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Lords of Conquest Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Lords of Conquest is a massively multiplayer strategy game created by 37Games for Android and iOS devices. It meticulously recreates a world where chaos rules, and only the strongest survive. In this game, you will play the role of a lord who is on a quest to capture the Throne. You will need to build your empire from the ground up, and compete against hundreds of other lords who are after the same thing. Choose from different civilizations, and customize your empire according to your play style. Prepare to battle on both land and sea, as the enemies are relentless in their pursuit of the Throne. You will need to team up with other players in order to participate in massive multiplayer battles. Brute force can only take you so far. You will need the help of our Lords of Conquest strategy guide if you want to succeed!

1. Pick The Civilization You Want

In Lords of Conquest the civilizations, or factions, are mostly similar. They don’t have any significant advantages over each other. That means you are free to choose whichever civilization you want. You won’t have to worry about any weaknesses since the only real differences among the civilizations are the passives they provide. The benefits from these passives are so small that they are negligible. It is better if you just pick one with designs you don’t mind looking at for long periods of time.

2. Focus On The Castle Quests

When you look at the right side of the screen, you will see the recommended quest. There is a reason why it is recommended. The Castle Quests are designed to help you stay on the right track in terms of progress. Don’t worry because they are not too hard to accomplish. In fact, most of them will be completed by just playing the game normally. They mostly serve as reminders for you to develop your base. As an added bonus, you are given a lot of rewards for completing the quests. By the time you complete the first two sets of quests, you will have over 100k worth of resources as rewards.

3. Find An Active Warband

A Warband is the equivalent of a guild in this game. You get to play alongside other players that will help you grow. Fellow players from your Warband can help you speed up production, and even join you in your attacks. This is why you should find a Warband with a lot of active players. The support they will provide you will be crucial to your progress. Make sure you find one quickly because you will receive 200 gold when you join a Warband for the first time. Don’t be afraid to jump to another Warband if you are dissatisfied with the first one you join.

4. Use Your Free Explorations

Explorations allow you to send out search teams in hopes of recruiting new heroes for your empire. There are two types of exploration available in the Hall of Heroes. The first one is the Expert Team exploration. It has a chance of recruiting heroes from Rank C to A. This is available for free up to five times per day, with a ten-minute cooldown period after each exploration. The second type of exploration is the Elite Team exploration. This will give you a chance to recruit heroes from Rank A or S. It is only available for free once per day, so make sure you take advantage of it.

Once you have used up your free explorations, you can continue exploring for a price. Expert Team explorations will cost you silver, which is the regular currency of the game. The Elite Team exploration is more expensive, and it costs gold, so you might want to stick to the free ones unless you want to spend real money.

5. Look For Consumable Items

After receiving so many rewards from the game, it is often easy to lose track of what you actually won. Consumable items are some of the most overlooked rewards in the game. They often sit around in players’ bags, waiting to be noticed. Make sure you take time to rummage through your bag for these consumable items. They often reward you with resources upon use. You should also check on your Level Up Chest as it rewards you with several goodies once you reach the required level.

6. Always Fill Up Your Queues

Progress in this game takes time primarily because a lot of the upgrades have timers on them. That is why you should never leave your builders idle. The good news is, it is easy for you to keep track of any idle facilities. Just check the window on the left side of your screen. It will show you any idle building or research queues. You will also see here if you have any troops marching around. Make sure you keep your queues busy in order to maximize your growth.

7. Sign In Daily To Get Goodies

Lords of Conquest is very generous with rewards, and one of the primary sources of goodies is the daily login bonus. The bonus calendar refreshes every month, but every third day of the week will always reward you with a lot of gold. No matter what happens, don’t miss logging in on the third day of each week. The first and second week of the month will give you 150 gold each. The third and fourth week will reward you with 200 and 250 gold respectively. That means you will get a whopping 750 gold if you are able to sign in on every third day of each week for the whole month. Mark your calendars, you’re about to get rich!

8. Collect Accolades

Accolades are the equivalent of achievements in Lords of Conquest. The great thing about them is that they always reward you with gold. There are different types of accolades that you can aim for. Battle accolades, as the name suggests, are achievements that you make during battles. Development accolades are the ones you get for upgrading your kingdom to a certain level. Lastly, Lord accolades are those you get for reaching level milestones.

Another great thing about the accolades is that you don’t really need to worry about them. There are accolades that require you to heal units, recruit units, scout a number of times, and even spend a specific amount of gold. You might think it’s a lot of work, but these are actually things you normally do every day. It is just a matter of waiting for those things to accumulate. Just keep playing like you always do, and remember to check your accolades once in a while.

9. Quest For More Gold

Castle Quests are not just for keeping your base up to date. Yes, you also get a bunch of resources and rewards, but there is another benefit that can be gained from diligently working on your quests. At the end of every chapter is an end chapter bonus chest. These chests will reward you with 100-200 gold. The further you progress in the story, the more gold you will receive. If you are short on gold, don’t forget to wrap up those chapters!

The race for the Throne is tough, but if you follow our Lords of Conquest cheats, tips and tricks, you will surely come out on top! In addition, if you have anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave a message in the comment section below!


Thursday 6th of June 2019

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Thursday 6th of June 2019

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