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Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers Tips, Cheats & Guide to Complete More Levels

Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers is an iOS game from Power Place Publishing, and the objective of this new casual platformer is to find the lost sock, fight the game’s antagonists, the Nibbles, and defeat the Boss. It’s further described as an exciting run ‘n’ gun game with more than 30 levels, and apart from the different characters you may meet along the way, there are bonuses to be collected, obstacles to be dodged, and three different locations to visit. Power Place adds that you can complete challenges in completely unique ways, and that even hardcore gamers will appreciate the different tasks and challenges the game has to offer.

That makes for quite an interesting title, but how can you beat more levels, and how can you survive longer and attain some success in this game? We’ve got what you need below, in the form of some Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers tips and tricks.

1. How Do You Score In This Game?

Lost Socks doesn’t really explain how you can score in the game, but getting a high score should be one of your objectives, as it comes alongside unlocking and completing more level. Killing more enemies and destroying more boxes is the way to go if you want to score a ton of points; merely collecting coins won’t suffice if you’re trying to chase your previous top score. There are also combos which you can string together to add even more points to your total, and you can find out how to do them by heading to the right corner of the level select screen to pull up the combo menu.

2. You Really Have To Grind To Move Forward

One of Lost Socks’ strange mechanics (on top of the rather peculiar name) is the fact that you have to play several levels repeatedly so you can unlock new levels. The game also doesn’t say this outright, but as you’ll find out along the way, you’ll need certain types of weapons and you may have to buy the right upgrades in order to ensure yourself of success and unlock more levels in the game. So with that in mind, this title might not be as casual as the graphics or the premise make it seem.

3. You Can Pull Off Some Special Moves On Your Own

Lost Socks comes with some buttons which you can use to perform certain actions, but there are also a few other moves which you can do outside of hitting those buttons. For example, quick taps on the jump button do as you may expect; that’s making a short, subtle hop. Landing on floating platforms allows you to add some “juice” to your jump, provided your timing is perfect. Holding buttons down on the Bustler and some other guns allow you to fire continuously, as opposed to one bullet at a time. Lastly, doing a dash while gliding and holding down on the jump button allows you to keep on gliding, instead of hitting the ground.

That’s all for now, as far as our tips and tricks for Lost Socks: Naughty Brothers are concerned. Have you discovered other hints for this game? If so, don’t hesitate to let us know.