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Major Frank Releases New Elevator Game ‘Lifty’ on iOS and Android

Some crazy antics are coming up in Major Frank’s latest elevator-themed game, Lifty. The game puts players in the shoes of cute little elevator operators. The goal is to ensure that all passengers are picked up and dropped off at the correct floors. It sounds easy on paper, but the actual gameplay can get pretty intense.

major frank lifty

Lifty starts off with the basic task of delivering passengers to the color-coded floors. Players will have a limited time to complete these deliveries. If they fail, the passengers will disappear in a puff of smoke. As players progress through the levels, new kinds of lifts become available, each with a different special function. Power ups that can have game-changing effects also exist. Some can switch platform colors. Others can add extra lives. There are even power ups that increase elevator speed. It will be up to the players to use these to their advantage.

The game features various passengers that have different personalities. More passenger types are unlocked as players climb up the tower. There are also a wide variety of elevators, including a ketchup bottle, a washing machine, and even a rocket. There are hundreds of floors for players to conquers, with more floors being added on a regular basis. All the levels are procedurally generated, which means players get an entirely new experience with each playthrough.

Lifty also has multiple game modes, including Beat the Clock and Avoid 3 Deaths. Lifts can be upgraded in terms of speed and capacity, making it easier to complete levels as time goes by. Those who do well can show off their progress through the game’s Share function. This social feature allows players to compete with their family and friends.

Lifty is now available on Android and iOS devices. The game can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.