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Garena Free Fire MAX Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become an Ace Contender Fast

The first full battle royale game on mobile just won’t stop getting better and Garena Free Fire takes another step forward with Garena Free Fire MAX. Garena Free Fire MAX is not simply an aesthetic evolution of the same game and takes the mobile battle royale experience to an entirely new level. Ultra HD graphic resolutions and the horde of added quality effects may not be compatible with all mobile devices, but mobile gamers on capable devices will surely test the limits of their device’s processing capacity.

Garena Free Fire MAX works very much like its predecessor as far as base mechanics are concerned. Faster and farther rendering makes it a little easier for snipers to spot and lock on potential targets. This means that even Free Fire veterans will have to be more conscious of these improvements regardless of whether they are the ones doing the sniping or playing defensively against snipers.

garena free fire max guide

Another huge treat for fans and long-time Garena Free Fire players is that, through the firelink technology, progress and items across either games can be carried over to the other.

Garena Free Fire MAX can appear very intimidating to complete beginners. While more experienced and veteran players in the battle royale scene or Garena Free Fire, specifically, will have an easier time to adjust, it does not necessarily follow that total newbies will be left unable to come at par with the experts at some points.

Just like its previous incarnation, Garena Free Fire MAX is a free-to-play mobile game that has its share of premium currencies and items you can acquire faster if you spend real money. These items, however, have no impact on the balance of the game and will not lead to an advantage for any spending player.

garena free fire max booyah

If you have just started playing Garena Free Fire MAX, you should never let the graphics quality and overall package intimidate you. Additionally, just because there are plenty of other players who are more experienced in Garena Free Fire and battle royale games in general does not mean you cannot achieve being the top survivor in the matches you partake in.

The initial sessions can certainly be tricky and it is a long road to become a top-tier competitor. If you want to jumpstart your battle royale runs, then we have you covered as our Garena Free Fire MAX beginner’s guide has a bunch of tips, tricks and strategies to start strong and perform better in every match!

1. Make Sure You Have The Best Settings

Every mobile game you run on your device comes with a default settings deemed by developers to be at its optimum regardless of your device as well as your preferences. While a lot of the default settings can cater well to most players on devices meeting the minimum requirements, there are certainly options worth peeking into and adjusting to ensure the best compatibility.

garena free fire max settings

Beyond that, some critical factors that can affect gameplay and your performance can also be found within the many options under the game’s settings so it is best to look into every bit of adjustable options that you can customize more to suit your preferences.

Garena Free Fire MAX is certainly the type of game that makes you yearn for some action as soon as you dive in. Even if you are an experienced or veteran battle royale player, we recommend choosing the beginner option at the start of your dive so you can get a better feel of the controls and gameplay mechanics on the initial sessions. Once you are free to check all other menus and icons, however, it is best to check the settings menu by clicking on the gear icon at the upper right side of the screen.

The settings menu is comprised of different sets of options worth looking into so you should very well check each tab along with each of the items you can make adjustments to. The basic settings, which you will see first, are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. This is where you manage your account and safe keep your progress so you may frequently visit this especially if you play across both Garena Free Fire and Garena Free Fire MAX.

garena free fire max sensitivity control

Sensitivity control has always been an important aspect of every first or third person shooter. Although the default settings are decent, it is impossible for it to perfectly fit the standards of different players. It is important to have played enough sessions to secure a firm grasp of how each different sensitivity setting is just right for you and which ones need to be adjusted. Higher sensitivity means more movement with the same swipe.

The control settings window in Garena Free Fire MAX makes it all look more complicated than it actually is. In any case, there are basically 2 sets of customizations you should tinker with. The first relates to actual control choices like quick reloads and auto-switching guns. The other half is customizing your hud. This does not just involve adjusting the button layout on the match screen however you want as you can also make adjustments to button sizes and their transparency levels.

garena free fire max auto pickup

If you feel that your device seems to be having problems running Garena Free Fire MAX as smoothly as you might hope it would, then you should definitely make adjustments to the display settings and lower some of the default choices. If not, and you feel the need for a higher quality visual experience, then feel free to test out the best graphic settings possible.

2. Enter Matches To Learn And Discover First

You naturally cannot expect to secure high ranks, most especially the top rank, on your initial runs outside the tutorial. With 49 other players that have varying levels of expertise, you should consider the high possibility of losing to a direct engagement to many of them especially if you are a fresh newbie. This is not meant to discourage you from pursuing your goals of eventually making it as a number 1 survivor in latter matches but, instead, to have you set a more objective and realistic goal for the mean time.

In line with our first tip on this guide, actually engaging in matches go hand-in-hand with making adjustments to the best configurations for you, most especially aim sensitivity and overall control settings. Your primary goal is to test out new configurations and continue to make adjustments until you have what you ultimately need to perform at your very best.

garena free fire max survivor

Just like in most battle royale games, maps in Garena Free Fire MAX are not randomized. This means that repetition of exploration and immersion will naturally increase your familiarity with its layout and terrains. It is a huge map to try and memorize, however, but at least identifying key areas bit by bit will surely lead to an advantage from rummaging resources down to strategizing around engagements.

Another point of consideration to take are the weapons and accessories you use in combat. A lot of it is surrounded by the element of randomness given that you are armed with nothing at the start of the match. Garena Free Fire MAX actually leaves a little less to luck and probability in terms of securing weapons as there are shops deployed on the map where you can buy your preferred weapons should you need to.

Of course, you cannot simply expect to absolutely rely on these stores for items you need and should continue to gather as much supplies as you can all the time. At the very least, there will be available means for you to grab hold of gun types you prefer over others.

garena free fire max safe zone

There is no end to how much you can learn from experience in an actual match. Along with numerous other variables present, how much you immerse in every session you partake in can be a factor to how much improvement you can make over time.

Keep in mind that, at the very least, the initial matches are in-depth extensions of the tutorial you can lay out for yourself and even when you levelled up your skills to the next tier, there will always be some new experience for you to learn from.

3. Get To Know Each Character Well

Garena Free Fire MAX sets you up with 2 default characters to begin your career with. These default characters are meant as starting ones only until you unlock other characters. All other characters will have a unique passive trait, as well as the eventual ability to utilize skills of other characters you unlock. Some characters are naturally a lot more challenging to recruit than others but even without actually owning them, it is important to have a good idea of what each one is capable of as you will sooner or later encounter them in the battle arena.

It will take some time before you rack up shards and unlock or upgrade characters in your roster but every one of them is certainly a better choice than the default characters. As you have surely played enough matches by the time you recruit a handful of characters, you should already have an inkling as to the general strategy, approach, and general play style you will employ as you move forward.

garena free fire max character

With each of your character’s unique attributes, you should be able to identify which one in your current roster is most suitable for you and continue to invest in that character. You will most likely have preferences relating to other characters you have yet to recruit. At the very least, identify the ones you prefer and take time as well to test other characters out.

Getting to know each character is not limited to knowing how to use them in battle. The whole idea of mastery, with regards to characters, involves more than just being able to utilize them well. You would want to have a solid idea as to each character’s special traits for both cooperative and competitive reasons as well.

There will always be an option to play on your own but, chances are, that you will be cooperating with a teammate or a full squad in most of your endeavors. In these instances, having a good enough idea of what each squad member’s special trait is can help you better synergize and coordinate with them.

garena free fire max character play style

More importantly, you would want to know which possible characters in the roster may give you a harder time, considering their innate skills, as well as your character’s and your general play style. Simply knowing what to expect and the attached advantages and disadvantages will not guarantee anything. However, it gives you an extra layer of information to incorporate into your strategies.

4. Battle Royale Proficiency Requires Planning Ahead

Higher levels of precision and faster reaction times are very important in every battle royale game. Superiority in these aspects will certainly tilt the match outcome in your favor to some extent although these do not entirely decide your performance and fate in every match.

For the better part, it boils down to having the right strategy and the better one when the need for it arises. Playing against A.I.s is one thing, but engaging in a battle royale with actual players can be a lot more volatile.

garena free fire max map

While skills in combat is expected to be honed and sharpened over time, expertise in planning can come even before the battle starts. This can be initially attributable to your jump from the plane, regardless of whether or not you are playing with team. Like all other battle royale games with massive battle arenas, you will basically categorize drop zones into ones littered with structures or barren lands away from them.

Naturally, areas with buildings and huge structures will offer more crates and items to loot. This will, in turn, become more attractive spots for players to drop onto. The consideration of whether or not to drop off to or head straight into the structure-laden areas is actually not a determinant of a player’s level of expertise. Rather, players who choose to explore and remain in such areas are either aggressive types eager to go head-to-head with other players and squads, or simply a beginner who does not know any better.

Another thing to consider before the jump is that the jumbo jet will travel in a random direction. With numerous attractive areas in the battle arena, the ones more quickly accessible based on the plane’s route are the ones that are more likely littered with players. Even if you opt to drop off on one of these areas towards the end of the pre-battle drop down, then it is possible to have little to no early encounters with other combatants.

garena free fire max landing

Planning ahead, in this sense, means deciding even before the match if you would jump off early or not as well as opting to go for areas with more loots or straying from them. For beginners and less experienced players, we recommend both latter options. This means staying till the last minute before you make the jump and choosing the less crowded areas to land on.

Doing so can come with some disadvantages, though as the early birds can arm themselves up and proceed to hunt down the late jumpers while they are unarmed. However, a more defensive approach is more in line with the ultimate goal of being the last survivor in the match.

5. Coordination Beats Shooting Skills In Team Play

As a beginner in the world of Garena Free Fire MAX, you should always expect to encounter more experienced players in the battle arena. While we recommend that you keep enough courage and will to survive each match, the idea of having a more defensive approach towards engagements is to avoid recklessness. Beyond what we discussed in the above tip revolving around planning ahead of the jump and so, coordinating well with your squad is also very crucial to securing your victory.

One thing that we always recommend in games that offer cooperative and competitive gameplay mechanics is to gain friends and join a guild. Garena Free Fire MAX as well as most battle royale games make it important to have allies you can readily rely on, unless you are exclusively engaging in matches on solo mode. Beyond the added perks, team coordination is very challenging to obtain if you pair up with random players from one match to the next.

garena free fire max coordination

We consider it the best scenario if you can actually form a squad with friends in real life whom you have no hesitation of coordinating with before and during a match. This is most especially true with people whom you have played with in other games, giving you a much better idea of each one’s strengths and limitations.

As ideal as that would be, however, it is likely to happen that friends you have or can make in Garena Free Fire MAX are different people whom you have played with or at least other players within the guild you joined.

Garena Free Fire MAX provides players with an in-game voice chat, which you should definitely consider to utilize when on duo or squad sessions. There are other means as well to communicate with your fellow squad members and while it can be a challenge to fully utilize as a beginner in a squad of randoms, you will definitely appreciate it a lot better in more competitive and challenging situations.

garena free fire max gameplay

Coordination and teamwork is not limited to what can be planned or discussed within the available communication channels. Staying close with your allies and watching each other’s backs are fundamental to your overall performance in each match. Staying close does not necessarily mean being at arms’ length but rather, being within sight or reach in case of a surprise encounter.

If a one-on-one fire fight comes with uncertainties as to a favorable outcome, then having you or any of your squad members being on a receiving end of a surprise encounter sets the whole squad at a disadvantage.

garena free fire max target

Watching each other’s back, on the other hand, goes beyond simply being available to your allies in a skirmish or healing them when they are down. Teamwork should always prompt you to ensure that each member of your squad is well equipped enough and that you will share some of the loot you find with them.

In some cases, there may be resources you want for yourself that may be more critical for an ally to have. These instances, along with solid communication, will help increase the chances of survival not just for you, but for the whole squad.

6. Use Vehicles And The Environment Strategically

It would appear that we have used the terms “strategy” and “strategically” in our Garena Free Fire MAX Beginner’s Guide an awful lot. In essence, it boils down to the fact that strategy is basically encrypted in every aspect of the game.

From setting up the best possible configurations and running practice sessions, down to preparing ahead of the battle and coordinating with your team, an immersive take on Garena Free Fire MAX literally leaves very little idle time for your mind to keep on running.

In addition to everything we have discussed so far, a couple of important points to consider, especially for beginners is the utilization of vehicles and the storm in every match. Vehicles are largely considered as opportunities while the storm and the shrinking safe zone are naturally regarded as threats. Both, however, serve equally as doors for both opportunities and threats.

Vehicles in Garena Free Fire MAX lets you travel a lot faster across great distances. You can also run over unsuspecting players using these vehicles and even instantly earn a kill in some cases. This comes in especially handy as well if you are far from the next safe zone following the growth of the storm and also an excellent way for groups to travel together.

garena free fire max vehicle

However, being in a moving vehicle is a lot likely to attract attention from all sides and you basically make yourself and your squad a lot more visible and even easier to target. Form a strategic standpoint, it is best to use vehicles only if you want to travel fast without utilizing teleportation pods and exit out of it if you are where you need to be.

The storm itself, which pushes all players to gradually converge in a small area and finish each other off, statistically has the highest kill count across matches. Getting caught within the storm continues to deal damage to any player and it only takes a few seconds for it to completely wipe out your health.

It goes without saying that you should always keep track of how the safe zone will shrink and keep yourself well within its present and the upcoming scope. While the storm is certainly a threat that, at the very least is as huge as any enemy, it leaves you with bits of opportunities as well to utilize it as an opportunity.

garena free fire max damage

How the storm grows and safe zone changes happen at random. The safe zone starts off as a huge blue circle and once it shrinks, the next smaller circle can be anywhere within the current safe zone. Despite the element of randomness, you can still more or less predict which part of the current map will remain to be part of the safe zone and the new safe zone will also be indicated before the circle actually shrinks. Depending on where it is on the map, you can also assume where the rest of the players are, perhaps never specifically but at least a rational presumption of possibilities.

If your current predicament leaves you moving toward the smaller safe zone as it shrinks, be sure to be ready for potential ambushers. On the other hand, if you happen to be already well within the new safe zone as it shrinks, you can always prepare to ambush oncoming players. Considering these tactics, it can be very advantageous to always move towards the upcoming safe zone ahead of time.

garena free fire max ambush

At the same time, though, you should not discount the possibility of more surviving players also being well within that safe zone. Again, this is where familiarity with some areas of the map and knowledge of hiding and camping spots as well as ambush points can benefit you.

What truly makes Garena Free Fire MAX an immersive battle royale experience goes way beyond the upgraded graphics and gameplay mechanics. As much as the tips and strategies we shared here can lead to a better performance for beginners, the better teacher in this case would be actual experience.

We hope that you have picked up a good deal of strategies with what we shared but, more importantly, we hope that it will broaden your perspective on how to go beyond these tips and strategies as well. If you have your very own unique tricks and strategies you want to share, feel free to do so and hit us up in the comments!