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Lollipop: Sweet Taste Tips & Cheats to Complete More Three-Star Levels

Lollipop: Sweet Taste Match3 is a mobile title from BitMango that leaves no doubt as to what kind of game it is. This is a puzzle game that slots into that most popular sub-genre of puzzle gaming, Match 3, and it’s described by BitMango as the king of brain teasers. Your mileage may vary in that regard, but if you’re looking for a Match 3 game, or any kind of game for that matter, that can challenge you without trying to reinvent the wheel, this one’s for you. Playing the game is simple, as all you have to do is to match three or more candies of the same type, complete as many levels as possible (the game comes with over 200), and make good use of your boosts to clear the obstacles.

Truth be told, this game doesn’t really come with too many twists or differentiating factors like the RPG/Match 3 hybrids we discussed in recent days. It’s straight-up, classic Match 3 for the most part, where your main objective should be to complete as many levels as possible, and to reach three stars out of three in those levels. So read on, as we shall now be bringing you some Lollipop: Sweet Taste tips and tricks you can use if you need more help moving forward in the game.

1. Go For Matches Of More Than Three

This is probably a tip you’ve heard or read before, and that’s because the same rules apply in this particular Match 3 title. It’s all well and good to be matching three pieces if that’s the only option you have, but if you see matches of four or more pieces, you should go for them. By matching at least four pieces in certain arrangements, you can clear out more of the board, or even clear out most or all of the board. That will also help you score points faster and use up less of your moves (for bonus points), and with that you can increase your chances of getting a perfect three stars in a level. You can also match two special pieces if the opportunity arises, which would lead to the more dramatic effects we had described above.

2. Don’t Spend Your Gold Coins On Extra Moves

If you run out of moves in any given level, the game may ask you if you want to buy some extra moves with your gold coins. We would strongly recommend against this, because those gold coins you earn by playing the game can be used on other, more productive things. If you run out of moves, you can always retry the level, as there’s hardly a time when spending coins to buy moves would be a good idea.

3. Work On Completing The Achievements

Lollipop Sweet Taste comes with achievements which you can accomplish, such as completing a certain number of levels, or completing so many levels without using any special pieces. You can earn achievements simply by playing the game naturally, but it could help if you take a look at them and replay levels with completing the achievements in mind. More achievements means more items, so don’t overlook this part of the game!

4. Take Advantage of Your Power-Ups

We warned you about using your coins for additional moves, which is a no-no 99 percent of the time. So what should you use your coins for in this game? The answer to this question would be power-ups; you can buy them before starting a level and use them to your advantage. If there’s a piece or pieces that you need out of the way, go ahead and use those power-ups, though it’s also a good thing to use them if the created match would ripple into several succeeding matches, and maybe the creation (and use) of some special pieces as new pieces fall down.

This wraps up our tips and tricks for BitMango’s mobile game, Lollipop: Sweet Tase. If you know more hints for the game, feel free to leave a message in the comment section below!

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