to demolish parts of the map. These are perfect for burying your opponents, or even making them fall off the map entirely.

2. Look For The Red Dot

When you look at the different menu icons on the screen, you will often see a red dot on some of them. The red dot is an indicator that there is a reward waiting for you. Make it a habit to go through these different menu icons to look for the red dot and claim the corresponding reward. Not all of the rewards are free, however. One example is the top-up reward. As the name suggests, it is the reward for making a purchase in the game. That means you will have to shell out real cash if you want to claim that reward.

3. Check Your Server

One weird bug that happens one in a while is that you will end up in a different server when you start a game. That would mostly be fine if you don’t mind playing a game in a language you don’t understand. If it bothers you, though, make sure you always check your server and pick the one that uses the language you prefer. Otherwise, you will end up playing through the match without understanding anything that is being said.

4. How To Move Your Character

Moving does not take up a turn in the game, so make sure you find a good position before firing. To move your character, you just need to tap and hold where you want your character to go. Remember, positioning can make or break your game. It is not just useful for finding a good place to shoot from, it is also great for shielding yourself using the available terrain.

5. Unlock All Content

As you play Boom Boom Bang, you will continue to gain experience levels. You need to continuously level up in order to unlock all the content in the game. Some of the things you can unlock through levels are cards and pets. These allow you to customize your character further, giving you more power on top of making you look stylish.

Throwing bombs around is fun, especially if you use our Bomb Boom Bang tips and tricks to win every match!