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Little Nightmares Walkthrough

It’s been a long while since Little Nightmares first came out, and through the years, it’s made its mark by forcing players to climb out of a monstrous, macabre world in a bid to escape and perhaps even discover the truth of their situation. And finally, the game has made its way to mobile platforms.

little nightmares walkthrough

To our new mobile friends, welcome to this dark world – I will be your guide, and together, we will face our handheld fears. In this Little Nightmares walkthrough, I’ll take you through the game, from the beginning to its conclusion.

A Foreword

A short foreword before I begin!

While I try to keep my walkthroughs spoiler-free, they’re unfortunately inevitable, whether because you’ll need to use a specific mechanic, be aware of a particular danger, or because I need to use an image to illustrate a point. If you’d rather experience the game for yourself but need help with a particular puzzle, I’ve separated each major section into rooms, with each room featuring a puzzle. You can use the captions and images I’ve added to find the relevant room you need help with.

This walkthrough will use official in-game terms to refer to the game’s major areas. Room names, however, are not official.

Finally, note that while I will walk you through the puzzles of the game, I will not be going through gnomes and statues in detail unless they’re blatantly in the way. These are for achievement hunters, and I’ll stick to the main story path as much as I can. Keep your eyes out and don’t be afraid to explore.

Now, into the darkness!

The Prison

You’ll awaken after a nightmare (not a little one, mind you) that features a tall, masked, feminine figure. The air is damp and cold, the walls are metallic. Where are you, exactly?

Start by heading east.

little nightmares fog

You’ll eventually run into some fog, which will introduce the lighter mechanic. If you ever need to turn your light on or off, double-tap on the right side of the screen – assuming you didn’t remap the controls!

Your way will be blocked by a hatch. Before you fiddle with it, move to the lantern with your light out; this will cause your character to light it up, giving you a permanent, small source of light. Unless, of course, you like working in the dark.

little nightmares lamp
Let there be light!

Use the grab button on the right side to hold on to the handle, then move backward to pull the hatch open. Note that because this action requires both of your hands, you won’t be able to have a light out during this time. Once the hatch is open, crouch by swiping downwards on the right side of the screen, then crawl through. You should also know that you can slide by crouching while moving fast.

Go through the tunnel. You’ll need to jump to proceed – swipe up on the right side of the screen – and crouch as you need to.

You’ll end up in a large room. Go up the stairs (don’t fall!) and crouch (or slide) into the gap in the right wall. You might find a statue in the background of this area – these are collectibles and must be smashed (basically grab them then drop them from a high place) to collect them.

little nightmares vent
I imagine you must know this by now.

Jump up to the box, then the bed, then into the vent.

The Spotlight

The next room is where the puzzles start. The way ahead is clear – through the door on the right side, but there’s no apparent way to get it. To do so, look for the chair in the spotlight in the middle of the room. Run into the light and use your interact button until it becomes a closed fist (indicating you’ve grabbed something) then move the chair out of the light and to the door.

little nightmares door

On to the next room.

The Fridge

The next room has an ominous fan in the background. Start by going to the fridge and interacting with it (grab it, then move backward) to pull it open. Jump up and climb to the top of the shelves, then to the top of the fridge, and head right.

little nightmares fridge
Nothing’s inside, don’t worry.

Watch out for the falling leeches from the top of the pipes. Make your way to the end of the corridor, jump up on the box, and jump to pull the lever to open the door.

The Pit

Jump across the gap. Mind the leech that’s waiting on the pipes above.

As soon as you enter the room, the gate will lock behind you. Grab the lowest plank on the sealed entrance and pry it off by pulling backward.

little nightmares pry

Something will run away from you. Chase it. Surprise!

You’re surrounded by leeches, but don’t panic – they won’t move until you do. You’ll need to make your way to the right of the room while avoiding the horde of leeches. Turning on your light will aggro the leeches, but you’ll need it to navigate. This’ll probably take you a few tries.

Once you make it to the end of the room, push the door open by running into it!

little nightmares safe
Safe…for now.

Jump across the gap. Don’t forget to light the lantern before you up the ladder. The thing from before will run away again. Carefully follow it up several flights of stairs and planks but watch out for pitfalls along the way.

little nightmares hole
Like this one.

At the very top, it will seem like you’ll need to make a leap of faith to cross the gap. But instead of jumping, head downwards instead. If you’re paying attention, you might have noticed your lighter illuminating a wooden bridge there. Use that to safely cross the gap.

little nightmares bridge
Think before you jump. Or don’t, there are checkpoints anyway.

On the opposite end of the bridge, you’ll find a winch. Activate and rotate it (via grabbing and movement key if you haven’t mastered it yet) to turn on the electricity in the room and open the door on the opposite side. The challenge now is to get back across the bridge and through the door before it closes. This time, you’ll need to jump across the bridge and slide under the door to make it in time. At least now you can see!

Go through the spotlight room and into the hole on the right side of the room, then proceed through the corridor. The camera will pan upwards, and you’ll see a large figure ominously dragging a cage.

little nightmares drag
Oh dear.

Climb the rope of bed sheets to get up to the window.

Shock and Awe

Light the lantern in the bathroom, then push through the door to go to the next room. The sparks on the gate aren’t just for show, and running into them will kill you. Yes, I tried it. You’ll need to find a way to shut the power off. The answer is annoyingly simple, especially if you look up (swipe across the middle of the screen to look around) and follow the wires.

little nightmares switch

It’s behind the door. Get to the door, push it the other way to make it close, drag the crate of…whatever this stuff is…to the lever, jump up, then pull the lever to turn off the power and squeeze through the now-unpowered gate. Easy.

This next room, however, also ends with a powered gate, and it’s connected to the same switch. If you didn’t make it across in time or got stopped by something like the train, you can use the seesaw to create a bridge to jump up to the drawers and through a vent back into the main room.

little nightmares seesaw
Go to the end to raise the other side, then jump.

You might also want to put something in front of the train to stop it – pick up a wooden block and drop it – if you think it might hurt you during your attempt to cross the room.

Make your way through the corridor with the closed doors and enter another large room.

The Eye

You’ll almost immediately trip the mechanic in this room as soon as you walk a few steps.

little nightmares eye
No Bolts of Divine Retribution, thankfully.

Use the foreground items like the upturned bed in the middle of the room to hide from the eye’s gaze, and time your movements so that you don’t get caught in its light. The eye moves in a set pattern, so avoiding it isn’t too difficult.

Jump up on the shelves and light up the lantern, then climb upward using the cage-like boxes.

little nightmares climb

There are three ways to go now. For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume you went up to the second floor and then through the door on the right. If you’d like to explore, you can go to the left side of the second floor to find a cell with a drawing of an eye in it as well as another statue that you can smash to collect.

You can also head downward from the top of the shelves to find a cage with another one of those gnome-looking fellows in it. It’ll run through a vent, and you can follow it. If you’re going achievement hunting, you can hug it by grabbing it.

Finally, head up to the right door on the second floor. The door will slam shut behind you. Don’t panic. Stay under the bed and let the Janitor pass. And turn off your dang light!

little nightmares hunt
Requisite rapid heartbeat sounds.

Wait for the creature to move to the left side of the room, then make your way to the right side of the room and through a door. Climb the cages directly above you when you enter the room, then make your way across the shelves and into another vent.

little nightmares hunt 2
Is he going to come back? Do you really want to stick around to find out?


Make your way through the next room. You’ll suddenly stop, assaulted by hunger pangs. This will disable your ability to run and jump until you get it solved. Go through the room until you find a silhouetted child who will toss you some bread from behind the bars.

little nightmares bread
Flashbacks of my heavily modded Fallout 3/New Vegas runs where starvation was a constant threat in the early game.

Climb up the boxes to the right and squeeze through the bars.

Up and Down

Well, that noose sure isn’t foreboding.

Go through the shower room (see those leeches?) and into another area with an electrified door. Follow the wires again – this time upwards.

little nightmares ascent
Keep going.

Don’t forget that you can swipe upwards again while climbing to jump in the opposite direction. Use that to get up to the middle pillar once the cage on the left breaks.

At the top of the area is a bunch of hanging cages that you’ll need to jump on. Wait until it’s as close as possible to the right side, then jump for it.

little nightmares pendulum
Timing is key.

Once you’re on the hanging cages, climb up the chain and jump onto the platform on the right. Again, wait until the chain swings as close as possible before jumping. Climb up the cages to find two levers.

little nightmares lever 2

The first one – the one on the wall – will retract the chain upwards. The second one controls where the hanging cages should go. The further to the left or right the lever is set, the faster the hanging cages will go. You’ll need to move the cages as close as you can, then set the lever to move them to the left and make a running jump onto the hanging cages.

little nightmares hang

Make your way to the left. You’ll find the lever controlling the room’s power above some drawers. You’ll need to pull the bottom drawer out of the leftmost drawer, then pull the next one out a little bit to give yourself enough room to jump up to the top of the drawers.

little nightmares drawers
Just so.

Jump up to the right and disable the power, then head left and squeeze through the bars. Push the box down to serve as a counterweight to the noose we saw earlier, then climb down safely. You’ll end up back in the first room with the noose. Make your way back through the showers – avoiding the leeches this time – and squeeze through the door on the ground level.


Did you ever feel like the ground was shaking? Because it was. The ground actually teeters back and forth, and that mechanic will come in useful in the next room.

little nightmares cart
Eyes on me.

This room features an eye that works just like the one we passed a few rooms ago. However, there’s a catch – the teetering of the ground also moves a cart back and forth, and when the cart moves, the eye tracks its movement. Hide behind the cart’s shadow to avoid the eye and cross the room.

Move Quickly!

Congratulations, you’re almost out of the Prison.

little nightmares hinge
I have a bad feeling about that hinge.

After taking a few steps on the bridge, it will split and retract. You’ll need to make a running jump to cross the gap, then quickly clamber up the box on the right side and jump to the platform.

Proceed through the room and through the large door to enter the next level.

The Lair

Welcome to the second level of this hellhole, called the Lair. Here, we’ll need to repeatedly deal with our long-limbed nemesis as he tries to drag us back down to the caged depths.

Make the long climb up the stairs. The first room you can enter (on the first landing) has a gnome that will run away as you enter, which I’m only adding because most people will probably wonder why that room is there. Drag the chair near the cabinet door – follow the stains on the floor – to trigger a plate on the floor and open a secret room…

little nightmares chair

…then enter said room via the cabinet. Run behind the table to chase the gnome out, then head back to the stairs and climb up. Head straight into the darkness (don’t climb up) and hug the little fellow.

little nightmares gnolair
Do you know how much trouble you put me through?

We’re done here. Climb up, jump atop the boxes, and enter the room via the vent.

The Janitor’s Bedroom

Start by grabbing the suitcase and dragging it to the right of the room. Use it to pull the lever to open the bed.

little nightmares bed
Hardly cozy, but I suppose you take what you can get.

From the bed, climb up the drawers, then carefully drop down to the table to get the key. With the key in hand (well, hands – it’s a big key), drop back down to the ground floor then push against the suspicious-looking wall on the right side of the room, near where you pulled the lever to open the bed.

little nightmares key

Bring the key with you to the end of the corridor. You can swipe up to throw the key, which you’ll need to do as you can’t climb while holding it. Take the key to the padlock and turn it, then push the unlocked hatch to reach the next room.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

You’ll notice a cymbal monkey in the spotlight in this next room. Pick it up and toss it at the big button (you need to position yourself just right) to call the elevator.

little nightmares monkey
At least it was useful for something.

Once the elevator is up, bring the monkey with you – you’ll need to hit another button with it to bring the elevator down.

Exit the room to the left. Hunger will strike once again, but don’t worry – keep heading left into the darkness and you’ll eventually find sustenance.

little nightmares trap

Obviously, it’s a trap, but I’m not seeing any other options here.

Keep Swimming

Have you ever seen Finding Nemo, specifically that scene with the fishing boat near the end? Because that’s kind of what we need to do here. Run back and forth and slam against the left side of your cage to topple it over and free yourself.

little nightmares free
But for how long?

Drag the other cage near the pull handle and jump up. You’ll need to hang a bit to get the doors to fully open, then you’ll need to swing to gain enough momentum to jump through the doorway. Once you’re in the room, wait a bit for the door to come back down, then climb up via the grills.

little nightmares parkour
This is becoming a habit now.

Climb up, drop on the platform to your right, and exit via a vent.

The Janitor

Proceed slowly through the room and pay attention to the rolls of fabric on the floor. You’ll see the Janitor in the background, doing…something with the other captives.

little nightmares janitor
If you don’t make noise, he can’t see you.

The first floorboard will creak when you step on it. The Janitor will whirl around, exposing one of his key features – he’s blind and relies on sound to figure out where you are. Dash to the right (step on the fabric to muffle your noise!) and into the cage. Let him pass. Once he’s out of range, sneak over to the right side of the room and walk on the fabric to enter the vent.

little nightmares loud
Wanna bet this is going to make a really loud noise?

Pick up the handle on the floor and attach it to the mechanism on the wall. Use it for a bit until you hear a growl from the next room, then quickly sneak into the open hatch. Go through the vent until you reach a large room.

What are all these shoes…?

The Shoe Monster

If you’ve ever played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, this part might feel familiar.

little nightmares shoes
“I have a bad feeling about this.” Yes, this is a Star Wars reference.

Drop down and wade through the shoes. Keep pushing through and don’t panic. As long as you keep moving, you’ll be able to reach the next suitcase in time. After the second suitcase, make a running jump towards the suitcases in the background, then another to the bottom right to get to the last suitcase.

Go through the door to find yourself back where the trapped meat was.

The Janitor 2: Electric Boogaloo

Did you think something was suspicious about that long corridor before the meat? Because it’s time for a chase sequence.

little nightmares chase
On your marks.

Watch out for the low pipe early in the course – you’ll need to slide under it to keep away from the Janitor. Being quiet won’t help here either as it’s a tight path, so just run for it!

Once you’re in the elevator, crouch and hide in the box on the far right side. When the elevator reaches the top, two gnomes will run out, distracting the Janitor with their squeaks. Wait for the Janitor to pursue them, then follow them to the room on the right.

Push the box off the loose floorboard by running into it. This will cause the board to teeter, dropping the cymbal monkey. Follow it down below, then climb up the wooden platform on the right. Note that you need to grab this platform before climbing up. If you proceed all the way down this corridor and move into the background when the opportunity presents itself, you’ll find a statue tucked away in a corner.

Back to escape. Climb up the wooden railings to get to the same floor as the Janitor.

little nightmares climb 2
These railings.

We’ll need to use cymbal monkeys to distract the Janitor this time. Move directly to the right and throw the cymbal monkey as far into the room as possible. When the Janitor goes to investigate, make your way through the right-hand vent and into the next room. Be sure to proceed in a straight line to the right as the floorboards are still creaky!

little nightmares drawers 2

Make your way to the drawers at the end of the room and climb up quickly as the Janitor’s patrol route takes him to this area. Halfway up, you’ll knock down a music box that will alert him, but so long as you keep moving, he won’t get you. Jump up to the second set of shelves, push the box out of the way, and escape through the vent. You’ll hear a door open and shut as the Janitor moves to the next room.

The Bells! The Bells!

Go through the broken clock room and push the door down. It’ll collapse, smashing into a grandfather clock in the process. Soon after, you’ll hear the familiar breathing of the Janitor. Thankfully, that seems to have set something off as the clocks will ring together in regular intervals, which will cause the Janitor to cover his ears.

little nightmares deaf
I guess super hearing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Time your movements across the wooden door and non-carpeted surfaces so that the Janitor can’t hear you. You’ll need to pick up a shoe and throw it at the button to open the door – again, wait for the bells so the Janitor can’t hear what you’re up to. Once it’s open, make your way across the next room, down a small corridor full of clocks, and squeeze through the door’s opening.

The Storage Area

You’ll find yourself in a room full of books. Make your way to the right side of the room and climb the desk and then the shelves, then jump onto the hanging piano when it swings your way.

little nightmares piano
We’re not going to do the “piano falls on someone” cartoon gag, are we?

When it swings to the left, jump off and climb the shelves. Don’t be too hasty though, as the Janitor will climb down from above and go through the tunnel. Let him pass before following him. You’ll notice a crank mechanism like the one we operated earlier – don’t worry, we’ll have to go back here.

Follow the Janitor into the left room. Climb the stack of books to get to the top of the shelves.

little nightmares climb 3

Cross the shelves but be wary of the items stored on them as they’ll make noise and alert the Janitor if you bump into them. You can also use this as an opportunity – pick one up and throw it on the floor below to distract the Janitor for some time.

Once you’re across the shelves, drop down to ground level. Don’t worry, the paper on the desk will muffle your fall. Jump across the carpet to the left and climb another stack of books and go through the vent to find the crank for the device you saw earlier. Before you pick it up though, go to the TV and press the button (I just ran into it) to turn it on and distract the Janitor, who’ll also helpfully open the door for you.

little nightmares tv
Distracted from distraction by distraction.

Go ahead and run through the bottom floor of the previous room – the TV will continue playing the whole while, buying you time to run. Quickly insert the crank and pull up the piano. The Janitor will hear this and start making for your location. Bring up the piano to your level, then jump on it and across to the right, then escape through a vent.

You’ll end up in a dark corridor with a cart directly below you, as well as a hissing noise – steam. Pull and push the cart to use it as a shield against hot, fiery death. Watch out for the natural teetering of the area!

little nightmares shield
How convenient.

Get the cart all the way to the end of the tracks, then use it to jump and pull the doorknob, then go through the broken corridor and into the vent on the right side of the room, and through the shaft. We’re almost out of here.

The Janitor 4: This Time, It’s Personal

And of course, he’s back.

little nightmares arm

Wait for the Janitor’s arm to start examining the top part of the pipes, then quickly sneak through. Go through the vent, then take a breath before dropping down, because as soon as you drop down, the door will open. You’ll need to run this time – keep moving and watch out for the broken cage that’s jamming the door.

This room will be the final confrontation with the Janitor.

little nightmares crush
That cage sure is creaky…

You’ll need to move carefully in this small room. Alternate between the floor and the cages near the top of the room to avoid the Janitor’s hands. His hands move in a set pattern, so study them carefully. Once you find an opening, run down and pull on the cage that the door is crushing. You’ll need to do this twice – one on each side. It can be tricky, but with some practice, you can do it.

Break both cage supports for a satisfying conclusion to this chapter.

little nightmares janiidead
His screams are music to my ears.

That’ll teach him. For some extra fun, kick his arms around. Once you’re happy, climb back up the cages then go through the vent and exit to the next area.

The Kitchen

Go through the vent. As soon as you climb up, you’ll notice hooks – meathooks, presumably – moving through a line. Use the burlap sap containing some probably awful “meat” to jump and grab a hook that will take you across the chasm.

little nightmares meat
I think it’s safe to assume that this is what happens to the kids the Janitor catches…

…did that figure have a chef hat on?

Aah, Fresh Meat!

You’ll automatically drop down at the end of the meat line, where HUNGER PANGS will once again strike. Continue to the right and you’ll chase a rat into a trap. Chow down on it. No, I am not joking.

little nightmares eat
They say hunger is the best spice, but this is still one of the worst meals I’ve eaten in my life.

The next room will have more bins with “meat” in them. Climb up the one with a metal plate leaning against it, then push against the plate to drop it down, which will allow you to climb over the next set of bins. It’s worth noting that I experienced a bug here where the plate dropped down to the floor instead of leaning against the bin – if that happens to you too, just restart from the previous checkpoint.

Go through the hallways (just push the swinging doors open) into another cart room. No tricks this time – just push it all the way to the right and use the cart to jump up to the opening.

Those are definitely knives.

Meal Prep

Go through the pantry and into the first kitchen area. Duck under the table with the fish head – it’ll be just above you when you enter the room.

little nightmares fish
You know that song, Les Poissons, from Disney’s Little Mermaid? This is kinda like that.

The chef will alternate between cutting meat and dumping sausages into a pot. Wait for him to dump some sausages, then sneak (don’t run, those tiles are noisy!) across the room to another shelf. Hide under that one too.

little nightmares hide

This will trigger the chef to move to the next room. Carefully navigate around this one and wait until the chef’s back is turned before you make your move. Do note that the large table at the side of the room – the one with the fish on it – is not a hiding spot and the chef will grab you from below if he sees you there.

little nightmares chef
Heavy breathing intensifies.

Climb up the stairs on the right side. You’ll notice that the door has a padlock. We’re not going out that way. Instead, head upwards and climb the shelves, then jump up to the wooden rafters crisscrossing the room.

little nightmares rafters
All we need now are some archers sniping at us and we’ve got a Dark Souls level.

Carefully cross the rafters to the left side of the room. Climb up the cages of fish and into a vent to enter a…shall we say, cooperative bathroom.

Must’ve Been Rats

Head to the left, past a corridor, to find another chef. He may be asleep, but he’s a light sleeper. Instead of crossing the room to look for the key, climb up the dresser to his left. He’ll wake in the middle of your climbing and turn on the lights, but as long as you’re fast and reach the top before he glances your way, you’re safe. Alternately, if you’re daring enough, you can jump up to the key (jump up to the platform above the radiator on the left side of the room), swing it to drop it, and then hide under the bed before the chef realizes what’s going on.

The chef will leave the room after he turns the lights on. Climb back down the dresser (you can tap grab while at the edge of a climbable object and your character will lower herself), jump up the wooden platform above the radiator, then jump up and get the key. You’ll need to swing while hanging onto the key to dislodge it.

little nightmares keyhang
Bit by bit…

With the key in tow, make your way back to the corridor. This time, head into the background and pull the switch by the elevator with an eye to activate it. Don’t forget to bring the key with you!

This’ll eject you back into the room just outside the first kitchen area. Cross it once again, and be wary of the chef as this time, he’ll be patrolling around both rooms. Open the lock but watch out as the noise will alert the chef. Push the door to open it, then climb up the table on the right side of the room (it’s got a cleaver on it) to reach the vent.

The Grinder

To clear this room, we’ll need to make our own sausage links.

little nightmares grinder

To do that, we’ll need enough meat. Start by climbing on the table and then jumping into the alcove (a dumbwaiter) in the wall to the left of the room. This will bring you to the freezer above, where you can stockpile meat on the trapdoor.

Once you’re in the freezer, grab the ham to your left (turn on your lighter if you can’t see it) and place it on the trapdoor. After that, climb the shelves to the left of the room then jump onto the hooks. Swing a bit, then jump again to reach the piece of meat that looks like ham. Wiggle a little on its hook to dislodge it, then drag it to the trapdoor.

little nightmares trapdoor
We implement the highest standards of sanitation at this restaurant.

Use the dumbwaiter to head back down. Jump on the table and pull the handle to drop the meat, then operate the crank to make sausages. Once you have 3 links of sausage, you can jump from the table and use them as a rope to reach the vent on the right side.

The Chef’s Evil Twin Brother

You’ll find yourself in another freezer, blocked off by yet another padlocked door. Fantastic. Pull the lever to call the elevator. Surprise!

Make your back to the previous room and duck inside the conveniently placed box.

The chef will walk around both parts of the freezer, inspecting meat and cheese. Once he’s out of the way, make a dash for the elevator. This will alert him, though you’ll already be on the way up. As soon as the elevator lands, dash toward the vent on the right side of the room and hide!

After a few moments, the chef will lose interest and open the door to the left. Follow him.

little nightmares meat key
Well OF COURSE the key is there.

Sneak around the chef by ducking under the tables behind him. The key is on the table, but so long as he’s working, you won’t have an opportunity to grab it. You’ll need to create a distraction. Keep heading around the kitchen and head to the left side of the room. You can use either a small vent or the stairs to enter the next room.

This room has a mechanical grinder – perfect. Turn it on to distract the chef. Once it’s on, quickly run through the opening in the upper part of the room (don’t take the stairs!), run up and grab the key, and then run back to the elevator. Once again, the elevator’s sound will alert the chef, but you have ample time to unlock the door and hide inside a box in the next room.

little nightmares box hide
This box.

The chef will give up and move on to the next room. Once you can hear the sound of dishes being washed, leave your box, and jump up to pull down the garbage chute. Slide down into the stinky depths. Climb up the wall on the lowermost right of the room (directly right of the plunger) to reach the drainage area.

The Dish Room

You’ll notice both chefs are hard at work washing dishes. Monstrous they may be, but their work ethic is admirable. Climb out the drain near the toilet plunger, then dash for the hiding spot under the nearby counter.

little nightmares sink hide

This will cause the chefs to change their positions. Once the coast is clear, drop back down into the drains then head east. Jump out of the drain near the central table, then go right to find a hiding spot. Head into the next room when the second chef is away, and don’t step on the cracked plates!

You’ll need to get on the table and push the switch to the right. This will reverse the movement of the hooks dangling from the ceiling.

little nightmares hook switch

The switch is noisy, so get ready to hide under the table once the chefs are alerted. Once they leave, it’s time to find a way to ride the hooks. Head back to the main dishwashing area.

The easiest way to get onto the hooks is to climb the tall stack of plates on the central table. You’ll need to be quick, though, as climbing the stack will drop some dishes, alerting both chefs. Alternately, you can opt for the slower, but safer way – go down the drain and head left, back to where the plunger was, exit, then climb up the shelf to the left, using the pots and plates as footholds, then jump on the platform above the door.

little nightmares hook ride
Hello there.

I suggest reading ahead for the next part as there will be a lot going on.

Once you ride a hook, the chefs will spot you as you cross the kitchen. Once the hook crosses into the next room, get ready to drop as one of the chefs will be waiting at the end of the hook line to grab you. When you hit the ground, start running to the right as fast as you can as the door will burst open and the second chef will give chase. Slide under the table to lose him, then quickly race up the boxes on the right side and jump to another hook to ride to safety.

little nightmares hook leave


The Guest Area

As you make your way from the kitchens to the next zone, you may be wondering who all that food was for. Well, you’re about to find out. Proceed right across the pipe and out of the porthole.

little nightmares sea
Ah, that explains the rocking.

Make your way up the chain. It’s a long climb. After that, cross to the left. You’ll get a good long glimpse of the boat’s passengers. Don’t worry – you’ll get even closer to them soon.

You’ll wind up in a vent. Pry off the lowest plank (grab and move backward) then squeeze through the tunnel. Climb up the porch at the end.

little nightmares procession
This is giving me major Spirited Away vibes.

You’ll also see a large, feminine figure wearing a porcelain mask off to the left. If you recall, she’s the one in your nightmare at the start of the game.

The Feast

Note that in contrast to the previous areas where you could use stealth to evade your foes, the Guest Area is full of chase sequences. Get ready for some platforming.

Enter the room via a vent to the right. You’ll need to jump across the lanterns to get to the opposite balcony. Squeeze through the crack in the doors to the right. Make your way across the room – the guest here is pretty preoccupied and won’t notice you.

little nightmares feast
I almost feel sorry for the chefs with the amount of work they must have.

Squeeze through the door on the right. You’ll need to stand to do it. Note that I experienced a bug in this part where I either wouldn’t walk into the room or get booted back into the previous room with no way to progress – the best way I’ve found to overcome this bug is to just keep holding right and no other buttons during the screen transition.

As soon as you get through though, you’ll hit a bottle, alerting the guest to your presence. Quickly dash down to avoid getting smashed by the table, then run across the room. The guests have stubby hands and a slow reaction time, but they move surprisingly fast even when they’re on the floor. Dash through the second eating area and jump into the window to escape.

little nightmares feast 2
I’m not too picky when it comes to table manners, but this is disgusting.

You’ll find yourself in another eating area. Crawl under the central table where the guests are. You’ll find a bench by the foreground – climb it, jump up to the table, and climb the stack of plates. So long as you climb in a straight line, the guests’ stubby hands won’t be able to get you. At the top of the stack, jump onto a lantern and swing it to gain enough momentum to leap to the opening on the right side of the room.

The Long Table

In this next room, you’ll be greeted by a long table.

Head to the end of the room on the right (the guests won’t notice you yet) and climb up an empty stool to reach the table. Dash to the left end of the table – avoiding the hands in the process – and jump up the wooden crates to climb up to the wooden frame above the opening you came in through.

little nightmares up

Head on up to the next area. Jump on the hanging tray when it sways to your side, then land on the floor to the right. Climb up the bench in the background and mount the railing. The guests will notice you, so run to the left, through the doorway. There will be a conveniently placed ramp here – run on it then jump to the lantern and swing and jump to enter the opening on the left.

The Chase

This room is straightforward but be warned that the last guest will notice you and block the path. Instead, you’ll have to double back to the area you came from – the guest will get stuck in the doorway.

little nightmares stuck
Where greed outshines sense.

Get around him by climbing on the boxes and jumping over. You can even use him as a trampoline if you like. Don’t tarry though as he’ll turn around and give chase again. Run to the left end of the room and quickly slide under an opening.

Prepare yourself for another chase sequence. Once you’re ready, slip through the bars on the left side.

An elevator will be in the back of the room, but don’t bother with it as one of the chefs will arrive in it. Instead, run down and to the left into a bathroom and hide before the chef catches you.

little nightmares bathroom
There’s a very narrow window here, but either of these hiding spots works.

Frustrated, the chef slams the door behind him, dislodging some items. Take these items and toss them at the mirror to break them to reveal an entrance to another room. Now why would people be spying on guests in the bathroom?

Climb up the iron bars and exit into a grilled area. Squeeze through the bars in the foreground and cross the pipes and enter the room on the right. Cross the pipes until you see a tall drawer that you can safely drop on, then go back down to the floor, and take the elevator up.

The Climatic Chase Scene

Did you know you can run out of stamina if you run too long? That’s important for this section. You may also want to read ahead as the next section is one long chase sequence.

little nightmares prechase
Deep breaths, then let’s go.

Sneak (crouch) into the room. The sliding doors behind you will open – as soon as they do, start running to the right. Don’t pause, don’t look back. You’ll need to slide under some tables to keep away from the guests.

After some time, you’ll run into a staircase. Run down by heading to the foreground, but don’t be fooled. The chase isn’t over. Keep going and watch out for the falling cabinets that the mountain of guests will dislodge – I believe it’s the second cabinet that will fall over. Climb or jump on this cabinet and you’ll find yourself on another long table. Keep running but stick to the foreground as the guests in the background can and will grab you. At the end of the table will be a lantern. Jump on it, and the guests will make a final lunge for you – which will give you just enough momentum to escape to the opening on the right side and send one of the guests plummeting to their presumed death.

little nightmares chase clear
Serves you right.

Head to the right.

A Horrible Hunger

Make your way to the doors on the right. It’s finally time for the hunger pangs sequence. Quite late, isn’t it?

Go to the room on your right, where a gnome will offer you a sausage.

little nightmares offer

Ah, the sweet claret. But why are you still so hungry?

With your strength renewed, head to the room on the right to find the feminine figure – the Lady – entering an elevator. Follow her by throwing the can at the button on the elevator.

It’s time to get some answers and end this, once and for all.

The Lady’s Quarters

This is the innermost sanctum of the ship, where the sole resident of your nightmare resides. Perhaps by dealing with her, we can find closure and even escape.

little nightmares quarter
The silence is eerie.

Head to the east, then go up the stairs to the Lady’s dressing room. She’ll be combing her hair, so move stealthily – if she detects you, it’s instant death. Fortunately, the floorboards aren’t as creaky here as they were in the Lair, so crouching is enough to muffle your footfalls. Sneak behind the Lady and enter the room on the left.

Once you’re inside the Lady’s bedroom, jump up on the shelf and knock down the vase with an eye to reveal a key. The Lady will be alerted, but she won’t give chase. Take the key and head down the stairs to unlock the door.


Can you hear her voice in the darkness?

little nightmares dark

Run across this room as quickly as you can. The Lady will give chase momentarily. To evade her, you’ll need to slide into a gap on the right side of the room.

After you avoid the Lady, you’ll find yourself in a corridor leading to a large room full of mannequins. Cross over to the right of the room and pull on the lowest plank to create an opening. Climb up the shelf to pick up an unbroken mirror.

little nightmares mirror
Zelda sound effect.

Get ready for the final confrontation.


With the mirror in hand, return to the mannequin room you came from. The lady will appear in the background but vanish as soon as you approach. To fight against the Lady, you’ll need to find light sources to blast her with light – the first one is in the left area of the room. Bear in mind that if you don’t damage her quickly enough, she’ll instantly kill you!

While standing in the light, your mirror will charge up before blasting the lady with a burst, harming her and forcing her to retreat. You’ll need to focus the mirror on her for a bit before the blast occurs, but all you need to do is turn to face her. Note that after a blast, you’ll recoil and drop the mirror. Don’t forget to pick it up again!

little nightmares blast
I’m not scared of you anymore!
  • The first spotlight is on the left of the room. Watch the light in the foreground – it’s almost directly a straight line from when you exit.
  • The second spotlight is in the opposite direction, on the right side of the room.
  • The third spotlight is tricky – it’s in the middle of the room, roughly between the two pillars. The fog makes it hard to see, and the Lady will circle and teleport around you before making her approach. Note that the mirror will not blast her while she’s circling you.
  • The final spotlight is in the middle foreground of the room. Run down after blasting her in the middle and get ready for the last phase. She’ll circle and teleport frequently, so stay calm and remain focused.

After blasting her 6 times, the mirror will shatter and she’ll scream, defeated.

Unaccountably Peckish

As the Lady lies on the ground, your stomach will rumble for the last time.

You know what to do. You may not want to do it, but the hunger will not be denied.

little nightmares eat last
And on some days, you are the eater.

It gets easier with time. But in doing so…have you become your own nightmare?

The Epilogue

After the cutscene ends, you’ll hear the elevator from the Lady’s Quarters heading back down to the guest area. Make your way – slowly and deliberately – through the guests.

little nightmares soul

One could get used to this.

Head to the eye door at the end of the corridor. For good or for ill, you are free.

At The End of Darkness, Light

And with that comes the end to my walkthrough of Little Nightmares, but don’t fret as there’s still plenty more to explore, such as finding all the gnomes and statues I didn’t cover here. And for those who want to explore more of this dark world, fret not – there’s a sequel as well as some DLC for the base game, though I’m unsure of when or if it will come to mobile. If you can’t wait, you can always get the game on PC!

little nightmares end
Thus, our tale comes to a close.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this Little Nightmares walkthrough or have any tips of your own that you’d like to share, let us hear your voice in the comment section below!