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Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race Guide: 6 Tips, Cheats & Hints You Need to Know

Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race is a perfect game for all Mad Max lovers, as well as for all people loving to play post-apocalyptic games. With only your faithful motorbike at your disposal, you must reach the finish while avoiding dangerous obstacles, performing bigger-than-life jumps, and racing against other bikers in the unforgiving world of Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race.

The game is pretty easy and quite enjoyable to play. The levels are a bit monotonous but they are packed with a good old post-apocalyptic vibe that will keep you playing to the end. There are 24 levels in total, and while most of them are a real breeze to beat, there are some that will ask a complete focus from the players since they are filled with huge gaps and crazy stunts to perform. Of course, there are always ways to beat the game without breaking a sweat, and if you stay with us you’ll find lots of helpful tips that will make even the hardest Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race levels a joy to play. Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Your Bike Is Pretty Much Indestructible

While Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race is a kind of a survival racing game, you can roll, fall on your head, and perform all sorts of stunts without destroying your bike. Unlike similar games, Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race won’t punish reckless players; you can do (almost) whatever you like without destroying your vehicle. This means that lots of levels can be beaten by just keeping your finger on the gas pedal, sweeping through the grim world of Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race.
It is also good to know that fire is harmless; you can pass through it without any consequence.

2. You Can Die Though

Losing a life is harder than it looks, but it can happen. If you fall into the water, you’ll most certainly see a game over screen. The only time water won’t drown you is if it is needed to drive through it in order to reach the finish line. If your screen fills with wide water chunks that can’t be jumped over, it is safe to drive into the water.

Also, falling to reach the other side will take you to the game over screen. If you miscalculate a jump and fall into one of the numerous gaps, it is game over. So remember, even if your bike is (almost) indestructible, falling through the abyss or driving into water will most certainly result in replaying a level.

3. There Will Be Other Bikers On Most Levels But You Don’t Have To Beat Them In Order To Earn A Three-Star Rating

Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race contains lots of levels where you’ll race other bikers to the finish line. They can race you from the beginning of a certain level and they also can appear at random points. You can’t hit them, and they can’t crash into you. The best part is that other racers can’t gather coins, so it’s all up to you to gather as many coins as you can.

And if some racer overtakes you, don’t sweet about it. No matter on which position you arrive at the finish line, a three-star rating is guaranteed. The three-star rating is quite easy to obtain; all you have to do is reach the finish line in one piece. No matter your time and position, the only requirement for a three-star rating is reaching the finish.

4. Look For Hidden Areas

Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race features lots of hidden areas that usually contain lots of coins. Look carefully for them since coins are generally hard to find. Hidden areas are usually placed either really high, requiring from you to jump as high as you can to reach them. They can also be hidden almost in plain sight, below you, or just next to a gap.

Remember, fi you see a hidden area but are unable to reach it, play the level one more time because these areas can contain dozens and dozens of coins.

5. Turning Off Wi-Fi And Data Connection Will Make The Game Ad-Free

Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race is filled with ads, something no gamer wants to see in her games. Ads appear after each and every level and can become really annoying after a while. Since the game doesn’t require an internet connection in order to be played you can just turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data and enjoy an ad-free Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race. Try that, it’s awesome.

The only negative side of disabling ads is that you won’t be able to earn double prizes by watching ads. And we recommend watching ads for double prizes to all players who like to unlock additional vehicles since Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race is filled with many different bikes.

They differ only in outside appearance, but it is fun to ride a different bike every time. Aside from unlocking bikes for coin, they can be given as a reward for beating a level, but that rarely happens. Also, if you want to unlock as many bikes as you can, a good tactic is to replay levels featuring hidden areas since beating those levels (and collecting every coin found in hidden areas) can give you hundreds of coins in just one playthrough.

6. The Second Game World Is Locked, Here’s How To Unlock It

Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race features two game worlds, the first one is unlocked from the start, and the second one can be unlocked either by paying 5000 coins or by paying real money. 5000 coins are hard to gather, so if you don’t want to spend real money to unlock the second world we recommend you to grind through levels.

As is the case with unlocking additional bikes, pick levels containing hidden areas and then just grind through them. If you decide for this option you can earn enough coins to unlock the second game world in less than an hour.

The third option is to watch an ad in order to unlock the second world for a limited time. Limited time means that you’ll be able to play a couple of levels before having to watch another ad. While this is certainly the easiest way of unlocking the second game world, we recount you to gather 5000 coins and unlock the second world permanently.

Thanks for reading our Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race guide. We hope you liked it, and we hope it made you a better Mad Road: Apocalypse Moto Race player. Happy Gaming!