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Madden NFL 22 Mobile Strategy Guide: 16 Tips & Tricks for Advanced Players

Electronic Arts’ latest mobile entry to the Madden franchise, Madden NFL 22 Mobile, has been out for some time, and compared to previous editions we’ve seen and played, this is probably one of the most updated versions so far. The old standbys remain — all 32 NFL teams, real-life players, and a cornucopia of game modes that include some old favorites as well as new or revamped ones such as Journeys and Arena.

madden nfl 22 mobile strategy guide

Our first Madden NFL 22 Mobile guide had tackled beginner and intermediate tips, and was mainly designed to help returning players and new ones alike get their feet wet and get acquainted with some of the most important changes made in the new version of the game. But if you’ve been playing for more than a few days, we recommend checking out our second Madden NFL 22 Mobile strategy guide.

This guide takes a look at other features and modes and offers advice that may help you out in some of the more difficult challenges or drills in the game. We’re going to focus mostly on advanced tips in this guide, though as is often the case, there may be a few intermediate, or even beginner tips that may also be included below.

1. Getting Started With Arena Mode

As we explained in the beginner guide, Arena Mode is new for Madden NFL 22 Mobile, and it replaces that old standby, Overdrive, which was a staple of previous versions of the game. Whereas in that mode your goal was to score as many Fantasy Points as possible while playing on offense, that changes in Arena, where each battle against an opposing team is conducted via a series of “traditional” drives.

Whichever team scores more points (based on the regular NFL scoring system) at the end of three drives wins the game, and winning teams get Madden Cash, Trophies, and Arena Coins as a prize for their victory. Don’t worry if you lose the Arena game either, because just like in Overdrive, you’ll get a consolation prize of sorts in the form of fewer Madden Cash, Trophies, and/or Arena Coins than you normally would get for a win. (You may get just one of those prizes as a consolation if you get shut out!)

madden nfl 22 mobile arena

Basically, it’s a simplified, stripped-down take on the PvP element that’s always been present in Madden NFL Mobile games, and while not everyone may be used to it at first, there’s a chance you may enjoy its no-bells-and-whistles approach.

Aside from the fact that you will still be playing offensive downs only and not handling the defense, one other thing that remains from Overdrive is the season system — each season lasts 14 days, or “rounds,” and for each round, you have a maximum of five “attempts” at playing an Arena game per day. You will also score points for each drive you win in Arena Mode — if you get totally creamed by your opponent, meaning you don’t win a single drive, you won’t score any points.

Reach a certain number of points and you will get promoted from one league to the next, and earn a prize for getting promoted, which may include Madden Cash, Arena Coins, and Trophies. Arena Coins can be used to purchase new players in the Store, while Trophies will come into play when leveling up your better players, as we’ll be explaining later on in this guide.

Completing more stages in Journeys allows you to unlock more competitive Arenas to play in — these would have a higher recommended Team Overall rating (OVR) and your opponents will obviously be tougher to beat, but the tradeoff is obviously better rewards. As it is, it may not be the best idea to play Arena Mode unless your Team OVR is less than 2,000, even if the recommended range is 1,500 to 3,000.

madden nfl 22 mobile gameplay

The matchmaking system seems to act pretty randomly and doesn’t exactly try to pair players up with opponents with similarly rated teams, and good luck finding creampuff opponents, especially if your Team OVR is below 2,500! So even if the scoring system is classic NFL-based scoring and the offense-only downs mechanic remains in place, Arena can be a bit harder than Overdrive in more ways than one.

But winning a game can be very rewarding, so we recommend playing this mode whenever you could and getting used to the differences between Arena and Overdrive!

2. Don’t Stick To The Same Play All The Time – There Are Limits!

When playing drives in Arena Mode, the game will still suggest the best plays for you to call, but you may also notice one key difference that wasn’t on Overdrive and cannot be found in other game modes — the number of times you can call a certain play will be limited, which is most likely in the interest of keeping things as fair as possible and neutralizing whatever advantage you (and the opponent too) may have when they call their go-to play.

madden nfl 22 mobile game result

You’ll notice this when you see the words “1 Left” on the upper right of the play — naturally, this means you can only call that play one more time during the entire Arena game. That play also won’t be suggested in most cases, so if it isn’t, that should free you up to look for an alternate play, preferably one you haven’t used yet during the course of the game.

Real-life NFL coaches like to mix things up, so if you were able to get away with spamming the same play in other game modes, that won’t be the case in Arena Mode. Get creative, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box!

3. Should You Go For Two-Point Conversions In The Arena?

In real-world American football, two-point conversions are typically used as a last resort for a team that has a decent chance of pulling off the slim come-from-behind win but might not have enough time to do so.

These replace the usual points after touchdown, which are almost automatic one-point field goal kicks from a set distance of 15 yards from the opponent’s goal line, and would have the offense lined up much closer — just two yards from the goal line. It’s a calculated risk, but when it pays off, it could prove pivotal in helping a team pull off a close victory instead of losing by a slim margin or letting the game go into overtime.

madden nfl 22 mobile two-point conversion

In Madden NFL 22 Mobile, two-point conversion attempts seem to be fairly common in Arena Mode, where the goal is to outscore your opponent in each of the three drives — why go for seven points when you can score eight by punching through the defense with a powerful run from two yards out?

If you have a good running back with high Physical and Rushing ratings, you should absolutely go for the two-point conversion; the same would apply if you’ve got a highly-rated quarterback with more than a few good receivers, but in most cases, it would be best to score those two points on land rather than by air.

On the other hand, if you have a running back who isn’t that physical or some weaknesses at QB and/or WR, then you might be better off keeping things simple and going for the conventional PAT. Once you’ve got the kicking mechanic mastered, scoring that point after touchdown should be second nature, much like it is for just about every kicker playing in the NFL right now.

4. Be Prudent With Your Arena Tickets!

Unlike Overdrive, Arena Mode requires a special form of currency in order for you to play more games, and that is Arena Tickets. The game states that you can purchase them with Madden Cash, or if you don’t want to spend, you can simply get them by playing Madden NFL 22 Mobile on a regular basis and completing as many Daily Goals as possible — specifically the ones that offer Arena Tickets as a prize.

madden nfl 22 mobile arena ticket

That means they’re especially rare, and unlike what you may think when you first see the words “attempts reset” in the upper right corner of the Arena menu, that doesn’t necessarily mean your Arena Tickets will automatically reset by the cutoff time and you’ll get two or three more of them once the clock strikes.

On the contrary — “attempts reset” refers the number of times you can play an Arena game per day, and if you try to beat the clock and spend an Arena Ticket with mere seconds remaining before the reset, that ticket will essentially be wasted! You’ll be bounced right back to the Arena menu, having spent something for nothing, so make every ticket count, and if you’re having a rough stretch while playing Arena games, you might as well take a break instead of letting frustration cloud your judgment as you keep playing.

5. Get To Know Your Roster Better By Reviewing Players’ Attributes

It should go without saying that all players included in Madden NFL 22 Mobile are designed to play like their real-life equivalents, so if you’re fairly familiar with the NFL, you might think that you don’t need to review player attributes in order to get the most out of them.

However, that is not the case, because real-life players don’t come with Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic rarities that determine their base and maximum attributes. For example, take someone like Tampa Bay’s Rob Gronkowski, who is still one of the NFL’s best tight ends despite his one-year retirement and his slowly advancing age (32 as of this writing), or Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb, who is coming off two straight 1,000-yard seasons — both players are of Uncommon rarity in this year’s Madden NFL Mobile, which is pretty solid but far from the best. Both have base OVR ratings of 70, which some may say is a bit low, considering their real-world performance.

madden nfl 22 mobile roster management

That in mind, we would advise you to check the Roster Management screen regularly by tapping on Roster on the left side of the main menu and tapping on each of your Uncommon, Rare, and Epic players to go beyond their OVR and see what makes up that overall rating in the first place.

All players, regardless of position, are rated based on Quickness, which can be considered an all-around athleticism rating, Physical, which refers to their physical strength, and Mental, which determines how well they can successfully do their part when you’re calling plays. But if you scroll down, you’ll see that there are other ratings to evaluate depending on a player’s position.

madden nfl 22 mobile player rank up

Quarterbacks are rated based on Passing and Rushing, receivers based on Rushing and Blocking (Run Blocking for WRs), defensive players based on Run Stop, Pass Rush, and/or Coverage (the latter for linebackers and defensive backs), and so on. Each of these specific ratings are equally important, and may be helpful in determining whether a player can perform or not in a certain situation.

Another thing to remember when it comes to your roster is to regularly update it once you open a new player pack. Most of the time, this is done automatically, but sometimes, you may need to go into the Manage Lineup screen (also accessible via the left-side options in the main menu) and tap on Best Lineup so that the game will automatically select your best players depending on their OVR and your chosen play style. And peaking of Play Style…

6. Make Sure You’re Choosing The Right Play Style

Previous editions of Madden NFL Mobile had Schemes, which were essentially different types of offenses you can run depending on the types of players you had on your team — most players would have Scheme badges on their cards that told you which Scheme they perform best at, and having so many players correspond to a certain Scheme gave you bonuses in Overdrive. We won’t get to all the details of an old feature that has been revamped on Madden NFL 22 Mobile, but its successor has been simplified dramatically, right down to the names used for each of them.

Instead of Schemes, you now have Play Styles, which are also color-coded but without the fancy names (West Coast, Spread, etc.) of old. Purple corresponds to Short Passing, orange to Option (flexible offenses where you can easily switch from rushing to passing plays and back), green to Rushing, and blue to Long Passing, and players no longer have Scheme-related badges.

madden nfl 22 mobile running game strategies

It was probably the best thing to do with Overdrive getting stripped down and replaced by Arena, and the only drawback here may be having to create a lineup for each scheme, based on the player information you may have reviewed after reading the last tip. Otherwise, choosing a Play Style on the right side of the Manage Lineup screen gives you a playbook specifically designed for that style; you can create new lineups by tapping on the Default Lineup dropdown box, then choosing Create Lineup.

We didn’t mention this when talking about the Arena basics, but before you commit to an Arena game, you’ll need to choose your Play Style along with the rest of your starting lineup — once you enter the Arena, you cannot change either the Play Style or your lineup, so make sure you choose wisely!

7. You’ll Need Trophies In Order To Get Your Players Beyond Level 10

Thanks to Journey: Genesis, you may have learned as a beginner or intermediate player that it takes a lot of resources to get five players on your team to level 10, but at that point, you were working with only two types of resources — coins and TP. However, there’s a third resource that comes into play when leveling up your players from 11-15, and that’s Trophies. You can earn more Trophies by playing Arena games, as we explained above, but aside from that, you can also get them by heading to the Training Center and completing the Limited and Blitz challenges for Trophies.

madden nfl 22 mobile trophies

The Limited Trophies challenge involves goal-line rushing, and you will be given 20 tries to score two touchdowns — very easy, and it gives you the best chance to earn a substantial number of Trophies once you’re done completing it. Like the Limited challenges for coins and TP, this can only be completed twice per day, and there is no option to automatically play it. As for the Blitz challenge, the script is once again flipped, but in a different way — here’s you’re playing as the defense, and your goal is to prevent the offense from scoring a goal-line touchdown twice out of four tries.

Similar to the Coins and TP Blitzes, the Trophies Blitz can be played thrice a day, with the option to pay Madden Cash to get a new set of three tries for additional farming. The Auto option is also available here, but that won’t change the amount of Stamina consumed — it simply gives you the option of letting the AI automatically complete the challenge with the same prizes and much less inconvenience.

8. Ranking Up – Collect Duplicate Players To Get More Shards

By default, all players you unlock in Madden NFL 22 Mobile start out with just one star, putting them at Rank 1. But what if you want to further unlock their potential and increase their OVR rating beyond what you can already achieve by leveling them up with the usual resources? You’ll need to rank them up, and in order to do that, you’ll need enough duplicates of the same player.

Now this shouldn’t be too difficult, as certain game modes offer player packs where there are only so many players to choose from. But if you are, for instance, trying to rank up your Rare Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes, this could be more difficult and it could take a while before you find enough duplicates or trade for them successfully (more on trades in the very next tip).

madden nfl 22 mobile rank up

The bottom line here, though, is that you shouldn’t fret too much if you open a pack and you end up with a player you already have — those duplicates can be very useful, especially once you reach the later stages of Journeys and need to have a stronger lineup against the increasingly smart and sharp AI opponents!

The amount of shards needed to rank up a player from Rank 1 to Rank 2 may vary, but for Uncommon players, you’ll need five shards to get them to that next rank — to cite an example of how this affects OVR, our level 15/Rank 1 Rob Gronkowski went from 87 OVR to 99 OVR after we ranked him up to Rank 2.  You will, however, need progressively more shards to get them from Rank 2 to Rank 3 and so on.

9. Trade Your Common Players To Get Resources And More

On the left side of the main menu, you’ll see a pair of options you may already be familiar with at this point — Team, which allows you to manage your starting lineups, and Roster, which gives you an overview of the non-common players on your roster and allows you to level them up and rank them up.

But one very important option we have yet to discuss is Trades — the topmost choice on the left side. Tap on it and you’ll see various types of trades you can conduct — Limited Time, which is connected to special events, Journeys, which is related to the Journeys mode of Madden NFL 22 Mobile, Resources, which specifically give you resources such as coins, TP, and helmets, Players, which give you players from a certain conference and/or a certain rarity, and in some cases, specific players, and Favorites, which is where you can create shortcuts for your favorite type of trade.

madden nfl 22 mobile trade

Simply tap on the trade of your choice in the first four sections, then tap on the star on the right side, below the prize description, in order to automatically add it to the Favorites section.

When it comes to the resources you need to perform a trade, you would normally need common players — as we’ve mentioned before, the game really does discourage you from holding on to these scrubs for an extended period of time, and emphasizes that they’re trade fodder.

For Journeys trades, you may require Genesis Bonus Keys, which you can pick up by completing certain challenges in Journey: Genesis. Limited Time trades, on the other hand, also require special items that you can pick up while completing challenges in the limited-time mode in question — for example, in Field of Fear Season 2, you’ll need those gloves, jerseys, cleats, and other items that you win as rewards in that mode.

But over at the Resources and Players sections, the requirements are typically straightforward —  for example, you’ll need to sacrifice five common players to get 400 TPs. And if you want an Uncommon Player Pack, you’ll need a combination of players and Tour Coins, which you can collect in The Tour mode under Programs.

submitting trade in madden nfl 22 mobile

At the end of the day, the important thing is coming up with enough trade points, which you can see accumulate on the right side of the Trades screen. Going back to our earlier example, you’re limited to a maximum of five players for 400 TPs, with each player card worth 20 trade points each.

And since you’ll need 100 points to pull off the trade, those five cards match perfectly. Though there may also be times when you can mix and match common players (sometimes of a specific OVR rating or higher) and items in order to get the required amount of trade points.

10. Play Field Of Fear To Get More Trade Items And Other Goodies

Madden NFL 22 Mobile’s Field of Fear mode (accessible via Journeys) is now in its second season, and if you haven’t started playing that mode yet, then you absolutely should. We mentioned it in passing in our beginner/intermediate guide, and we noted that this is the mode where you can find the minigame-like drills such as the virtual minefields that you may recall from previous Madden Mobile versions.

But that’s just one of many different challenges you can play in Field of Fear, where, among other prizes, you can win special items that you will need in the Limited Time trades  — they may not seem that useful at first, as these include gloves, cleats, and other player equipment, but if you collect enough of these and get enough rarer variants of these items, you may be able to open some Rare, or even Epic player packs via the Trades menu!

madden nfl 22 mobile field of fear blitz stage

Field of Fear comes with a special energy-related resource, and that’s S2 Stamina for this particular season — when season 3 comes along, we’re guessing EA will simply rename it S3 Stamina. This is obviously separate from the Stamina you expend when playing other game modes, as it is exclusive to FoF.

You can wait until your Stamina (maximum 200) refills automatically, though if you really cannot afford to (or don’t want to) take a break from FoF, you can use Madden Cash to purchase an S2 Stamina refill. Just be prepared to spend a premium amount of it — S2 Stamina refills cost a whopping 200 Madden Cash!

One thing you’ll have to prepare for in Field of Fear is the different types of drills that you might not see just yet in Genesis. So while there may be times when completing a FoF challenge might seem easier than those in Genesis, you may also need to make some changes to the way you normally play the game, such as in the specific challenge we will be discussing up next.

11. Earn Enough Points For Those Field Of Fear Milestone Rewards

Tap on the Programs tab in the main menu, then on Field of Fear, then you’ll be directed to the Milestone Rewards page, which shows you how many FoF Points you have at the moment, and how many points remain until the next milestone. You can earn FoF Points mainly by completing FoF challenges, though there are a few other ways you can earn those points, including one that we shall be discussing later on in the guide.

And once you reach the point milestones listed, you can get bonus rewards, starting with 2,500 coins for reaching 250 points, 10 Season Stamina for reaching 500 points, one Uncommon AFC Select pack for reaching 750 points, and so on — basically, expect more resources and players as you reach more milestones and accumulate more points.

madden nfl 22 mobile field of fear milestone rewards

If you’re willing to spend some real money, you can opt to purchase a VIP Pass for the current Field of Fear season; the Field Pass costs $30 USD and comes with 3,450 Madden Cash, 1,000 Trophies, 250 S2 (Season) Stamina, and 10,000 FoF Points, while the Sideline Pass is worth $5 and includes 500 Madden Cash, two Season 2 Rare players, 200 S2 Stamina, and 2,000 FoF Points.

Those are just some of the goodies that come with the VIP Passes for Field of Fear, so if you want to gain an extra edge and don’t mind paying for it, then go for it! Those additional Milestone Rewards will be the icing on the cake, though we must stress that paying for items with real cash in Madden NFL 22 Mobile is completely optional.

12. Switch To Your LBs Or DBs When Trying To Prevent Catches!

One of the more difficult drills in Field of Fear is the one where you need to prevent enough catches within five attempts — the goal here in this first drill of its kind, to be specific, is to make sure the opposing team doesn’t catch the ball three times while you’re on defense.

Compared to the first several defensive chapters/challenges/drills in Journey: Genesis, this can be tricky. This isn’t just about preventing a first down or preventing a touchdown from being scored. You actually need to stop the catch from taking place, and it won’t matter if it’s just a short pass to the running back or tight end. A catch is a catch, even if it results in a measly one-yard gain.

By default, you control the right defensive end when playing defense. The role of defensive linemen is mainly focused on pass rushing, or trying to sack the quarterback, and stopping the run. Usually, DEs handle the former, while defensive tackles take care of the latter.

madden nfl 22 mobile defensive strategies

However, they are not expected to cover wide receivers, tight ends, or pass-catching running backs. So with that in mind, you should quickly switch to any one of your linebackers or defensive backs (safeties and cornerbacks) for best results.

This should sound like a no-brainer, but we mention it because it’s a common mistake to let your AI-controlled players do the dirty work while you try to sack the quarterback, hoping against hope that you force him to chuck the ball arbitrarily to avoid a sack, or better yet, just sack him.

While the AI of opposing teams is quite good in Madden NFL 22 Mobile, the same cannot be said about the AI-controlled players on your team, especially on defense. Typically, they’ll just stand there instead of getting in the way of the receiver and the ball, trying to bat the ball away, or trying to force the receiver to drop the catch.

That said, you should have a much better chance of preventing the catch, provided you act quickly enough and tap on the defensive player (once you see the TAP button) when they’re near a receiver.

13. Those Tricky Passing Minigames Make Their Debut In Genesis Stage 3

Longtime Madden Mobile players should know what we’re talking about here — those minigame-like passing drills that were so common in previous versions of the game, with the hot spots and all that good stuff. You’ll probably encounter them for the first time shortly before the midway mark of Journey: Genesis Stage 3, unless you count those few instances prior where completing the drill was essentially a layup.

In Genesis Stage 3, the passing minigame with the hot zones really starts getting tricky, and in here, you’ll be asked to take out all four zones in eight attempts. It doesn’t matter if you throw a complete pass or if the pass results in a touchdown — that’s all irrelevant, because this minigame is designed to train players on the art of precision passing. You need to make sure the target receiver is in the hot spot when they catch the ball — if it’s a considered a catch only once they step out of the zone, then it does not count either.

In these situations, the best thing to do is to stay as relaxed as possible while also thinking quickly — study the layout of the zones and determine where you want to pass before committing to the snap. After the snap, that’s when you’ll need to keep an eye on the receivers stepping into the zone. If you paid attention to the routes before selecting the play, that can be advantageous. Throw the pass while the receiver is still comfortably within the hot spot/zone, and you should be good more often than not.

While not quite as tricky, another passing-related drill worth mentioning is the one where you need to get a certain amount of yardage from your receivers. Sounds simple enough, but take note that the game actually means wide receivers — the yardage will NOT count if you pass to a tight end, even if they are technically considered receivers! (Only taller, bigger, and more suited to catch short passes.)

14. Complete Genesis Stage 3 To Unlock 5-Star Captains

Compared to the first two stages of Journey: Genesis, the third stage is not only more difficult in terms of the chapters/challenges you need to complete, but it is also longer. All in all, there are 20 challenges that you need to complete in order to move on to Stage 4, aka No Fly Zone, and by the end of it all, you will need to have nine players on your roster who are at level 15. That’s a lot of coins, TP, and trophies that need to be spent (and farmed, in the first place), but what does it get you when you’ve completed everything?

madden nfl 22 mobile stage rewards

The answer would be five-star players that you can immediately add to your team — these are referred to in the game as Captains, which is the same term used back in the time of Overdrive, different coaches per scheme, and other features that have been removed in Madden NFL 22 Mobile. Any Captains you add to your team can be used in any mode at any time, and since these are all five-star players, you can expect a substantial boost to your team ratings once they’ve been added to your starting lineup.

As stated by the game, some of the available Captains include Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard, Detroit Lions cornerback Jeff Okudah, New England Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower, and New Orleans Saints safety Marcus Williams. While these are all defensive players, this is just a brief sampling of the Captains you could unlock, so keep grinding until you get those nine level 15 players and win the final challenge in Genesis Stage 3!

15. Here’s How You Can Play Season Mode

Up to this point, everything we’ve discussed so far has pertained to Madden Ultimate Team, which is Madden NFL 22 Mobile’s default mode — no surprises here, as MUT has been the franchise’s main focus in general for the past several years. You’re probably wondering what’s happened to Season Mode, and if you are, then there’s a good chance you’re far from alone — Seasons, as it’s called, isn’t immediately visible, and some may even say it’s carefully hidden. But if you tap on the Home button on the upper right of the main screen, you can toggle between Madden Ultimate Team and Seasons.

There are four formats in Seasons in this year’s version of the game. 2021 NFL Season is the most basic format, and it comes with all 32 NFL teams’ 2021 rosters, the actual 2021 season schedule, full management decisions on your end, and 90-second quarters. Once you play 16 season games total, that will unlock Full Season, which is similar to 2021 NFL season except that in here, you will compete against randomly generated opponents.

madden nfl 22 mobile season mode

Play 32 season games and you’ll get Classic, which allows you to focus on the on-field action as there are no management decisions required. Opponents are randomly generated, and to keep the focus on the gridiron competition, quarters are three minutes long. Lastly, playing a cumulative 48 season games allows you to unlock Short Game Season, which has randomly generated opponents, full management decisions, and one key difference — 45-second quarters.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone, but what’s to do once you commit to a season format? First off, you’ll need to decide whether you wish to use your Madden Ultimate Team roster or the actual roster of the team you’re selecting — for the latter, you’ll need to check NFL Team. Doing so will add “bonus player events” to the equation — these are trades, signings, and injuries that could shake things up, but add an extra layer of realism to your season.

You can also select Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty, where your salary cap and operating income will decrease and the strength of your opponents increases as the difficulty ramps up. You’ll need to be commit to your choices, because once you start the season, those settings can no longer be changed!

madden nfl 22 mobile player injury

As opposed to MUT, which is all about completing challenges and earning rewards to improve your team, Seasons is about making the right personnel decisions — should you sign this free agent who became available, accept a trade proposed by another team or propose one of your own, or should you pay for high-end rehab to make an injured player immediately available or let the player heal up on his own?

You’ll also need to pay close attention to your Owner Goals, which are randomly set at the start of the season — completing them gives you more points in the current Field of Fear season, and more chances to earn more Milestone Rewards in that particular mode!

16. Other Game Modes You Should Check Out

Now that we’re done with the heavy lifting, let’s talk you through the rest of Madden NFL 22 Mobile — it is indeed quite a deep and feature-laden game, and while you may or may not play these modes or use these features regularly, you might as well have an idea of what to expect when you play them.

Leagues, which is accessible via the tab of the same name on the main menu, is, as it’s always been, Madden NFL Mobile’s equivalent of guilds or clans in other gaming genres. The goal of joining Leagues is to give users a chance to interact with other players from around the world (or their area), but beyond the social features, you can take part in league vs. league games and tournaments, mainly for leaderboard rankings and bragging rights.

madden nfl 22 mobile international game

Over at the Programs section, you’ll see NFL International, The Tour, and the Divisional Battles. In NFL International, you’ll be entering games in the second half and asked to win the particular game in exchange for prize packs — these would sometimes include new player cards, but in most cases, you’ll get items that you can use in the Trades menu.

You can also redeem the Treasure Chests found on the International menu, and as you complete more challenges in this mode, your Hype meter will fill up — fill it up enough and you can upgrade that chest for better rewards! Treasure Chests can be claimed every two hours, and like the prize packs mentioned above, these typically contain player-specific items for trades.

The Tour allows you to play full games or half games in exchange for prizes that may include Tour Fans (earn more fans to unlock more challenges and upgrade your rewards), Tour Keys (you’ll need five of each to play the weekly Tour Challenge — you can hold a maximum of 75), and Tour Coins, which can be used as trade material.

madden nfl 22 mobile the tour

Once you reach 100,000 Tour Fans, you’ll unlock the Bronze Challenge — win it and you’ll get a Rare card of Los Angeles Chargers safety Derwin James and unlock the Silver tier of Tour events! The tiers in The Tour go all the way to Platinum, so keep playing this mode for a chance at even better, rarer players, among other rewards!

Lastly, the Divisional Battles for the North and the South offer a different type of challenge for those who play it, though the game will make it easier by boosting all players on your team who play in the AFC/NFC North or South, depending on which of these two modes you’re playing. The main prizes here are North or South Coins, and these coins can be used to purchase AFC or NFC player packs in the store.

madden nfl 22 mobile stage battle

But that’s not all — depending on the tier, if you win all four Team Battles, which are essentially drills similar to the ones in game modes like Genesis, you may unlock the Stage Battle, which is a full game’s worth of action with 100-second quarters. Win the Stage Battle and you’ll get North/South Coins, Rare or Epic Coins (depending on the tier), and move up to the next tier for better rewards and tougher competition. In other tiers, you may be asked to win both AFC and NFC Blitzes, which are late-game comeback situations.

And that’s all for now, as far as our Madden NFL 22 Mobile advanced tips are concerned. Have you discovered any other tips or tricks? If so, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment box!


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

Enjoy the game, 30 second, 60 second, 90 second quarters create unreal objectives and take away From the challenge of competing. By the time you stop the opponent, the clock expires?.

That is not competing, that is fruitless time and energy wasted.