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Madden NFL Mobile Tips, Cheats & Tricks: How to Get Unlimited Coins and More Madden Cash

Madden NFL Mobile is EA Sports’ Android and iOS game that carries the popular franchise’s tradition on to the mobile space. And while quite different from the Xbox and PS Madden games you’re probably more familiar with, it does have some similarities, and also makes use of real NFL players. You can draft your own team, choose your starting lineup, and put your team up against those of other human players. In our previous Madden NFL Mobile strategy guide we shared some useful tips and tricks for players who are starting out. But in order to improve your team of scrubs into a potential Super Bowl champion, you’ll need to have some in-game money on you.

There are different types of currency in Madden NFL Mobile, including coins, which serve as the main currency, and Madden Cash, which is the premium currency. These Madden NFL Mobile tips, cheats and tricks will teach you how to as many coins and Madden Cash as possible, therefore giving you more resources to make your team better.

1. Use The Marketplace System To Get More Coins

The marketplace system is the most reliable way to get more coins. Each player available in Madden NFL Mobile comes with his own price, and it’s up to you to buy and sell in the right way so that you can profit and get more coins. Silver and Gold players are the easiest players to sell due to their high demand, but always try to buy low and sell high, with “sell high” still meaning a plausible figure.

2. More About Buying Low / Selling High

When searching for players, it’s best to do it one player at a time, then bidding on the lowest-priced version of such a player. You won’t always win the bid, but once time comes for you to sell that player, auction them off for a starting price that’s just a tad higher than the purchase price you paid when you won the bid. The Buy it Now price should be somewhere around the middle of their upside and downside market value. And when it comes to a prime player who’s overpriced, make the Buy it Now price a bit lower than what other players are offering.

3. Which Bronze / Common Players Should You Auction?

Being that some NFL teams are more popular than others, you want to auction common players, or Bronze players, who suit up for popular teams. We’re talking teams like the Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots, teams that everyone around the world knows of, even if they aren’t too familiar with the current NFL scene. Besides, many players simply want to recreate their favorite real-life NFL team, so feel free to auction off a non-rare or a Bronze player from those popular teams.

4. Play As Much As Possible, And Play To Win

Additionally, we advise you to play as many games as you could, and play those games with winning in mind. Naturally, you’ll earn more coins for winning than you would for losing. It’s also a good idea to try your luck against tougher opponents, as that would increase the amount of coins you could earn if you win the game.

5. Play Head-To-Head To Get Coins Fast

If you want some coins in a hurry, then your best option is to play head-to-head. Why head-to-head? In this mode, you only play one drive at a time, and each of these drives offers you a chance to earn coins.

6. Play League Mode And Live Events

Madden NFL Mobile has several modes, and you should also give League mode and Live Events mode a try. If you decide to take part in a league, it’s imperative that you focus on your team and, once again, play to win and as often as possible. The more you play, the higher your rank will be, and that all adds up to more coins.

7. Unfortunately, You Have To Pay Real Money For Madden Cash

This is a common quibble we’ve had with EA Sports mobile games; it’s very easy to earn the main currency, but when it comes to the premium currency, you’re left with no choice but to pay actual dollars and cents. That’s the way it is with the gold coins in EA Sports UFC, for instance. In Madden NFL Mobile, the only way you can get Madden Cash is to pay real money, but then again, all the items you can pay for with Madden Cash can also be paid for with coins. Unless you’ve got the luxury to spend a few dollars, don’t bother with the Madden Cash.

Do you know any othe Madden NFL Mobile tips and tricks to earn more coins and Madden cash in the game? If you do, feel free to let us know!