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Ambulance Game 2016 Tips & Cheats to Complete More Missions

Ambulance Game 2016 is a new mobile game for Android developed by Baklabs that very much slots in the casual gaming genre. It caters specifically to fans of driving games, and those who are crazy about rescuing injured people. To sum things up, this is an ambulance driving game, as the title suggests, and you’re going to have to drive your ambulance through city traffic, rescuing people and taking them to the hospital safely. But it won’t be an easy drive, as you have to watch out for vehicular and human traffic alike, while also thinking of the welfare of the patients riding in the back of your ambulance.

It can be quite a stressful job to drive your ambulance around, even if this game does try to make it fun and addictive. So how can you rescue more patients, and how can you survive the hustle and bustle of the city and make it to the hospital in one piece? We’ll be answering all of that, with these Ambulance Game 2016 tips and tricks.

1. Know The Basics – Choose The Controls That Work For You

In Ambulance Game 2016, you have three options when choosing how to control your ambulance. The first would be to use the game’s onscreen steering wheel, the second would be to use the left and right arrows on the screen, and the third would be to tilt your device left and right, using the gyro feature to move your ambulance. We personally prefer the first two and aren’t fans of the latter control method, but it will all depend on you; which method are you most comfortable with? Test all three methods out for yourself, and choose the one which allows you to control your ambulance the easiest. As precise control is important when operating your ambulance, you should be in your comfort zone when driving.

2. Why Do Some People Prefer The Virtual Steering Wheel?

Again, it all boils down to your personal preference, but if there’s one specific method you should try, it’s the onscreen steering wheel. This would arguably give you the most flexibility in terms of control, and is also the least distracting way of operating your ambulance. You can swipe across the screen to move the steering wheel left and right on the lower left corner of your screen, and use the acceleration and reverse pedals on the lower right corner. The brakes are located on the left side of those pedals.

The gyro method is considered to be the most realistic, full-control method among the three, but tilting your phone left and right can be a bit unwieldy. And while tapping and holding left and right in that particular method is as simple as it gets, the controls aren’t as intuitive as they are in the virtual steering wheel. In short, you get the best of both worlds when using the virtual steering wheel.

3. Make Good Use Of The Sirens

The siren button is located right above your brakes, and you should activate your siren so that you can let other cars know that you’re coming through. The cars will switch to another lane so they can let you pass through. It’s best to use the sirens when you’re in heavy traffic; things can get intense, and time can be of the essence, so you’ll want something that lets the other vehicles know that you’ve got a very important job to do.

4. What To Do When The Game Gets Too Challenging?

Unfortunately, you will run into some circumstances where the level you’re playing is getting too hard for you. You have the option to skip that level, or to make use of your instant unlock, both of which can be done by watching an ad video. That’s going to skip you ahead to the later levels, where you can practice in more intense situations. Once you’ve gotten the feel of things, you can then return to the level you weren’t able to complete, and come back with more familiarity on what to do.

5. Parallel Parking And Reversing Are Important

Two of the most essential things you need to learn here are parallel parking and all kinds of reverse techniques. You’re going to have to rescue some patients in rather unorthodox, out-of-the-box situations, and while it may seem challenging to get to them, you’re going to have to do that and waste as little time as possible. That would require some advanced driving techniques like the ones we mentioned, and you can practice them in the first level. That level leaves you with the most room for error and gives you the most time to complete it, so you can replay that level if you need to practice your parallel parking, your 180 reverse, and other more skill-intensive techniques in Ambulance Game 2016.

6. Use The Camera Angles To Rescue Patients Faster

In case you haven’t noticed, Ambulance Game 2016 is a game of precision and a game of speed. That makes it more challenging than your average casual title, but then again, these games do tend to provide us with simple, yet ultimately tricky situations. That said, you can get around those tricky situations by switching camera angles around, depending on where the patient is located. So which camera angle is best for specific situations?

The third-person camera angle, for starters, is recommended for situations where you need a sense of how large your ambulance is, and how fast or how slow it is moving. Tight spaces would require you to be in first-person cockpit view, same thing with the drive to the hospital, as you need to see the road ahead of you, and avoid vehicles that may threaten to get in your way. Lastly, you can use the birds-eye view camera angle when you’re in a twisting, turning part of the city.