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Love You to Bits (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Puzzles Quickly

Love You to Bits is an iOS puzzle adventure game by Alike Studio, that has an interesting title, and a reason why the game is named as such. The game puts you in the role of Kosmo, a clumsy rookie space explorer who’s in search for his robot girlfriend Nova. We should add that Nova is, in fact, dead, with all her pieces having been blasted across outer space. But that’s the thing about this game, as Kosmo wants to find those robotic bits (hence the title – get it?), rebuild her, and bring her back to life. And while doing this, you’ll be visiting strange worlds and planets, with aliens to battle, hidden objects to gather, and puzzles to solve. Can you help Kosmo find the bits and pieces of his robot girlfriend and put her back together again?

Puzzle games are designed to test your critical thinking ability, and while this is a fairly casual title overall, there may be some bits of it (no pun intended) that may throw you off and leave you scratching your head. But worry not about those tough parts of the game, as we’re here to help you solve more puzzles with these Love You to Bits tips and tricks.

1. All The Puzzles Remain The Same No Matter How Often You Replay Them

Many games like to challenge players by including “procedurally generated” levels among the features. In simple terms, that means levels that are completely random each time you play, adding to the replay value, but also making the game harder. Love You to Bits contains no such procedural generation, as each puzzle will always remain the same each time you load them up. These are fixed puzzles, so there’s no need to expect any twists and turns during replays.

2. Keep On Clicking

Love You to Bits is a point-and-click kind of puzzle game, and that simply means you should be clicking on stuff and hoping something happens – in other words, good old trial and error. Still, that’s what you need to do in most cases to complete the puzzle. Sometimes, you may click on something but nothing happens, but that’s okay. You can simply move on to the next object, click on it, and hope for the best. Also keep your eye out for items that seem to blend into each other – it’s easy to miss these “camouflaged” items, so maintain your focus and look carefully!

3. Memorization Is Key

Sometimes, you will need to click on one item multiple times, and that’s something you have to remember should you go through the level once again – just as we said, everything stays the same in the levels from play-through to play-through. There are also times when you have to click things in a certain order – for example, you may need to work on the left side, then on the right side, then back again to the left. Do your best to memorize these little details and you’ll be acing those puzzles in no time flat.

That’s all you need to know to become successful in Love You to Bits. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comment section!